The Flying Owlbear

Well I promised a coastal adventure to start this week and I deliver you the Flying Owlbear! Yup, I’d be a bit confused too but I do have a plan for this week inspired by, apparently, the imagination of a 4 year old. So without giving away anything let’s roll into this weeks adventure.

The Flying Owlbear


Rumour’s have flown around for a many years about the pirate ship known as the Flying Owlbear. For many years the ship and its crew raided the southern coasts, no merchant vessel was safe from the pirate crew. However the stories didn’t finish there. Stories started to pop up of their owlbear crested ship crashing across the land, its broadside cannons roaring as they fired across the hills, valleys and plains.

But then they stopped and a new story started to emerge. One of ghosts and a lost treasure that would make anyone as wealthy as a king.

Spectral Envoy

As the party sit at a tavern, the Iron Crustacean, the room went silent as the grave. The scratching of claws on timber was the first sound that the party noticed as the spectral parrot squawked once and then silently flew down to land on the table in front of the party and their drinks.

‘The Owlbear rises once more, batten down the hatches. Load the Broadsides for it rides once more!’ it squawked before manic, yet squawky, laughter erupted from the tiny spectral bird. Slowly the sounds of broadside cannon fire could be heard from across the hills.

Tonight I get back to other RPG adventures that aren’t part of the Soulbound story ark. Don’t forget that tonight is only the beginning of the week and so you’ll have to come back each day this week to follow along. Also don’t forget to set some time aside this week for nurturing that creative spark and as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe