Reign of Shadow

Good evening all and welcome to the alternative ending if the party was unable to defeat the Shadow in its keep or, if they decided to not go over the seas with Kyoko. We also will look at the plot for Dice-ember!.


Reign of Shadow


The grass crunched under Kyoko’s feet as she dashed across the street towards the broken crates and boxes opposite her. Throwing herself against the wall of the building she looked around to make sure that no Oni’s or Spiritfolk or beasts had spotted her. Satisfied that she was in the clear she crouched low and hurried down the street, sticking to the shadows as much as possible in case another of the Shadows minions were watching without dark vision.

Moving into one of the buildings she paused to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. Using a broken drift globe shaft to light the way she moved about the dark room. Eventually she found the mat and crate she was looking for she lifted it on well oiled hinges and quickly moved down the revealed steps. Carefully closing the hatch behind her she moved into the carefully dug tunnels and moved silently towards the outskirts of the city.

Refuge under the wall

After ten minutes of walking to came to a door that was reinforced by iron. Taking the broken shaft from the light producing trinket she put it through a hole in the door and waited. Slowly the handle turned and on the other side a stout man greeted her with a broad grin.

“We thought you were lost to us Kyoko. When the others returned without you we feared the worst.” the man said.

“Jokrum. You worry too much. We had to split up as we had a hunting party of Oni discover us. They followed me but lost the others.” She responded as she worked through the door and into the refugee town.

The town it self was constructed in some of the emergency bunkers under the walls. The walls were mainly controlled by the Oni now but with all the stone and soil above them they never noticed the Harimasu people living under the wall. Walking along the tunnel she greeted and handed out the raided supplies to the people she cared for. Her father, and his troops were elsewhere defending the last bastion of the people of Ryokughan. She, however, was captured by the Shadows servants and rescued by the people of this bunker. These survivors were either too old, young or sick to make the trek to join her father and they needed her.

For now they were surviving and it was because of her that they were able to survive for so long. So until help arrived they were to wait here, in the gloomy depths under the wall and wait.


The snow crunched underfoot as the party strolled into the town. The eerie quiet of the town only broken by the caw of a night bird or the squeal of a rusty sign. As they wondered around the city centre a shadow moved towards them. Raising the torch high the person, covered in snow shuffled towards them like a white ghost. It wasn’t until the figure was within ten feet that its true nature was revealed.

A creature made from snow, pitch black eyes and rotten fruit vegetable was hanging from its nose. As it reached out towards them with shattered ticks and bones for arms a rock smashed through its head, sending the body tumbling to the ground. “Run!” a voice called from a building as the party ran towards the building.

Racing towards the building they dashed through the snow, through the door and slammed it closed behind them. “Don’t let those things touch you. They drain the warmth from you and you soon join them in their frozen march.” the old man said with a shaky voice. “They wont come towards the houses but don’t want anyone on the streets after dark”.

The party made to check the door when they heard the thudding of something heavy on the snow outside. “Shh. Thats the other thing. There is something else. It begs to be let into your house. It appears as a jolly, kindly man and those who let it within their homes are found dead.”

The party huddled around the fire as the creatures outside continued their frozen march.

Thanks for joining me tonight. Tomorrow night we will look at a potential alternative ending for the campaign, if they fail, and prepare ourselves for dice-ember!. Don’t forget to come back for this and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Shadows Demise

Wednesday is here and its a chance for me to expand and add to the current plot or the continuation of exiting plot. Tonight I look at the Shadows Demise, what occurred as the party felled the Avatar in the depths of The Shadows Throne. So sit down, relax and let’s look at the death of a monstrosity, and the birth of perhaps some trauma.

Shadows Demise


As the creature stumbled before them, great swaths of shadowy energy flowing out of the now broken form of the avatar it began to shift and change. Falling to its knees it looked upon the party, the dark pits of unfathomable evil were slowly focused for a moment with clear blue eyes. As the dark energy receded the body seemed to shrink, becoming smaller, frailer and the full extent of the damage they had wrought became visible. Broken bones pierced the skin, welts, burns, gashes and cuts littered every inch of exposed flesh.

As the last of the energy left the body and disappeared into the ether, disrupted by the radiant glow of the weapons they carried a tear escaped the eye of the shadow in front of them. The light in the eyes of the body in front of them disappeared and the blue orbs became unfocused. As it collapsed backwards the face shifted slightly, appearing as several people they had met already. Sai Tsugen, to a warrior that they had seen with Lady Toshio when she had given them the cursed horses.

The body of Karyn lay before them, broken and withered. The Shadow had no pity or mercy for those who had failed or slighted it and Karyn was proof of this. Her body used as a vessel, her natural magical ability to shape change and her warriors grace had all been used by the Shadow as its avatar.

Despite all the Shadows attempts to stay alive its avatar had died. Felled by the creatures that it had sought to destroy and rule over. In fact it was destroyed by the blessed weapons of its ancient enemy, Huangdi – the guardian dragon of the Harimasu family.

As the last of the corrupted and ripped apart soul of disappeared the body of Karyn looked like something of nightmares. Used and discarded by her evil master her life ended how she spent it, in the service of the great evil of this land.

Moving out of the gore filled pit the dead minions of the Shadow filled the halls. As they moved through the carved stone rooms and pathways the soldiers who came to aid in the siege rushed up to them and let them know of what had happened. All the warriors and servants of the Shadow, but a few spirit folk, suddenly dropped dead. Searching the halls they found nothing but death. Some evident from the party and their hands or blades but many were just simply dead.

Liz greeted the party outside the halls and attended to their wounds as best as she could and soon they were travelling back towards the wall. What ever they had deemed worthy to carry out and the vision of the tainted halls was all they dared take from the unholy ground after the Shadows demise.

Thanks for joining me for a bit of a closure / wrap-up update tonight. I had planned for Karyn to make a more prominent re-emergence to the story much earlier however there didn’t seem to be a good time. This ties up a few threads in a way that makes sense but also gives a bit more depth to what this creature was. Don’t forget to come back the new few days as we wrap-up and finalise more of this months adventure and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Power Starved

Welcome to twist filled Wednesday where this week we look deeper into the labyrinth like tunnels, halls an rooms of The Shadows Throne to find a power starved shell of a creature. Well, power starved for now. As the time runes out for the creature to regain its former strength the demand on its servants and slaves grows in proportion to its desperation. In fact so desperate in the quest for power that its willing to commit everything to a single act. A full reaping.

Power Starved


As the bodies piled up around the alter the power started to seep into the dark waters and flow into the cold slab of stone. Sitting atop the stone the Shadows Avatar sat in silence, power starved. A fragment of what its former self used to be and far from it needed to be and time was running out. In fact from the increase in wounded and dying Oni, Trolls, Butatō and captured slaves suggested that the light bringer, those chosen by the dragon were here.

The creature watched as the power gradually ebbed and flowed like waves as the ritual channelled the power within the dead and dying into its form. As the casualties piled up a gnawing concern rose in the creature. If these mortals were able to do this to its servants and chosen minions then is it enough? Was this meagre power that was being drawn from these husks enough?

There was a single option, a fail safe, that was available to the creature now. Modifying the ritual slightly small channels opened up in the ritual pool. Slowly the tainted waters began to spread and weave their way through the citadel, causing water to drip down upon all. If all went well then the creature wouldn’t have to resort to it, but the thought of doing it anyway did cross its mind.

A sudden pang shot through the creature, one of its shadow-touched had just been killed. As the shadow-stuff that empowered the creature disappeared the power that was lent also did. No, no, no. There was not enough bodies here, not enough energy to rebuild its form and its strength.

The ritual, there was only one option left to it and it had best be started now. As the shadow magic pushed outwards and touched everything who had been touched by the tainted water pockets of light were also felt. These cursed weapons and trinkets! They protected the mortals from its ritual. Regardless once the ritual was complete it would have enough power to squash these humans. It was just a matter of time now, a race. Them to race to its chamber in time or it to complete the ritual first. The winner would surely claim victory.


Tonight we look at the Shadows Avatar as it realises how power starved it had become. With the fall of one of its chosen, perhaps a certain strong ogre, the creatures power is further reduced. In fact it means that from a role play side of things the creature has one ploy left (perhaps the plan all along) and enacts its final ritual. To consume all the souls of those within the Citadel to bolster its own power.

Thanks for visiting tonight and reading through this Wednesdays update. Tonight was back to what I would believe would be my smallest ‘ideal’ writeup that I like and it feels good. Unfortunately I had a few nights I found myself short on time and energy and I was unable to put what this adventure deserves. But, tonight I hope to start bringing it back. Tomorrow night I have a go at working out this twisted hallways. This will be quite a large map so I will see how I can work it out. Thanks for sticking with me for another week but don’t forget to come back these last few days and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Herald of Light

Welcome to our second-hook day of the week, Wednesday, where tonight we witness the herald of light joining the fray with an impressive ally. So let’s dive into Ryokughan and what’s happening at the foot of The Shadows Throne.

Herald of Light


Liz and Jung travelled with a small army of Harimasu warriors as Kuang directed them towards the shattered mountain up ahead. Since Jung has appeared as a dragon Liz had begun to notice that her connection to her deity, Chauntea, had increased. Her Goddess had started to grant her more powerful blessings and miracles and she had the feeling she was being drawn towards the dark mountains.

What Liz hadn’t counted on was the aura that seemed to resonate from her causing creatures to shy from her and humans to flock to her. Her presence when General Kuang and the Harimasu warriors met the Toshio family guard, mercenaries and soldiers caused the majority of them to lay their arms down and surrender to the Harimasu force.

When travelling through the western pass and even past the wall towards the shattered peak ahead creatures, Oni and other dark servants of the Shadow retreat from her presence. That or maybe it was the fifteen foot dragon that floated or walked next to her at all times.

Jung, once called Siu, had increased in size since being with the humans. What’s more he had noticed that whilst being with Liz he was stronger, faster and seemed to radiate a light much like she did. As the two of them approached the front ranks of the soldiers – a mix of Harimasu and the defected Toshio soldiers – the full extent of the mountain came into view.

“We believe that they are already in there. Or close to being so we believe.” Takeo said as he appeared suddenly next to Liz in a flutter of feathers. “Some of the Wall guard have begun to siege the wall at the entrance to the mountain, well what remains of it.” he continued as he looked across Jung and Liz. “I am glad that you have come. We could use your help. The men and women will rejoice in just seeing you, evidence of our ancestors being on our side as well as the light that radiates from you Liz is a direct affront to the Shadow.”

Looking forwards towards the skirmishes ahead Liz reached out to Chauntea. With a prayer on her tongue she asked for the light to shine on Ryokughan.


Thanks for another night where you have spent some time here on my blog. Don’t forget tomorrow we look at the extra things that make the RPG just that little bit more, more-some and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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The Oni’s Camp

Welcome to a twisted Wednesday where tonight we are looking at the approach of the Oni’s camp and what lies within. Tonight we are verging on a sensitive topic again which is ‘rail roading’. I’ve gone through it a few times before but tonight the outcome is the same regardless of which option forward the party takes. This is really just progressing the plot and story line rather than removing their choice as there is always a choice in the actions the party does. What changes really is the outcome of the choice or how the outcome comes to be.

The Oni’s Camp


Moving forward as the sun set Gin and those who followed behind him looked anxiously at the oni camp. “We will be there soon. Remember. If we get into trouble or the mission is at risk to fire a drift globe shaft into the air and aid will come.” Gin said to the people standing nearby.

With agreement from those gathered he began to creep across the battlefield once more, signalling to stop periodically when something moved up ahead. Soon they were in the shadows of the tents. The setting sun and the shadows of the hills, mountain and nearby forest aided in their mission by creating pockets of shadow.

As the sun hit the edge of the mountain it plunged the camp into a mixture of amber glow from the setting sun and dark shadows. A few hundred feet away war horns trumpeted signalling that the second part of the plan had begun and that it was now or never to enter the camp.

The camp

As the oni and butatō left the camp in a hurry to meet the attackers head one. Slowly Gin and his entourage crept forward towards the main tent and waited for the oni captain to leave. As the captain stormed out with its armour buckled in tight a few slave Butatō followed in its wake. Taking this moment as the one to move Gin and his companions skulked forth once again and cut a hole in the canvas tent. Once the coast was deemed clear they entered silently.

None of those present realised the mistake that had been made until it was too late. A deep unholy growl rumbled forth from the shadows of the tent which threatened to bring the entire oni warband to the captains tent. A neat table lay in the centre of the room and contained a map, documents and scrolls. For their brutal use of weapons and mastery of war and savagery the oni were also expert tacticians.

As they stared at the multi limbed creature that confidently strode forth Gin prepared his drift globe shaft in a hand crossbow and prepared to state the words that would activate the arcane device. Looking between his compatriots and the creature he hoped that he didn’t need to call for aid and that they would be able to deal with this threat quickly and quietly.

A stealth mission! My favourite kind! Stealth missions are rarely done and are normally fraught with characters with Leeroy Jenkins like attitudes. This makes for difficult encounters and hard to survive combats if they are designed to be hard to win if stealth is not chosen. This encounter is easy to win, however a wrong move may jeopardise the map and orders which will fail the mission. So the party will have to think quickly and tactically if they are to survive. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to find out the lay of the camp and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Afflictions True Nature

Welcome to Wednesday night where we look at Afflictions true nature, the madness that was spread from the Wrath Wraith. Tonight we look at Hatoi Yuon and get a delve deeper into what she saw, what she felt and what she remembers from being afflicted.

Afflictions True Nature


Officer Hatoi Yuon created in Artbreeder

Hatoi sat down and held onto the cup of warmed liquor like it was an old friend. After some time and the gathering of people around her sat in silence she looked up and spoke. “I don’t remember much before the madness overtook me but I do remember being bound and lead into the infirmary.” she began staring at the cup. “I don’t remember what I was doing but I do remember flashes of a lit room encased by dark rock. Oni and other minions of The Shadow were walking around the rooms and bowing to me. The strangest thing is that I felt powerful when they bowed. It was something I craved and something that I lived for.”

“The madness gave you visions? Hallucinations?” the guard Gin asked before Captain Hou and several others present glared at him to be silent.

“No. It was more than that. I remember flashes of the battlefield, commanding troops as if I was hovering over the shoulder of a lady in white.” Hatoi blushed at this “to me she was the most beautiful and powerful woman I had ever seen and I helped her… somehow to achieve what she wanted to do.” she continued. “That’s when I realised. I was feeling what the Shadow was feeling and seeing what it was. When you,” she nodded towards the party, “slew the Yuki-onna I felt a great exhaustion. A crippling feeling of powerlessness as the energy I was pouring into the Yuki-onna was ripped away.”

“The same thing happened when we fought the Shadow Blessed Oni…” Kyoko said. “When she was defeated the shadow energy didn’t return. It was destroyed”

As the party absorbed what was being said the sounds of celebration could be heard from the wall outside. The Oni, undead or Spirit folk hadn’t returned. Reports had come from other parts of the wall that spirit folk had been seen celebrating in tribal manners – almost joyous that the Yuki-onna had been defeated.

“Well. I think this much is clear. The Shadow is weakened and its keep lies open and vulnerable. What do we do about it?” Kyoko asked looking around those gathered at the table.

A nice easy one tonight as we talk and get some insight into the afflictions true nature. Being a puppet for the Shadow mustn’t be a fun thing and I think it leaves us with an interesting opportunity to explore. What would happen if one of the players had been afflicted?

Food for thought and perhaps something to add into the end of month writeup. Don’t forget to come back the next few nights, last nights of the month in fact and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Tides of Shadow

Twisted Wednesday has come and tonight it brings me foul tidings amongst them tides of Shadow. Tonight we look at how The Shadow isn’t quite done with the party yet.

Tides of Shadow


As the snow began to settle on the wall the movement of hundreds of feet broke the eerie silence. The drone of stampeding feet rose to a thunderous roar as spirit folk, oni, demons and undead rushed towards the wall.

As the humans manned the defences and shot arrows into the oncoming horde the oni and spirit folk that fell quickly rose again as undead. The telltale signs of the Yuki-onna’s magic appearing as steam, frostbite and ice clinging to the freshly raised bodies.

As the bodies hit the wall the undead began to pile up the oni and spirit folk used their bodies to climb towards the top of the wall. But, the bodies concealed the real threat. Dark tendrils of Shadow crept along the ground under and around the feet of the humanoids. As they touched the wall they began to feel for cracks, gaps or holes in the wall in which they quickly filled the crack with their shadowy mass.

All across the wall the masses of bodies rose and fell as they were expertly cut down as the shadowy tendrils pierced the walls. The shadows weaved from the wall across the battlefield and back to the Yuki-onna.

With a surge of magic she gathered the shadow energy and merged her own power within it. Forcing the shadowy tendrils to freeze as if dark permafrost the ground erupted and cracked as the shadow expanded. As the ice rushed forward beams of light shot from the sky and the weapons and items of the heroes which banished the shadow, shattering the ice as it formed.

Where the shadow and ice wasn’t banished it cracked the wall and created walls of ice that protected the shadows minions while creating a ladder for them to climb up.

Appearance of a hero near the tendrils sent the ice and shadow into splinters to the ground and the invaders crashing down behind them. But more bodies brought more tendrils of shadow, their bodies leeching it across the ground where they ran, shuffled, fell and died.

The constant flow of shadow magic and the influx of dark ice came from the Yuki-onna who commanded the battlefield from a raised perch surrounded on all sides but one by jagged ice. One clear path to confront the source of dark magic and end the siege before it brought the wall down.

Thanks for joining me tonight for a, to be honest, exhausted Wednesday. Tonight we looked at a brief description of the siege and mechanic of the battle this week which I am excited to work on in the coming days. So don’t forget to come back each day this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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The edge of torchlight

Wednesday is here and with it comes a small change or potential plot twist for this weeks adventure. Whilst on watch many things can happen at the edge of torchlight and in this case. With this adventure. We have the revelation of life in the unliveable zone between the human defenders and the creatures of the Shadow.

The edge of torchlight


As the party stood atop the wall they thought of the day that they had witnessed. Twice more the shadow creature had struck but by luck, skill or divine grace they had not been inflicted with the affliction. The woman in the infirmary howled with rage and even while heavily sedated it only eased the peaks of her fury.

They also had to witness the dead rise from their broken and battered forms and assault the wall, beaten back and slain by either the warriors on the wall or those afflicted driven mad by rage who hunted the no-mans land between the wall and the rocky mountains where the attacks came from. Even while the party watched from the wall and aided in driving back the dead or the twisted spirit-folk there was little joy in the tasks they did.

It was at this point, at the edge of torchlight that the party saw movement. To precise and too careful for undead or afflicted. Too subtle and tactical to be spirit-folk or beast. As the party watched the shadow approached the edge of the light cast by the braziers and torches that lined the wall and it quickly darted forward and grabbed a pack from a fallen oni warrior. The distinct human colour skin flashed from under layers of tattered and ripped cloth as a sudden gust of wind caused the light cast by the fire to flash across the face of the creature and a human Ryokughan female looked up at the party startled.

The figure pressed a finger to her lips before skulking off towards a crest in the battlefield, as the moon strained to peak through the oppressive clouds the flag, the standard of the wall guard flapped calling the mysterious figure to it.

This weeks looking to be an exciting one with a few fronts to take charge on. As we reach the mid-way mark of the month we look to how we can create tension, intrigue and excitement for the party. Mysterious creatures, unidentified illness and a figure out in no-mans land all help push the party to where we want them to go. So don’t forget to come back the rest of this week to look at where we take this adventure as I have another part for later this week. Oh and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Dark Footsteps

Welcome to another Twisted Wednesday here with me. Tonight we are looking at the party as dark footsteps follow them along the shadow-drenched roads as they make their way further towards the wall. As they move closer to the wall the days seem shorter as the sun is constantly hidden behind thick clouds that cast the entire western lands in shadow.

Dark Footsteps


The Dragons Tears items were phenomenal. With a single command word they shed bright light as if a miniature sun had been captured and forged into a item. The sun is something that the party had not seen in days and the further they travelled in this direction the more certain they were that they wouldn’t see the sun for quite some time.

“It wasn’t always like this” Kyoko said from beside them as she walked, the unseasonal browning leaves crunching underfoot. “These parts of the Harimasu lands were always green and rich with life. Now with the Shadow spreading its influence further east it looks like the life is being stripped from the earth.” Kyoko’s voice was melancholy but the bright light from the items the party carries seemed to bring mirth back to her face.

“Legend has it that the weapons were so powerful that the Shadow couldn’t stand to be in their presence. Alone it fled to the mountains to get far enough away from them that it wouldn’t feel their light upon its dark skin.”

The party looked at the items in thought. Surely they were stories told to make the people of these lands feel brave enough to face the horrors that crept in the dark. As a shower of sparks signalled that Takeo had finished building the fire as what they believed to be night descended upon them. Once he had finished with the fire he produced a pot and some rations and foodstuffs to get a meal going.


As the fire flickered and licked at the empty pot the shadows cast from the creatures that gathered around it for warmth. The smell of stewed meat and vegetables caused the creatures to salivate but that wasn’t reason that they were here. The driving pressure, the urge and the desire to appease their master had lead them here and here they waited until they were sure. Their master was a strong one, clever, fast and wise. But his master was even more so and it was he who was giving the orders.

“Wait until we are sure they carry the light. Then we attack and make sure none find the light ever again” their master had instructed them. The largest creature crooned as she received scritches under its massive jaw.

A brief flash of light, then a pulse. A bigger burst of light that seared the eyes of the nocturnal creatures gave them all the information they needed. As a group they charged, whooping, cheering and howling with excitement as they closed into their prey. They just hoped that they would last long enough to be fun for the pack.


I know, another night ambush. When you have dealt with parties that are strong and capable as long as me then there isn’t much that dissuades them. Not to mention they all have darkvision now.

These creatures are more-or-less wargs but with a shadowy touch. Fast and brutal in a pack they should provide a bit of a challenge but not enough to be lethal. The idea behind this is to build up tension rather than to would or hamper the party. Tension can be just as much of a tool in our kit as any website, book or physical device.

Tension for us is really bringing the adventure to a close. It’s building some hype to the fight to come and the increase in number of encounters does just that.

Thanks for joining me tonight to get a bit more of a glimpse at the creatures that lurk in the dark. Tomorrow we will hopefully have an encounter map for this weeks two encounters, potentially more. So don’t forget to come back each day this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Return of the Ice Queen

Tonight I have prepared a little warning for the party. The reason for Jung (Siu) to return and warn his family and help the party with the Lómipilu. The return of the Ice Queen.

Return of the Ice Queen


As Jung floated across the map in the war room the anxiety laden silence hung beneath him. It had been a few hours since the party of adventures had been thrown out of the Lómipilu lair after their hard fought victory over it. During this time the golden dragon had detailed what they had scried in the jade palace. An army of undead and spirit folk en masse at the wall led by the Yuki-onna astride a black onikage.

The reports and locations of the forces were so vast that it was impossible to pinpoint a location where she could be. But Jung had a theory.

“Yuki-Onna are vengeful and spiteful. They wont like the fact that she was bested in her own house, her domain. Once the party, and Kyoko’s, location is known she will come for them. We can use this.” He said as he placed a long razor sharp claw at the gate house in the middle of the wall.

“But Siu, sorry. Jung. How do we know that Kyoko and the party will be safe?” General Kuang asked as he looked down at the map and distribution of troops. “I can lead the elite guard at the gate but then we are just weathering the storm. The head of this particular snake itself will be somewhere behind the rank and file.”

“I may have the answer to that” Emperor Harimasu proclaimed as he walked in with several royal scholars behind him. “Those items that the adventures recovered were more than shiny trinkets. They are known as the dragons tears. A group of weapons forged from dragon scale and forged in dragons fire. They were used in the last war with the shadow.” He began as the scholars placed the weapons and corresponding scrolls and pieces of parchment on the table. “Our records state they were supremely powerful against the shadow and those who stood against light. I propose that our adventurers, Kyoko and the royal guard wield them. Be the chosen of light to push back against the shadow and its Minions.”

There was a few moments of silence before the mood changed and people started to discuss the merits of the dragons plan. “However…” The emperor said as Master Fukiyomo appeared beside him. “I have received word that the Toshio family are invading from the west. We are about to find ourselves caught between two fronts. I must direct some of the forces from the walls defence to the west.” The positive murmuring finished.

“Adventurers. I fear I have to ask for your insight. What say you. Can you hold the gate, lure out the Yuki-onna and defeat her and those who protect her?” The emperor asked as all the eyes turned towards them.

Thanks for joining me again for another night. The final few pieces of the Adventure come together and we leave it up to the party again. But more on that this weekend with the end of month write-up. So don’t forget to come back for this weeks remaining content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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