Gwen Hart

Tonight I want to look at another member of the binding, Gwen Hart our battlemage of light. Quick to forgive and think of the best in people her reasons for joining the binding are plain to see. She wants to use her magic to protect and aid the heroes that are guarding the dawn bringer crusade.

Gwen Hart – the Battlemage


Gwen looked back towards Kate and worried. Despite her training preparing her for tough decisions and situations she was unsure how to help the stoic Stormcast. Brung was easy to read, he missed his ship and would rather be amongst the cloud rather than on the ground. But no matter how much she plied he wouldn’t go into his reasons for joining the binding. Ymran was also difficult to read and, if she was honest with herself the presence of the aelf made her uncomfortable. In reading up on the Idoneth deepkin she know that they were ripped from the Chaos god Slaanesh and no amount of purity or redemption would heal that stain.

Perhaps that’s why Ymran was quiet around her, maybe he senses the light she brought and shied from it. She shrugged outwardly and smiled at the dawners as they moved around camp, packing up tents and moving them to the large armoured wagons as they prepared to move tomorrow for the final stretch. As she walked her staff gave a soft glow of dawn that seemed to lift the spirits of the people in the dawn bringer crusade. It pleased her that her presence, like Kates, was was something that brought people hope.

But the talk of the greenskins had her worried. The early reports had indicated that there were pockets where undead mingled and gathered. But the gryph-knights had dealt with them quickly enough. But now the prospect of a warrgh had her anxiety grow. She just wished that her companions would show a similar emotion as they moved towards the command tent. Beyond this path lay the source of her anxiety.

Lord Brodderick Brighthammer, a Lord Castellant from the Stormcast Eternals Hammers of Sigmar and a battlamage lie within the canvas tent. She had no fear in front of these warriors as they all sought the light that she brought and that guided them onwards. But there was something that unnerved her about the griffon that the battlemage rode on. There was something wild and predatorial in the eyes of that beast that she couldn’t even home to tame.

Searching for the spirit guardian that had followed her since she graduated from the towers of eight winds she spotted the Golden eagle perched on a tent nearby. Flying through the material to land on her staff it cooed down at her as she gave it affection.

What ever was wrong with that griffon she would uncover it and look to cure it.

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