Ymran Wayfinder

Tonight I want to look towards the last member of the binding, Ymran Wayfinder the Isharann Soulrender. Joining the binding in a self imposed exile he yearns for the day he can return to his enclave after evoking a toll on the forces of chaos. But there is more than meets the eye to Ymran and our binding members may yet be surprised.

Ymran Wayfinder – the Idoneth Isharann Soulrender


Ymran looked back at the Stormcast eternal and Battlemage, this Dawn Keeper, as they walked away towards the Duardin’s cursed ship. Ymran was no stranger to flying. He and the little Rakerdart fish that hid in his cloak had gone on many soulraids before which involved the need of flight. But, there was something unnatural about the metal vessel the Kharadron Admiral toiled over.

Brung was a clever man and brought a level of intellect to the party which Ymran recognised they sorely needed. He and Gwen, the battlemage, controlled and commanded the battelfield while Kathe and himself held the front lines, sometimes one front each at points when they were surrounded. His warplate was light, due to the magic from the Ethersea cloak that adorned his shoulders and his lurelight shone brightly. The strong soul his peers had let him leave with was a constant reminder of his failures.

But joining the binding allowed him to collect more souls and share his cursed existence with others, extending his pitiful life with others. Ymran looked back towards the Battlemage in the tent. He could sense that there was something being plotted by the amber wizard but he couldn’t be sure which.


Regardless of his suspicions they had their orders and if this dangerous metal ship could fly them there quickly so be it. The presence of Amberbone this close to the Orruks was concerning him. If they managed to get their green hands on the stone before the binding it would spell the doom of the crusade. The Stormcast were holding out on the binding, there was something more they weren’t telling that they knew of.

Ymran pulled Gwen aside, much to her shock. “We need to be prepared for anything. Ensure that we stock up on supplies before we leave” he said. The thick helm making it sound like he was talking under water. “I don’t trust the mage, or the Stormcast but the cause is just and the mission set.”

“I am sure we are just fine.” Gwen said after a moment, trying to understand what Ymran was saying. “I would be more worried about the Griffon, there’s something not right with the lil’ beasty.” she said as she pointed back to the alert two headed beast. Ymran only saw a well trained war creature being on high alert of the skies. But it would be pointless trying to explain that to a human, even if she had managed to intrigue a Guardian soul enough to follow her around.

Kathe landed a few feet away, her golden and resplendent wings folding back into nothingness when she started to stride forward again. “I received more orders from Lord Brighthammer. We are to leave at once. If we do not have a means of transportation there will be two skycutters available to us.” she said definitively.

“Well. We best decide on which will be our Tomb…” Ymran joked with a small chuckle. The other members of the binding just stared at him.

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And that brings our week of Soulbound to an end. Tomorrow I hope I will be able to produce a finished product of this last week (and the week before hand) so make sure to come back for that. Don’t forget next week we have another one-shot on the way and this week we are heading coastal! So I will see you real soon and, as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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