Hunted turned hunters

Hi all and welcome to a whacky Wednesday where we welcome wonderful whimsical wrenches which wreak wonderment within written words.

Ok maybe a bit too much alliteration.. but tonight we will look at twists and turns and throw wrenches at the current plan to expand and enrich it for our players.

Now the war-chief and chiefs of the toad-kin are gone the peaceful tribes are celebrating hard and long, well most of them. Varda, the outcast shaman has other plans and unexpected visitors that have arrived on her porch asking for aid and she, like all toad-kin who aren’t corrupted by the shadow, can see that they have been blessed by the stars. So let’s not keep an old toad waiting.

Shamans Request


Varda, the name given to her by the last of the elves, looked upon the four adventures in front of them, each of them showing some form of distress and injury. “Well don’t just stand there, come in” she said in near perfect Elven. She then croaked a few deep and rising notes to the toad-kin boys near the humans. “Where did you find them? They have the look of the star-blessed” she nodded and ushered the party, who bad to crawl inside the hut under the roots, barely big enough for them all to sit together side by side.

After shuffling around; an amazing feat considering there was barely any room to stand let alone walk around with one foot, Varda handed a small bowl of the goop she was cooking from her pot.

“So you are looking for a way for you to travel through the marsh safely? Hmm.” She pondered as she sat down and stared at the party as they moved the slop around the tiny bowl. “I can produce a charm that will assist but I will need some components” she began glancing around the party.

“I need the petals of a Longsnout Sharptooth, the feathers of a Mirestrider Kookastem and a drop of star light. The two toads with you, Kiri and Trip” she gestured to the two toad-kin who croaked in response to indicate who was who, “can show you to the two creatures but the drop of starlight I believe you already have the answer to that.” When the party looked confused she nodded and spoke to Kiri and Trip.

“I believe you already met the longsnout and the Mirestrider is easy enough to find if you know the marsh” she said “as for the drop, if you don’t know I may have a solution.”

As she moved around the small hut she eventually found two small vials before giving them the the most trust worthy looking of the party. “Use these for the drops after you have the petal and the feathers, but before you leave I have a question.” She paused as she blinked and gazed upon the humans before her. “Where is the fallen star and can you take me to them?”

Thanks, as with every night, for dropping by and following along with the current updates we have with this adventure, and year long campaign. Don’t forget that we have a few more days of this week in which I will produce more content so do come back daily to stay up to date. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Hi all and welcome again to my blog where we explore a d&d adventure a month and a session a week, or so the theory goes. Today we will look at twists, turns and secondary plot hooks as we have done for quite a few Wednesdays in a row.

Tonight I’m flipping the script a bit and approaching the Wednesday twist a bit differently than normal so buckle up, it may seem a bit disjointed but it should be worth it.

Star born


As countless bodies leapt from the marshy bank just as many fell over the edge, their bodies burn, cut, pierced or crushed by the defenders of the ship. The loud, large croaking voice of the war chief pierced the shrieks of the toad people and the cries of pain and alarm from the humans and vanara onboard the boat.

Kiri prepared himself to begin his attack, Trip standing next to him looking jittery, with energy or nerves he could not tell. ” This is it old friend,” he began as the ship came within leaping reach, “may the stars embrace you. I dare say we will join them soon” he said, blinking his bulbous eyes once as he attempted to Swallow his nerves away. Trip just nodded before leaping onto the side of the boat along with dozens of other toad kin.

As their clawed, padded fingers expertly found hand and foot holds they scaled the side of the ship amidst the flow of bodies tumbling over the side. Their hands reached the edge of the ships railing and the volume of creatures fighting on-top of the ship was staggering, there was a wave of greens, browns, yellows and the occasional white toad as they stabbed, cut, bashed and leapt towards towards the humans. As soon as a toad fell their comrades would grab the body hastily and throw them overboard, the wounded feeding the marsh or recovering in the relative safety of the waters and reeds.

As room opened up on deck Kiri and Trip pushed up over the side of the ship helping their clansmen push a injured toad over their shoulders and into the water below. The smell of blood was ripe in the air, the sticky sweet of their kind and the harsh metallic of the humans and monkey kin. As the toads pushed forward, their ranks swelling and moving as one living mass of bodies one of the humans received a spear to their thigh, crying out their allies pulled them back behind their closing ranks as the clink of metal and the scent of death approached. A group of humans unlike the others strode forward, getting where they walked from the pile of dead toads was so many that their people were simply unable to clear the deck. The scent of fear and increase in bodily secretions grew where ever the group moved and when they did bodies lay on their wake.

“Liz! We need you!” Cried out a voice from somewhere and a door burst open a few moments later revealing something that terrified the toads more than the death bringers. A emissary of the ancient ones. Fangs, claws and a touch scaled hide of shimmering gold caused lesser toads to jump overboard. But behind the emissary is what stopped the fighting.

A fallen star walked forward, light radiating from it as if bringing warmth, hope and life to the night. The toads as of single organism dropped to their knees and bowed low on reverence as nothing was more sacred to them as the stars above.

Kiri trembled. Ancient stories spoke of stars walking amongst their kind and where they walked life flourished. That was before the great uprising where the oni attempted to enslave all life on this land and the stars vanished. Ot was during this time of war, death and fear that the shadow brokered its pact with his kind and they survived the oni somehow.

Silence and confusion littered the boat and Marsh and only the croaking of several chiefs, and the deep reverberation of the war chief could be heard as confusion stillness moved across the ranks of toad kin.

“Well. I don’t know what spell you cast Liz but they don’t seem to be attacking us any more” one human said and, risking a glance up Kiri looked towards the star and his eyes flew wide, it was a human.

Now you may think that I have revealed too much already and ask yourself “surely he has no where to go for the rest of the week” well you would be forgiven as a good tactician always has another tactic, angle or approach lying in the wings.

So don’t forget to come back the for the last few nights for this weeks content. I hope to also have some more progress on some other hobby work one of these nights this week as well. Oh and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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All light casts a shadow

Hi all and welcome to another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where tonight we look at twists and turns that can shake up the fundamentals of our adventure.

Tonight, like Monday I want to take a step away again and develop the environment that our party is walking into and so, with that, let’s roll onto it.

Walking Shadow


Running through the tall stalks of grain Rohun he called out to Ling who was lagging behind him “We’ve got to run, now! We will lose them!” he called, eagerness in his voice as he pushed the stalks and reeds away with his shield as the voice called out to them “Help” from somewhere up ahead.

As the voice came louder the more uncertain of its origin he became, eventually coming to a stop a few dozen feet from the wall that separated the next paddock and the mountains beyond. As Ling walked in front of him he was glad, not for the first time that he had her by his side when things by the fringe got weird or out of control. As the voices started to pickup, repeating words back to them Rohun was so focused on the noises and looking for a person speaking to them that he didn’t notice his own shadow elongate, slither up his body and wrap around his mouth.

The moment the shadow clamped down around his body, constricting him stronger than any creature he had encountered could, binding his arms to his sides, his spear to his arm and holding his mouth shut. It was impossible to move and when he felt a tug on his legs he fell forward on his face he was whipped back into the reeds with such speed that his only chance at survival and freedom was Ling noticing. As he stopped moving and he looked up through the reeds, blinking trying to clear the dirt that had been flicked into his eyes he stared with confusion then horror as he saw himself standing next to Ling in the patch of reeds he was just standing in.

“Run Ling. It’s all we can do now. Go now!” the imposter yelled as he took off, away from the reeds and shadows. Rohun strained against his bindings, moving and straining against the shadows themselves. That’s when he felt them moving him again, pulling him towards the wall and the mountains beyond. He cried out but the shadow around his mouth squeezed tighter, making sure to not hurt him or damage him but keep him quiet as his feet hit the stone of the wall. Then, after a moment of pressure on his feet he felt his legs lift and he started to move over the wall, turning around using what little control he had over his body he looked with terror filled fascination as short little creatures moved with the shadows to attack Ling, but not savagely enough to hurt or harm her seriously but enough to drive her away. He strained, pushed and shouted – praying to his ancestors to seek their assistance – just one noise, one movement enough to get Lings attention so she would turn around and see him.

He felt his feet flick over the top of the wall, then his calves, thighs, hips and lower back. The entire time straining so hard to try and get Lings attention. Pop! his efforts rewarded him with his right shoulder dislocating causing his cries to help to turn into cries of pain and shock. As he felt his shoulders reach the top of the wall he glanced once more at his friend as she stopped, paused and looked back at the wall just in time for him, engulfed in shadows to fall over the wall and land hard. Creatures, bald and naked with exaggerated features stood around him, their forms cloaking in shadows like cloth would be worn by humans. As they walked so did the shadows that bound him move as they headed off in the directions of the mountains – a strange garbled language being spoken but each of them holding a weapon, token, or something of the people of this land – victims from previous abductions no less. As he banged his head on a rock and his should smashed into something else hidden amongst the vegetation beyond the wall his mind wandered as he contemplated what his next move was – how does he escape to save Ling from the doppelganger and warn his people of the shadowy threat this close to their villages.

Thanks for joining tonight I hope that you are all doing well and that this update intrigues you as much as it helps drive my creative process to flesh out the happenings and plot for the party once they land on the new continent.

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Dark Cliffs

Hello welcome to Brazen Wolfe tabletop where on Wednesday night where we look at twists, turns and speed bumps that we will throw at our party this week.

This week we find our party exploring a isolated island in hopes of making some repairs and getting materials food and water for their trip ahead across the sea. After finding a beached ship with a large breech in the side of it and the crew and the party said about salvaging materials from it and returning back to the ship. Little did they know that there was someone watching them from aboard the ship, a castaway, someone who had been lost on this beach long before and who saw their only way of Salvation in the form of the party at risk of being taken by the islands other inhabitants.

Tonight I tried out a little shortcut to help churn through the content of this blog so there may be a few imperfections below – I will

So without further waffle let’s get on with the write up.

That which nests in the dark


As the last of the sail and the weathered but salvageable planks came down from the beached ship the party looked over their work from the last day. As they walked away from the ship and down the beach they couldn’t shake the feeling that had nestled within their heads that they were being watched. Shrugging as they helped the few crew that remained with them take hold of the bundles of planks, wrapped up sail and other bits and pieces the party continued down the beach, dragging and carrying their pilfered goods and materials down the beach towards the row of trees they had walked through initially. To intent on their task they did not notice the rustling in the grass or the long thin bodies moving in the underbrush nor the distant screams and cries for help that the wind whisked away and the trees muffled to the point of silence.

Moving towards their ship there was no movement from the crew that had remained behind to continue their search for food, fresh water and materials as they had left to investigate the broken ship. As they drew closer to where they had set up a temporary camp, the lack of movement and people moving about the canvas tents set off alarms in the party’s minds and they dropped their heavy burdens and looked around for their travelling companions.

The astute and observant members of the party looked around in the ground and noticed many signs of a struggle and several sets of large, deep drag marks that indicated people were dragged off towards the forest not far from the waters edge.

As the party followed the drag marks and disturbances in the sand towards the forest edge a short figure darted out and grabbed a hold of the lead Party members arm.
“Don’t go in there,” the little wild looking girl said, “you will end up like the others trapped… trapped in the dark waiting for your fate as the never ending hiss comes from the cavern below.” She spoke in hushed tones and looked around nervously as if expecting to see something more.

“The forest is too thick you won’t be able to find the way to where they’re keeping them. Anyway there’s to find the tracks and avoid avoid the scouts that will be keeping an eye out above the monolith, there is no way in or out not out of the dark not where the great beast nests.”

After a few moments and realising that the party would could not be decided from following their friends and trying to save them the little wild girl ran off into the forest disappearing amongst the trees and the bushes. As the party set foot leaving the crew members that help them with the salvage operation behind, they followed the drag marks and tracks as far as they could before the jungle Swallow the air tracks. After an hour of travel they eventually came to a large roughly hewn path in the side of the mountain leading up towards the spire.

The trees with sparse at the base of the mountain except for at the waters edge of the large freshwater lake that appeared to be fed from a stream coming down from the mountain.

The rough uneven ground of the path leading up the mountains enabled the parties to traverse it without much difficulty the bumps grooves and uneven rocks although creating trip hazards enabled enough footholds and they would not sleep further down the mountain. After further our of travel are they eventually came to a Plateau I’m high above the treetops of the jungle around the mountain and from this point they could clearly see several other wrecked ships positioned around the island each one of them nestled amongst the sand except for the Dancing Drake. Ahead of them lay more purposely carve out steps that lead to a large archway leading further towards the spire at the centre of the mountain.

Although vigilant in paying attention as they traverse through the jungle and the mountains and seeing no humans or humanoids on the journey the feeling of them being watched never left them and the further they climbed up the carved steps the more ghostly shed skins of snakes did they find.

As they passed passed underneath the intricately carved archway that depicted snakes coiled around bound humans that supported the large archway above. One hundred feet past the archway, at the base of the spire they could see the beginnings of a building much like a temple from back home carved into the side of the rocky face of the spire and from within its murky depths a penetrating cold feeling clutched at them greedily.

Ok thanks for joining me tonight I hope that you have enjoyed the write up this Wednesday around what happened to the crew when the party was salvaging materials to fix the Dancing Drake. Don’t fret though our little wild friend will be making a return visit in the near future perhaps assisting the party on their way through the temple.

Don’t forget to let me know if you do enjoy any of this content your comments and feedback is important and it helps me grow I craft as a dungeon master. Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

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Soggy sails, shimmering swords

Hi all and welcome to Wednesday night where we look at the twists and turns that the party have approaching like rain in a squall.

This week we find out party out to sea being persued by, most probably, pirates with a storm approaching them at the worst time.

So let’s look into what we can throw at the party to test their sea legs.

Trials at sea


As the wind hit the sails the crew knew that they were in for a hard ride regardless of the ship that was now close enough that you could see the individual people running about the top of the deck, weapons and ropes in hand. As Kyoko barked an order ropes went taught, sails drifted across the deck and the ship turned abruptly as a large wave loomed on the side of the ship and Kyoko heaved on the wheel turning the ship at the right moment to use the wave to push them further away from their pursuer.

The party were less lucky as the sea water spilled freely across the deck, the crew moving rapidly across the deck dragging ropes, sails poles and other implements to keep the ship floating on the waves the right way up.

So the first test we have here is going to be the standard ability checks to see if they can remain on their feet and move around the deck of the ship. DC 14 Dexterity saving throw or to fall and hope they don’t fall pass the rail or at least have a rope tied to them. If the party member has a background that saw them on the sea previously then they would make the check at advantage and, DM discretion, if they had water vehicle proficiency then they would also make the roll at advantage.

With a yell a few of the crew fly overboard when they lose their grip on the ship. Within a moment several crew jump to grab the rope to pull up the crew members that flew off the edge.

“Somebody pull that sail, I need someone to help me with the wheel, get those men back on deck!” Kyoko bellows from the helm as she puts her weight behind the wheel trying to keep the ship on course as a wave threatens to push them aside.

Ok, so we have a Water vehicle check (to pull the sail), strength or athletics check to bring the overboard crewmen back on deck, and then a one of either check to help Kyoko with the helm. If the party don’t help with one of the three items then it may lead to negative affects.

  • Sail, Water Vehicle check DC 13 – If fail the party member is knocked prone and is pushed in a random direction 10ft.
  • Crew, Athletics check DC 12 Strength check DC 13 – if Fail the crew members are eventually dragged up but they have breathed in a lot of water and 1 or 2 crew members are effectively unconscious (not dead though) for the rest of the day. Any further checks to keep the ship going on course are made at +1 DC.
  • Helm, Base DC is 14. Water vehicle check at Base, Strength at base +2 and Athletics at base +1 – if Fail then the ship doesn’t turn in time and the the party need make a Dex check DC 14 or fall prone and if they fail by more than 10 they fall overboard.

If the party fail at 2 of the above three then they will be boarded by 1 or 2 members from the ship behind them that the party will need to fight..

As the ship rock and comes down from a swell it stops suddenly with a resounding crash as it connect with the pirate vessel who had come on the inside of the Red fleet Ship. As Kyoko starts to bark orders ropes, boarding planks and grappling hooks fly across the rail and go taught binding the ships together as men and women rush onboard from the other ship.

Crew members from the parties ship rush to meet them but the attackers have a manic crazed look across their face as a scarred dragonborn stands next to the helm loading a crossbow and barking orders at the people rushing across to take over the other ship.

Well – This is mainly combat but the party can remove the boarding planks, cut the ropes try to separate the ships.

To separate the ships it would require a series of successful Vehicle handling rolls. DC12, DC 13, DC14 and DC15 across 4 rounds.

To push the planks it would be a DC10 Athletics or strength check if there is no one on the plank or DC14 if there is one person, DC16 if there are two or more people on the plank as they go to remove it.

To sever or remove the ropes it would require a sharp weapon. The role has an AC of 8 and 10 HP (they are rather thick ropes). To remove them without cutting them then the party would need to make Strength or Athletics checks DC 14.

Thanks for joining tonight. So we had a few checks here to deal with keeping the ship on course and moving forward. The idea is to use the above as a base to structure the encounter and checks for the party but the idea is that we don’t want to drown them in ability and skill checks but we want to stress them the importance of certain ones.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Twist of fate

Welcome to Wednesday night where we explore twists and turns that will happen this week in our dnd adventure.

Tonight I want to follow-on from Monday and last night’s adventure with expanding upon Siu, his plan and the fate of the Harimasu family. So without any more waiting let’s roll on with it.

The face of benevolence


Siu watched anxiously as the adventurers and Priestess Lizbet approached the ship, seeing his cousins great granddaughter months ago when he left the shores of his homeland hadn’t been a shock since he had always tried to make sure that she was doing well but the having to confront her was something that still made him anxious, after all he never did get to make amends and reconcile with his cousin.

As they strode forward he could feel the magic leaving his body and the nails on his hands and feet started to darken and elongate into the dark and menacing claws that he had carried since the time he was transformed. Gulping and meditating to calm his nerves he looked up and smiled, trying to put on a brave face.

“I am glad that you decided to come, I believe you know Kyoko Harimasu and I have a request for both of you, for the good of our homeland.” he paused, feeling a surge of magic trickling through his body, sighing he stood slowly and outstretched his arms as a show of peace. “Unfortunately this body, as much as it is mine, is a deception. I was cursed quite some time ago by the dragon Huangdi to take a different form other than my normal due to me betraying my family.” as he spoke his body started to shift, his limbs elongating and growing a layer of dark fur. “Despite my curse I have been a servant to the dragon that changed my form and my only wish is to see their salvation from the darkness that encroaches upon their land.” A tail sprouted from the end of his spine and curled around his feet as he felt his bones shift in his face and torso – an painful and unpleasant process that dropped him to his knees.

After a few moments he stood up on his legs and felt the familiar prick of a blade on his neck. “An interesting tale. I can’t know how you know about my the issues beyond my families borders but I have heard tales of creatures of the shadows tricking my people” Kyoko said pushing the blade harder against the creatures neck and the sound of a metallic clink resonated forth.

As the sound came forth form the blade the hair on Siu’s body began to drive down off his form revealing a pale gold layer of metallic scales had covered his body, after a moment a few patches of fur remained around his joints, neck and the tip of his tale but a layer of draconic scales had taken up residence over his body. After a moment of shock Kyoko’s blade retreated from Siu’s neck and the scrape of it returning to its sheath could be heard. “Golden dragon scales. It is as you say, you are the servant of the gold dragon.” When Siu looked back at his cousins descendant he could see the wonder and confusion on her face.

“I am not sure why I look like this – but will you help me in pushing back the darkness?”

Thanks for joining tonight.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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The maiden, the Oracle and the prophecy

Hi all and welcome to Wednesday, its the day that we investigate secondary plot hooks, expansions the current plot of the weeks adventure and other things that can shimmy and shake its way around.

Tonight I want to have both a twist and a bit of a NPC focus, sorry I couldn’t fit it in yesterday as it was already a super long post. So, to save some time and typing energy lets kick off with tonight’s writeup!



She stared up at the man in front of her who had stopped so suddenly, a steady flow of sweat beginning to flow from his brow like rains across the meadows of her farm.

“You,..” he breathily said, “you will be a guiding light, a beacon for life, fertility and growth. Chauntea walks with you and her hand guides you on the path that will lead you to the light of day.” he said, his head turned to look at her, eyes rolled back to look towards the back of his skull. “But… This is not your fate, you will be a beacon of light and warmth amongst the darkness in the shadows after flying on the red, wooden dragon. Chauntea smiles on you child as you are the one to bring her light to the dark”

The man shivered blinked a few times before looking around “Oh, is there something on my face?” he asked sheepishly as he dabbed his white collared robe on his face “No? Hmm. Well how do I look?” he said, his bulbous nose the perfect accessory for his wide grin. “I’ve been told that I have potential to be a great seer you see and today is my test.” he looked up from the girl at the girls parents who were looking at him as if he was a venomous insect. Realisation struck “Oh, Tyr bless me. Did I reveal when your pet would die? no worse, when you will die. I am so sorry young child. Tyr blesses me with the truth and I the visions he sends me are rarely directed or controllable when they flow like a giant water snake flying down the river and I’m trying to hold on with a rope.” the man made a dramatic show of being dragged behind this invisible beast – grinning to himself as he did so. Elizabeth thought he should have been a bard rather than a cleric of Tyr but she could not shake the feeling of a light on the back of her hand guiding her, moving her forward towards where she needed to go. When the man shrugged, apologised and walked off again she turned around to her parents who looked down at her with a look that was equal parts fear and reverence.

As Lizbet ran to the figure on the ground she looked at the young man who was spread out, naked, deep slashes on his ribs that seemed to sprout a river of black moving under his skin and up his neck. Looking over at Katya she gripped her hand “I will need your strength here Katya if we are to save him. Why he is here and who he is does not matter. He is living but on the cusp of death if we don’t save him. To breathe life and light into this world is our duty as daughters of Chauntea and our powers, our divine magic that she blesses us with are to be used in her name to heal the sick and wounded.

Katya nodded and squeezed Lizbets hand – a warmth spread between them as she had felt when they had first met – kindred souls meeting, two daughters of Chauntea both equally blessed and loved by the deity of fertility, life and bounty. “Now follow me and repeat what I say” Lizbet said as she began to pray to Chauntea for healing, life, and the removal of blight and poison.

As the final words of their combined prayer left their lips – which Katya realised only too late that she was no longer following but speaking along with Lizbet, a golden glow pulsed forth from their palms that were either side of the naked mans chest, having rolled him onto his back to better access his torso. The glow spread through the mans body pushing back the rivers of black and a dark mist oozed forth from the wounds and seemed to combust into a golden flame as it almost reached towards the priestesses as their magic surged forth. The man beneath their touch wept as his face contorted in pain, screaming words that had no sound or meaning as a sweat drenched his brow. As the magic left his body he wept more muttering a single drawn out word before falling unconscious, “Siu…”

Siu woke in a bed with a fresh white linen tunic on. Turning his head he looked out the window to see that the sun was setting and looking down he was still in his human form, his magic still held but for how long he needed to find who had healed him.

“Feeling better then?” a voice said from behind him – turning she noticed the raven haired girl that had radiated the same magic as the priestess from yesterday. “Lizbet will be back shortly with some more dressings for your wound, despite our prayers we couldn’t heal it all – can you remember what happened to you?”

“how long” Siu said as he looked around for a place to hide.

“Pardon?” Katya asked a bit confused as Lizbet entered the room with some more bandages.

“How long since you found and healed me?” Siu asked, relief showing on his face when Lizbet reached the side of his bed.

“We found you at noon, it is now dusk.” Lizbet responded as she grabbed a damp cloth and gestured for him to sit down.

He had a bit over half a day left, he signed in relief and sadness as he stood from the bed, his magic infused body being the epitome of strength, grace and fortitude. The ability to revert to his human for was a gift from his master when he had saved his family in war once. The ability to return to his human self for one full day once every ten years.

“forgive me in advance for any deceptions you realise but I have grave tidings” he said as he knelt and prostrated before them “I have a warning that I have to give to you” he spoke his voice stressing his urgency.

“Come now sir, you and we are safe here in this temple. If you could just stand..” she grunted as she tried to lift him “Katya I don’t believe we purged all the poison, or disease. What ever it was from last time – I will lead you in another prayer and we will try and cure his delirium” Lizbet said tugging on Siu’s arm trying to get him to stand.

“That was not poison but shadow from a fell beast – a beast of shadow that has possessed the body of a creature, in my instance a cat” Siu said as he knelt before the priestesses.

Katya laughed “A creature of shadow…” she began before seeing a look of genuine concern on Lizbet’s face.

“Logan!” she called out and a moment later a brother of their temple appeared next to them.,

“yes Lady Lizbet?” he asked, Logan was a warm hearted man and his smile spoke of compassion and years of service.

“Can you go and find the adventurers who saved this city from the Shadow-mist creature, and rescued Lady Katya.. I fear we are not able to let them rest just yet..” she sighed.

“Mr.. What did you say your name was?”

“Siu…” Siu began but he winced as the painful memories flooded his mind of his cousin. “My name is… Siu..” he said, a tear streaking down his face “I am a servant of the Dragon protector of my family and I need to warn you. The fell beasts are forming an army and I believe they are after your light – with it gone the darkness in my home land across the sea will be complete and the rot and discord will spread through that land and the next until all are consumed.” Siu winced, lying was not something he condoned but a half lie, such as this, only caused him moderate amounts of pain and guilt. It may add a year or dozen onto his sentence but if his plan worked then the years may not be relevant soon any way.

“A light.. amongst the darkness” Lizbet mumbled – her memory flashing back to the prophecy from the wondering cleric of Tyr. “Katya, we have much to prepare for. You will find mother matron in her room, ask her to bring the codex. I only hope that Siu, ” she paused staring into his golden irises “is wrong and we wont need the knowledge within but after this past month I am not sure what to expect any more.” she sighed as she finally convinced Siu to stand and sit on the bed again.

“Tell me what you know” she asked Siu as Katya ran off.

Siu sighed, here goes nothing “A dark mist on every street, creatures stalking in the shadows controlled by shadow and magic and you two,” he nodded towards the hastily departing Katya, “were their obvious prey”.

Well, that’s all we have for tonight. I hope you like what you read and that a bit more info and insight into both Lizbet, Siu and the next steps was gained for all. Don’t forget that if you like something, use something or simply have that creative spark ignited because of something you read here, let me know! I love to hear other peoples creative process, their thoughts and what they love most about this hobby.

If you’re enjoying the character I am building for Siu also call it out, I am expanding and growing him as the posts come through and so far I am happy with whats been produced.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Mid week musings

Hi all and welcome to another night at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. Tonight I don’t have much planned for new content (as this week is really not producing anything new as such) but tonight being about secondary plot hooks, twists, turns or pivots I want to just touch on something that we may all have experienced on or off the table.

That pivot or shift in direction.

Now when it comes to me painting miniatures it happens all the time, I blame myself firstly and all the awesome influencers and other painters out there who produce simply awesome miniatures and pieces of art that I think to myself “Wow, that’s awesome. I am going to incorporate that in my current project”. This isn’t inherently a bad thing but it can be dangerous to your project as with Warhammer in general the idea of painting these many models is, generally, to have them look like a cohesive force across the unit they are in and then across the army as a whole.

For D&D or other TTRPGs its not so bad as the mid-session pivot may be, let’s use a recent example, that the Family are not actually the ones who are evil, that Katya’s grief at losing her parents was soo great that her un disciplined divine power was simply too much to control and she unknowingly created this mass compulsion (see the spell command) across the village. Now that is a very different outcome to the one we ended up going ahead with but its not a bad thing.

Shifts like this can be moments that really define the uniqueness of the adventure and in hindsight I may have even gone with the “Katya’s power was too great” approach instead of the “Keep the magical maiden safe for our dark master by manipulating and lying to her” one we went with. I think the end result for my party would be the same, there would be a search, a learning, a confrontation of sorts but the ending may have resulted in “The Family” being spared as opposed to being put to the pyre.

Sometimes these pivots are not just limited to a painting and army theme or a single adventure twist but can be for an entire TTRPG System. I have used D&D for just about all of my TTRPGs but I have actually ended up shifting from D&D 5e to utilising Open Legend RPG for an adventure campaign I was running because I felt and saw that Open Legend RPG was more versatile, easier to use and fit the setting a bit easier than D&D. To make my life easier was the first deciding point, the second was to discuss it with my players and after realising that they too were excited for the switch of gaming system then the decision was easy. But that was the clincher, making sure the players were involved in that decision – it’s not going to work shifting from one system to another if no one wants to play in that system so that was the deciding factor, as opposed to the first point that made me explore that as an option.

Regardless of the shift it can be a success story like a different TTRPG system or a potential to learn and explore something for next time, like a change in the potential outcome of a adventure plot or it could… sadly… result in the delay of painting your Skaven army for close to two years, yeah, I really should finish them.

Change is a good thing in our hobby space and if you approach it wisely and understand the potential outcome of these changes before jumping both feet first then they can result in some great hobby.

That’s all for tonight, don’t forget to explore your options out there and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Too close to home

Welcome to another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where tonight we look at finalising the last little bits for this weeks plot hooks, twists etc.

This week we will be meeting with a a few familiar faces as they realise that they have been a part of the biggest lie in their sleepy villages history, so without further delay let’s get into tonight’s content.



Milly looked around the Broken Tankard dazed as if she had just woken up from a night of drinking their private reserve of Mountain bear stout – named because a single mug could cause a mountain bear to regret i’ts decision to drink the dark ale for a week. Looking from face to face she could tell that everyone felt the same, dazed, confused and as if waking from a dream. Well almost everyone, Carline just looked plain furious. As she began to wonder why Carline shrieked out a long painful cry – a long mournful shriek that was filled with loss, regret and most of all rage. “Hunter!!”

Immediately everyone in the room broke out from their daze, even as Carline dropped the lute that she was strumming but a few minutes ago and drew a long bladed sword people were standing up screaming out the same mournful, rage-filled cry of anguish and Milly knew why as she felt the same. Hunter had betrayed them all, had somehow affected all of their minds to think that he was the father of Katya, and that his fellow conspirators, Katya’s families trusted cooks and hirelings, were her real family. How could this have happened, everyone knew and loved Katya’s parents and Katya was the heart of the village, she had personally helped everyone in the village and was on her way to complete her parents wishes – to become a priestess of Chauntea.

As the village mobilised, an unspeakable agreement now that they had all had their mind cleared form what ever had put heavy fog around their memories, Milly instructed her brothers to stay behind and prepare for any wounded, they after all inherited their fathers battle lust that made them more as much as danger to the villagers as they were to Hunter and the traitors.

The march was harsh as the snow had deepened as they had moved on and the villagers were on edge. Despite their wish for vengeance and justice they had never been in a real fight before and there were rumours amongst those who marched that glittering eyes and razor sharp teeth could be seen just outside of torchlight.

It was about an hour until they passed the first toppled stone that looked like it could have been the grand gated entrance to the manor which was on the families estate, everyone remembered these gates being tall and splendid but what they passed looks like they had been destroyed a century ago. The metal bars rusted and brittle and the stone green with moss and crumbling in places. As they marched onwards they took a collective gasp as the same level of ruin could be seen on the once near-majestic manor that now appeared to be a decrepit pile of ruins and rocks. Four tall, impossibly thin figures could be seen at the windows watching the villagers approach and in the time it took Milly to blink the figures had gone – disappeared from eyesight and drifted off to the unknown. Others had seen it too by the nervous chatter and jittery movements from the villagers.

“Milly, Carline, there’s movement to the east!” A spooked logger shouted as the villagers backed up into a tight little ball, their makeshift weapons pointing outwards towards the dark. A nervous tune broke out, the same one from the previous nights around monsters on the hill. Carline lent her voice to the chorus and soon the song was being sung with bravado with all trace of nerves washed away by the bards energetic display of disgust towards those on the hill. A loud blood curdling shriek was their reward that seemed to resonate down from the old building as half a dozen or so figures approached from the east, their forms cloaked on th snow and wind.

Thanks for joining me tonight for this Wednesday plot and hook expansion. Let me know what your thought, don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

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Unfamiliar places

Welcome back to a Wednesday where in this post where we look at the twists, turns and changes to the known plot that we have for this week. So far we have young Paul Turp fumbling as he went to hammer in a plank of wood into a post which broke bones in his hand. We also saw that Katya was experiencing a twilight between her her day-terrors and the reality she has known for the longest time.

Tonight we are looking at it from a different point of view to get a better understanding of what the party may be up against this week.

Dizzy spells


Paul’s eyes fluttered open to the sight of a dim room and the sound of howling wind outside the small stone room he was lying in. Sitting upright was a mistake and he barely had enough time to catch himself before he fell to the hard stone slab. Looking around the room he squinted trying to force his eyes to focus on the dim stone walls as his vision begins to focus in on the cracked stone, worn wood and small flurries of snow that come through a few gaps in the roof. Pushing himself up he winces as he leans on his left hand, looking down he notices a slightly grubby bandage had been woven around his hand. Slowly unravelling the bandage from around his hand he studied the bruised, blood covered skin beneath unable to see the broken bones and torn flesh where his hammer had shattered his hand yesterday.

“I must be dreaming” he muttered to himself as he stood up, now aware of the heavy coat that was wrapped around his shoulders. The coat was thick, a bit old and felt well worn as he began to move around the small room he found himself in what could only be described as crypt. moving towards the door he tried to open it but found it barred from the outside. Cursing he rattled the door further trying to push through or dislodge what was keeping the door closed before looking around the room for a way to pry open the door. Looking around the room he finds a torch bracket that hung limp from the wall where it would have been attached and after a few rough tugs on the torch it came loose. Jamming the torch bracket between the door and the wall he began to pry, hearing a snap from outside on the third heave which resulted on the door shifting inwards a bit. Sighing with relieve Paul only now realised that there are now that the howling wind had dissipated.

Reaching through the door to try and shift the shattered plank of wood that had held it closed he heard the crunching of snow moments before he withdrew his arm back inside the door as a wolf jumped at the door where his arm was there a moment ago. Slamming the door shut he pushed against the door as the wolf, joined by another or more by the sound of it, scrambling to get the door closed he managed to wedge the torch bracket into a crack in the floor and into the door, leaning against the door with the torch in place he sighed and felt through the pockets in his slightly damp cloak. Feeling the dry hard scrap of jerky he had left over from his lunch, stuffing it inside his mouth he chewed as the claws from the wolves scratched against the door causing it to shudder as he lay against the door and ate the jerky trying to calm his nerves.

Thanks for joining me tonight for another brief writeup for what we are looking to expand this weeks adventure with. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night and if you like what you read then feel free to follow for future updates.

And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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