The Mystery of Crelion Manor

Tonight and I have again decided to create a zine out of this weeks adventure, The Mystery of Crelion Manor. This adventure can be used system agnostic as we explore other RPGs out there other than D&D. So please adjust to what ever creatures you are using in your adventure! However as always Kobold fight club can be used to quickly balance an encounter for Dungeons and Dragons and Tetra-cube currently provides the stat-blocks for creatures (but this may change).

So I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure, The Mystery of Crelion Manor. If you like this format please let me know and I hope you enjoy.

The Mystery of Crelion Manor


Crelion manor was a splendid building overseen by the Crelion family. Lord Crelion however was extremely lonely after the death of his childhood love and wanted someone to share the empty halls with. 

However, as time went on his loneliness disappeared with the arrival of his lady and they were soon wed. But on the night of their wedding a terrifying storm struck the manor. So terrible and ferocious the people that lived there died and the bodies of the Lord and Lady of the Manor were never found. 

Years later and the Manor has new owners who rent out rooms as a half-way inn between two large cities. But those who travel the roads are often preyed upon by terrifying creatures and flash storms that have fuelled the rumours of the manor being under a curse. 

PDF adventure – The Mystery of Crelion Manor

That will be it for tonight but I hope that next weekend you can get a party together, or find a DM/GM, to run this adventure. Don’t forget that next week I will be bringing another adventure to the table so don’t miss a thing and come back daily. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Reused and Recycled

Welcome to a night filled with maps that I’ve dragged back from previous adventures, Reused and Recycled if you will. Part laziness but part emphasising the key part of creating maps for TTRPGs is that you can have a lot of variety and diversity in your world. But you can also say that the forest you are walking through today is similar enough to the one you walked through last week or last month even. This doesn’t make us lazy as Game or Dungeon Masters it makes us efficient.

So tonight I am going back to a few maps used in the past to give them a new take on life and to show that all maps can reused and recycled.

Reused and Recycled


Road-Ambush (Surveying the Battlefield)

Something that could work for either a forest encounter heading to the manor, moving away form the manor or as part of a dream scape. It’s also an re-use of an older map because diversity is extremely important as a DM.

Made with

Inn in a strange town (Doorich Cottage)

The feat of waking up in a strange and unfamiliar place can be quite crippling. But what if your mind told you that this isn’t new, what if your allies around you acted like nothing was wrong. Running out into an unfamiliar street where people greet you like an old friend can send someone into a mild, or severe, panic attack. This could be another dream scape for us and another great example of a may being reused and recycled for a new purpose.

Made with

Hidden Waterfall (Welcome Rest, Unwelcome Guests)

I adore this map. Out of all my maps I think that this one is probably one of my favourites. A soothing camp fire, soft noises that lull you into a sense of security then something goes wrong. The perfect recipe for a nightmare and yet again another example of a map being Reused and Recycled.

Made with

Well I want to say thank you for joining me tonight for my lazy-Map night. When I first imagined the content I would bring up for Brazen Wolfe Tabletop it was about having variety, versatility and promoting reuse. That’s why I have a tag under each blog (i.e. 303ThReRe) so I can go back and refer to content I liked and want to reuse. Tonight I looked through the 50 or so Thursdays I have created a map for this blog and selected but a handful. There is a lot already here and any of them will make excellent maps for a diverse set of adventures.

Now we have the weekend fast approaching so don’t forget to plan some tabletop time and let’s not forget to roll with advantage while you’re at it,
The Brazen Wolfe

Update to Brung Ironsoul

Just a very small Update to Brung Ironsoul today to announce that Brungs Character sheet has been uploaded now.

Using the free-form character rules and trying to capture the character and personality of him from my head I used a mixture of resources. The Core Soulbound rules, Champions of orders and Steal and Steel books.

This enabled me to customise the character and create the Arkanaut Admiral archetype that is represents what I think the Warhammer Age of Sigmar model would be able to do.

To recreate the Character I think the below steps would be necessary.

To create this though I whipped up a template for the KO archetype. Font for the typed in content (equipment) was Arial size 16, seemed to blend well enough with the template – see below for the template!

More content to come tonight as it’s a Monday so you can expect more than just the update to Brung Ironsoul.

Don’t forget to check out other TTRPGs out there (such as cubicle 7 – Age of Sigmar Soulbound) and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Curse of the Dark Woods

Tonight and I have again decided to create a zine out of this weeks adventure, The Curse of the Dark Woods. This week, due to the confusion and ongoing concerns that are shared amongst the content creator community to make this zine, and potentially many future ones, system agnostic and remove any reference to D&D specific material from the content. However as always Kobold fight club can be used to quickly balance an encounter for Dungeons and Dragons and Tetra-cube currently provides the stat-blocks for creatures (but this may change).

So I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure, The Curse of the Dark Woods. If you like this format please let me know and I hope you enjoy.

The Curse of the Dark Woods


The Dark Woods are no darker than the average woods. They are however a thick patch of forest that has resisted man’s desire to cultivate the land nearby for centuries which has led to the belief that they are guarded by a dark spirit. 

Beyond recent memory it was rumoured that men had once built citadels and temples to gods of progress and agriculture within the forest. But within a few years the population plummeted and these cities were lost to the woods, rumoured to have been destroyed by the forest itself.

The forest is also thought to be more than it seems. Over the course of many men’s lives they have recorded that the forest doesn’t grow. There is no expansion of trees past a point, no new saplings encroaching on the lands of men and the farms, roads and villages that line the edge of the forest are safe from the dark curse of the trees.

But this has lead the the forest being a ideal place for bandits and those with ill intentions to lie in wait for those unsuspecting of anyone ignoring the tales of these woods. Sooner or later the tales will be found out to be true but until then there is always a risk of danger or death when you travel near the dark woods.

PDF adventure – The Curse of the Dark Woods

That will be it for tonight but I hope that next weekend you can get a party together, or find a DM/GM, to run this adventure. Don’t forget that next week I will be bringing another adventure to the table so don’t miss a thing and come back daily. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Denizens of the Crypt

Welcome to Friday night, also known as fight night, where we look at the encounters and meet the Denizens of the Crypt. There is a certain nostalgia that comes with fighting zombies and skeletons in a crypt. And what crypt isn’t complete without an unholy artefact that causes anything that dies in the crypt to come back as a zombie. Yep those bandits that died or are dying in those hallowed halls are about to join the fight once more.

Tonight’s stat-blocks were sourced from Tetra-cube and, as a bit of variety for content moving forward I have also include some Soulbound statblocks too as we may be seeing more souldbound content this year than originally planned.

Denizens of the Crypt


D&D Stat blocks

The humble zombie and skeleton, no more iconic duo in crypts and tombs could there be found. Except for maybe gelatinous cubes and giant rats. The idea is to have between 2 and 3 per encounter block. The zombies will be where ever the bandits would fall in the halls or rooms of the crypt, skeletons behind locked doors or near chests, where they died defending or trying to fight over the cursed gold. For map reference we can look at yesterdays maps Dark Forest & Darker Crypts.


The idea behind soulbound is you have 2-3 minions per player, 1 or 2 warriors per player and a single champion per encounter. If we want to set this up to be a more challenging encounter we may add in a Chosen but that increases the difficulty substantially.

For our Minions we have the Deadwalker Zombie – the fallen bandits. For those cursed souls once trapped here we have the death rattle skeletons and our warriors for this weekend are the Graveguard.






We have a few thigs here. Unstable walls, treasure chests, a secret door and traps.

Some doorways are blocked, as can be seen by rubble around the bottom of the door, which might need a moderate test of strength and some time to remove. Or another way can be found into the rooms on the other side.

Throughout the halls there may be traps and other hazards with darts being shot from the wall or spikes dropping from the ceiling if a pressure plate is triggered.

There is a little notch on the wall to the right of the secret room, this is a button that looks like a wide mouthed grinning skull. If they reach into its mouth there is a button there that releases the door and it opens – a bit of a test of faith than something terrifying here.

The breakable wall here will have a little crack in the stone that if people deliberately (and successfully) examine the damaged wall they can see through to the other side. This should hint to another room here.

The cursed altar is an easy one. Light the flames and the undead will stop rising in the crypts. If you use holy magic or something creative enough that would look at purifying it (prayers, spells, holy water, incense etc.) then that will keep the fires lit indefinitely rather than just a period of time.


Both the D&D and soulbound adventure for this map will be a lot of fun. You may notice I didn’t include anything for the forest map as I want to keep this more as a random encounter zone or if the party bring the fight out of the crypts and into the forest itself.

The same wild creatures as what would be from last weeks adventure – The trouble with birds can work here but you can also add other larger creatures like bears and such. Goblins (Gitz for soulbound) also can work treat in this zone as its already got a lot of juicy mushrooms.

This week has been a bit of a weird one. With the D&D OGL1.0a changing this week there is a bit of a large departure from the D&D 3rd party content creator community. Personally I will continue with what I am doing, so far its not resulting in any extra paperwork that I have to continue but you may find that I will reduce the D&D specific content (stat blocks) and move to a more system agnostic approach.

And with the closure of the week that see’s tonight’s content finish. I am looking forward to bringing more soulbound into the content here on the blog and into the local community where I live. I think its a great system and if you want to feel like a bad-ass hero then it may be right for you. There is also my old favourite, Openlegends.rpg that is a great system for versatility and customisation where which may sneak its way back into here. We will see.

As always with the weekend here don’t forget to plan some tabletop time and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Soulbound – Kathe the Knight Azyros

Tonight being a bit of a free night for content I wanted to look at the RPG I promised would get a bit more attention this year. And tonight we have Soulbound – Kathe the Knight Azyros having flown onto pen and paper and digitally attached for everyone’s perusal. Now I originally looked at Soulbound’s character creation mechanics March last year (Soulbound – Warhammer Age of Sigmar TTRPG) and it was relatively easy to get back into the wing of it. I found myself wanting one or two more XP so I could add another skill and focus for Talent variety but it wouldn’t fit the roleplay I had in mind for Kathe.

So sit back, sip a coffee and let’s roll into some soulbound!

Soulbound – Kathe the Knight Azyros


Her golden wings armour gleamed in the light brought upon by Hysh as she stared across the plains before her. It felt like it had been an age since she had been deployed and she was glad to be away from Azyr. But, that is the lie she told herself. Truthfully she could not remember when the last time she was deployed or the outcome of her sacred mission from the god-king Sigmar. She believed she had meet it with success but the reoccurring nightmares of hundreds of grabbing hands and terrible teeth couldn’t be stopped.

She unconsciously itched the ten scars that were on the right side of her head, visible through her golden hair. She had been told by other stormcast that they were her tell, the evidence of her being re-forged over and over by Sigmars’ faulty machine. However she believed that it was a test of her faith and devotion to the god-king And this one she would not fail.

As her allies slowly rose from their tents they gazed over the gathered humans, aelves and duardin as they condensed on the plain in front of them. A dawnbringer crusade they called themselves. Kathe just knew them as her ward, one that needed to be shown the beacon of light that Sigmar had entrusted to her and her alone.

The scouts had come back early in the morning announcing that a mass of green skinned orruks and Gits had been seen in the area. She had not woken the party as they had endured a long day the one before and the soulbound would need their strength, and hers, over the course of the next day.

“What’s news our stoic stormcast?” a gruff voice of Brung Ironsoul, a Kharadron Admiral who was too long from his ship spoke from behind her.

“Green skins, orruks and gitz supposedly. They are en masse in the area. I would expect a long day ahead with the promise of combat” she replied. The binding behind her sighed collectively. They could never understand the burden she carried. A vision of a previous battle flashed before her eyes, towering orruks with weapons the size of men were cleaving aelves in two. A bolt of lightning and she descended into the fray, sword and lantern glowing. Her presence bolstered the mortals and they fought harder with her and her fellow stormcast by their side but even the glow from her wings could not shine as the sun was blotted out by the tide of arrows that descended shortly.

Her wings unfurled and the crackle of lightning across them caused the binding to stand backwards. “Are you alright Lady Kate?” the human wizard softly asked, using the short name that many of her kind did for her. She was too kind and caring for this type of work but her voice did bring her out of her trance and silenced the vision of steel blades cutting into her plate.

“I am fine. Thanks Gwen. We best prepare ourselves for battle. I will go speak with the crusade and ensure they are also ready” Kathe said as she moved off, leaving the binding behind her to organise their breakfast.

Character Sheet

Although it’s something different than usual tonight was a lot of fun looking at what is possible in Soulbound. I may make Saturday night Soulbound a thing for a little while so let me know what you think of it. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow when we look at this weeks adventure write-up and, as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Warhammer map – The hilly clearing

As I was creating the Cherpa Hill map today I also created a larger Warhammer sized map to be used in tabletop games.

Created in Inkarnate and then scaled to be 60″ x 44″ this gives a few options for the battleplan being symmetrical with the hills being about an even distance away from the centre. The other great thing about this map is that it could easily be used for RPGs as well if a large open space is what the adventure called for. So I will leave the image below.

Created in Inkarnate

Happy wargaming and don’t forget to roll more dice,
The Brazen Wolfe

Soulbound Zones

Welcome to the first post of 2023 and I wanted to start off with some Soulbound content, exploring the concept of Zones. The concept of a Zone is in its simplest terms the different phases of range for movement, sight and ranged combat. So for tonight I created a desert style map with a little oasis in it to try and get down pat two things. 1, the zones in a typical map and 2, me creating them in Inkarnate.

Soulbound Zones


Desert Map

The slope downhill towards the oasis is a welcome sight for sore eyes, however the step gaps in the craggy hills makes it difficult to move down to the refreshing water below. However as the Soulbound approach their destination the bestial cry of war sounds from down below and the screech of large birds fills the air. It looks like the party will have to fight for their right to fill their canteens today.

Desert with zones

Zones in Soulbound are generally areas that are broken up by natural formations in the land (as per this example), barricades, bar tables, walls, buildings and so on. This makes it quite easy with a transparent tool on Inkarnate to map out your zones to highlight where movement is possible quickly or when it takes longer.

This also can help stress the lay of the land a bit more. Perhaps its not distance as such and maybe to shoot from 3 zones away (blue to red) it is harder to be more accurate due to trees or weather. Maybe the steep descent and unstable footing makes it hard to move down to engage the Beastmen who have made this oasis’s their camp. What ever the reason the concept of zones helps control the flow and pace of the battle – two important things for us Game Masters.

As we move into the new year and a new set of challenges and adventures I wanted to start off with something simply just fun before we get back into the weekly adventures. Helping myself re-look at some of the basics of a RPG system that I will start to get more involved with this year is just the icing on this cake. If you are interested in trying a TTRPG this year I can recommend D&D (yes there is some changes going on this year), Openlegends RPG and, of course, Soulbound. Each one uses a different system for their mechanics and each is refreshing and rewarding to get involved with.

So come back to check in on this coming weeks content and lets roll into this year with a solid foundation. And with the start of a new year why don’t you look at rolling a luck check and don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Beaten to the punchline

Tonight I wanted to follow on with the theme from last night where I had a random set of folk heroes that could work in any adventure. Tonight I want to throw out there a random twist that can work in nearly any adventure – the party is beaten to the punchline. Now the inspiration for this twist came about from me exploring what my first Soulbound adventure would be for the new year. But it definitely isn’t anything new or anything super special its just something that could be useful to drive a sudden change in the plot.

Beaten to the punchline


The Basics

To implement this twist is very simple. You have something bad which the party oppose and before they can stop it, it is stopped by someone or something else. This works for any of the four basic adventure types that I explored over a year ago; Learn, Stop, Escort or Fetch.

Let’s explore that a bit.

D&D 5e – Fetch

“Are you sure this is the place?” Arien asked the halfling not for the first time.

“Yes yes, it’s the right place alright. Just hurry up and keep watch. The Wand of McGuffin is not to be guarded lightly…” Darrel responded as he went to pick the lock in the shadow of his ranger companion. “oh that’s odd.” he mumbled as the door swung inwards with the lightest of pressure on the door. The scratch marks and strange powder on the doorframe told the halfling master rogue all that he needed to know. “Quickly. Walk away. We were not the first people to search for the wand and its gone.” Darrel was already blending into a nearby troop of performers by time he finished his command.

“what do you…” Arien began before she managed to peer through the opened door… “good gods.” she managed to squeak as the frozen form of a dozen guards stood around a magical device that thrummed with power in the centre of the room. A large chest that would have been hidden under floorboards lay opened and empty near the guards. “D. What do we do now?” she asked as her long strides make short work to catch her companion.

“That’s easy Ari. We have to out burgle another master burglar” Darrel replied with a grin as his cloak, moustache and pants shimmered as a powerful illusion changed his appearance.

Soulbound – Stop

The rivet gun’s clattered echoed off the stonework of the tower as the magazine was emptied into the locking mechanism. “Primitive locks are nothing against Kharadron ingenuity” Hank Geldenhammer said through his aether helmet.

“Well if these mages didn’t foresee our arrival and prepare for combat they are well aware now. Good job duardin.” Eros Witchblade sighed as she took her hand of her hips and strode forward unsheathing a pair of wicked looking blades.

“Now Eros, there may be no need for that. These are men of learning. Surely we can reason with them. The Realm stone of Chaos is cursed and evil. These wise men and women would surely know this and will see that their attempts to harness this stone to retake Barak Zundabarg is folly and dangerous” Tinxao the Lumineth Scinari Cathallar said as she walked calmly through the doors to the hall beyond. The tower itself was made of dark stone that seemed to absorb all light from around it, all light except for the glow from the Warpriests warhammer.

“This place is cursed. I can see the tolling of a great bell. Lord Sigmar’s light does not pierce this blackened stone. We should be all aware of ratmen.” Torval Brighthammer said as he gripped his warhammer tighter and strode in behind the Cathallar.

“Ratmen!? Do you even hear yourself talk Torval? I thought you too old and wise to believe in the tales that are made up to scare children” Eros laughed at the expense of the warpriest. Torval just gritted his teeth and began the trek up stairs.

“Remember we are here to relieve these mages of the realm stones of chaos so they can be destroyed. Hank I know you have a fondness for powerful stones and metals but this is…” Tinxao began looking distrustfully towards the Duardin who she was soulbound to. Hank turned abruptly, the lenses flashing.

“Shh!. I have detected something. Now is not the time for your nonsense Aelf.” Tinxao remained as devoid from emotion as ever. The clatter of steel on stone quickly broke the party into a rush for the last few stairs. Bursting through a door they arrived at the main deck of the observatory where a gruesome sight greeted them. The mages lay dying or dead. Wicked looking throwing stars and knives riddled their bodies and large glass canisters lay smashed on the stones beneath them. Evidence of magic being flung around the room was everywhere. Scotch marks from lightning and fire lay across the meagre furniture and as they looked around the room a flash of lightning from outside drew their gaze to the open window. A large man-sized rat bundled in dark scraps of fabric squatted on the window sill. The lightning illuminated its silhouette but the candles and lanterns from the room where the party stood highlighted the sharp chiselled teeth and bandoleer of throwing blades. After a heartbeat it flung itself over the side of the window and into the darkness beyond.

“Still don’t believe in Ratmen Eros?” Torval asked as he ran towards the window summoning a beam of light to blast out the window. A second later a screech followed as conjured bolt of lightning struck a creature outside who fell from its perch. “They have the stones” Torval roared before he hurled himself towards the door to give chase down the stairs. But as he looked down the winding staircase he was greeted by dozens of pairs of glinting eyes, chittering teeth and rusted blades.

Tonight we had a look at an easy and fun twist to any adventure. The key with this one is to make it so that hope is not lost – to give a hint (blatant or obscure) to the party so they have a way forward. Once they have this then there its full steam ahead to either uncover or confront the rival group. Are they on the same side or something worse than what they were trying to stop or take? Don’t forget to come back the rest of the week where I have more content in store and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Hellbent on Soulbound

Tonight I want to touch on something I want to explore more this coming year which is part of the driver for moving back to a series of oneshots rather than a yearly adventure format. I am hellbent on Soulbound getting more love. Not only does it bring two of my passions together but it feels nice to run as well. In fact there are no super complex rules to unpack middle of the game. Most of the maths and complexity is done at creation and periodically.

There is also, wait for it, an in game currency that forces cooperation towards a goal. Yup. Hate it or love it you’re stuck with these other characters of various races so you got to find a way around it. No more “its what my character would do” or “I hate that character” as it actually punishes you. Forced cooperation when done in a nice way is just refreshing to see.

So this year I want to create a single long adventure with a few mini adventures stretched out over the months. So I am excited to see how we go with more soulbound content and hopefully I can convince my local gaming group to give it a shot.

So stay tuned this week as I hope to have a teaser for it this week. I will also aim to have the final product of the Dice-ember adventure wrapped up and ready to go as well. If I can find a format I am happy with I will see how far my time and motivation goes to see what else I can do. Other than being hellbent on soulbound getting more love I also want to get more painting done. I have another two armies with of models either sitting in boxes or as grey plastic and its going to start driving me insane. So hopefully I can make it a reality.

Don’t forget to relax and be good to yourself and don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe