Crelion Manor Guest book

Welcome to the end of the week where I had a bit of a lazy day and create the puzzle for this week, the Crelion Manor Guest book. This is the puzzle piece that needs to be worked through with the roleplay aspects in this adventure to help drive the party to the answer to the riddle.

Crelion Manor Guest book


Throughout the manor, as the party moves through the halls the walls are decorated with portraits or landscape paintings of the manor on a large expansive field. The rolling hills of grass touched by sunlight gave the paintings of the Manor a wondrous appearance. Further down the halls portraits of Jane and Tom were hung on the wall, proudly sitting in chairs and looking fondly outwards.

The brass frame of the portraits was perfectly polished with not a spec of dust on it or the canvas itself. However on closer inspection Tom’s portrait seemed to have suffered some damage and his last name “Dottery” has been scrubbed off. Either by accident or deliberately its hard to tell.


The idea is to drop hints that Jane’s real name is Crelion, not Dottery. Upon saying her name, and her hearing, the visage that she portrays disappears and her true form is revealed. Upon being revealed the house starts to break apart and her body starts to wither and fade. I think by having it be a puzzle rather than pure combat encounter it can be a fun way to end the adventure.

Thanks for joining me tonight. Tomorrow I will aim to have the Zine out for last weeks adventure. This week I will look at Soulbound adventure so be on the lookout for that. So make sure to come back tomorrow and the other nights this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe