Refreshed Legacy

Hi all and welcome to a different Monday compared to what we have usually done. Tonight I went back and looked at a refreshed legacy. Tonight I went back to the first month and created A Legacy of Hunger.

Some time ago I promised myself that when I had a bit of extra time I would go back and update the 1st month to be of the adventure. So I did that tonight, corrected some obvious mistakes and fixed it up a bit of the content to make it flow better.

For a bit of an update for the rest of the week I will look at a few small things to add to the 11 month adventure for the first half of this week. For the second half I am looking at bringing back the 31 days of December (Dic-ember) and creating a themed one shot for the end of year season.

The future

Next year I want to get back into creating monthly adventures reasonably quickly and consistently but I will shift away from a year long campaign. Instead I will have series of one shots that can be done together or separately and will look at throwing in some different game systems, not just D&D every week.

So, this week looks like it will be a mix of the old and new but regardless don’t forget to come back. As with last year I will produce an Christmas themed adventure that can be played during the festive seasons so don’t forget to tune in for that. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe