Shadowed Edge

Tonight we look at a very different NPC, tonight we look at the Shadowed Edge – a sentient blade. I tend to stay away from sentient weapons as they are another NPC for me to juggle and manage but this one feels different. So sit back, enjoy and later on we will investigate other sentient weapons and items.


Shadowed Edge


This is a unholy blade as once a noble spirit that drifted in neutrality between the shadowlands and lands of men. This didn’t last long as the Shadow quickly tainted the creature and tortured it until its mind split. Now a fraction of what it once was the creature that dwells within this blade corrupts the body of any it touch.

The condition I would impose on the party member who uses this blade is that they would need to make a Charisma save vs dc 10 at the start of every week. If they succeed then they are currently in control of the blade and despite its influence they are sane. If they fail they slowly start to assimilate the personality of the blade starting with the Personality trait, then the Ideal, Bond then Flaw for each additional failure. At which point they have disadvantage on all future checks.

If they succeed after obtaining one of the personality traits of the blade they roll back one stage. ie. From Bond to Ideal then to Personality trait then no changes.

Every month that they are attuned to this blade the DC increases by 1 to a max of 20.

Becoming unattuned removes the ability to hear the weapon and utilise any of the benefits from it.

Thanks for joining me tonight. Tomorrow night we will look at a potential alternative ending for the campaign, if they fail, and prepare ourselves for dice-ember!. Don’t forget to come back for this and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe