Lair of the Lómipilu

Thursday brings us something a long time coming. Another Map and this time it’s the Lair of the Lómipilu and something that makes it a bit more tricky to work out. So without too much introduction let’s look at a map!

Lair of the Lómipilu


Made with

The idea behind the Lair of the Lómipilu is simple. Each time the party members leave a room or hallway the Lómipilu will change where they were moving and where they moved from. For this purpose I have a bunch of rooms or areas that are shrouded in darkness each with a few 1″ grid width (5ft) exits/entrances. For my implementation of this I would print out the maps (or edit them in GIMP or another image manipulation software) and roll a dice per entrance/exit per room/hall.

For simplistic play

Assign the large central room with only one exit with the number 6. Each other entrance/exit roll a 6 and assign it either a 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6.

Do this for all rooms so they have no duplicate ranges. Then try and map them out so that the portal room is somehow connected to the large room. Any entrance or exit that doesn’t have a number allocated to it and a room next to it is considered to be “lost” and you end up back on the portal room.

My example is this:

For complex play

Keep the dice rolled but each time they leave a room they roll a dice (effectively a d3) and they move to a random room that has that number. This becomes an issue of chance and luck rather than skill, role playing or problem solving and so could be more troublesome and it would rely on rolling well multiple times. The caveat to this system would be that they add a +1 to the roll for each room they have visited and make the end room a 7 (so they cant roll 6 then a 6 straight away and head to the final room). This rewards exploration and doesn’t feel as much of a “Game of chance” as a “after 3 rooms you have a 50% chance to get to the boss room”.


As always creating maps in Inkarnate is fun and interesting. Trying to get the right colours for a shadow realm and making it readable is difficult so that was challenging.

The mechanics behind here isn’t to be unfair to the players but its to represent the nature of the Lómipilu and what it means to be in its lair. This isn’t a goblin or a spirit folk but a demonic creature that is a master of illusion and bends the shadows around its prey to confuse and entrap its prey before it gets tired of playing. This is meant to be challenging as its probably our second last major encounter before the finale and so I wanted to capture that.

Thanks dropping by, sorry for the late post was I had some technical issues. So that means that you get double posts today! Don’t forget to read the next post later today (featuring Liar actions) and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Orb of Light

Welcome to Thursday where we look at extra things that make our game just that little bit more. Sadly to say I don’t have a battlemap or image for us this week but I do have this little Orb of Light as a peace offering. So let’s crack on with the adventure.

Orb of Light


As the party of adventurers, Kyoko and Liz left the cascade of leaves and vines that separated Che from the outside world a single mote of light drifted down from the unseen canopy. As the mote of light drifted down Che began to stir and though his half closed eyes could not see he smiled at the light.

“My little friend. You have come back to me.” he said as she shakily went to pour a tea – but the stone pot was not where he had left it. As panic began to set into the old mans mind he knocked the cup off the little wooden log he used as a table and reached for the cup as it fell.

Golden digits and golden claws caught the cup and clasped it tightly as they lifted it to the shaking mans hands. As they touched the cup to the man the relief that welled up inside the man overflowed into his face and a peaceful smile replaced the look of concern. “You have saved me again my friend.” he said as he placed the cub down into the little groove it lived in. As golden digits moved the pot back to where it lived Che poured a cup of tea and offered it in thanks to the creature of light.

Sitting in silence and listening to, albeit noisy, slurping from the creature the old man smiled contently and swung his legs. “The young princess is chasing shadows again.” he said with a light giggle. “Much like mother used to when she was young. I don’t suppose you know how to catch the darkness that hides in our halls do you?” he asked the light. After a moment sound of china being placed down onto wood clinked a happy sound.

“I am afraid I do not” said the light. A deep rumbling sound as a creature that was neither light nor flesh but both opened its whiskered covered lips. “But I have faith in the princess and her hunting partners. They will think of something.”

Che nodded and looked towards the light. “I can still see them, the creatures of The Shadow. They dance with mirth as they rip us apart. I can see them reaching into my mind and take my sanity. I fear its slipping little orb of light.” Che said as he sipped on his tea.

“But perhaps I can still help the princess one last time. But I may need your help my little orb of light, my friend.” Che added as he turned to the creature who was floating above the chair. “Can you help her catch the shadow?”

The creature remained quiet for a moment as if weighing up the question and the decision. “I will do what I can – but I must not interfere.” it began to speak before pausing. After a moment it continued as if considering its options “there are things that we can not do and things we can.”

“Thank you my friend.” Che asked as he sipped from his tea. The sound of freshly falling rain splattering on the dark green curtain of leaves brought hope of a cool night.

This week I play a card I was holding in reserve for a bit. The coming of something that I have planned for some time now but wanted to wait for the final few chapters before revealing my hand. The Orb of Light is a creature after all, one that wants to see the creature banished from the halls of Heaven Reach Castle but it can’t be involved. Well not fully…

To find out more you’ll just have to come back this weekend!

Thanks for visiting and coming to read my little blog. Don’t forget that tomorrow night is where we look at our weekly conflict and I may have a bit of a delay this weekend as I attend Sovereign Smash – a local warhammer tournament. So don’t forget to stay tuned for more content this weekend, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Unwelcome Truth

Welcome to a Thursday night where we look at the bonus content and things that help drive our adventure forward with some unwelcome truth. Tonight I wanted to touch on some rules that will be in play this week that rely on a bit of complexity for us, the DM and a lot of role play for the party. This is something I want to call as Unwelcome Turth but its really misdirection from something that appears trustworthy source. In fact it’s where the creature or thing giving the advice whole heartedly believes it to be true themselves.

Unwelcome Truth


Now the thoughts on this are quite simple. The creature that is providing the advice or intelligence is providing miss advice believe what they are saying is true. They are either a secondary or first information provider and either believe what they have been told or believe what they saw or heard or experienced fully.

This means that under the effects of a Zone of truth, or highly insightful people (insight checks) that they appear to be telling the truth. They believe it to be true and so it is. Now this form of unwelcome Truth is something that the party can have issue with as it is pretty powerful. The player and the DM know that what is being said is a lie – but for all intents and purposes there is truth in what is being said. In fact they don’t just say its true they believe it completely.

This can make some tricky situations where the truth is farfetched. Like flying pigs. If someone believes that what they saw was definitely flying pigs and all attempts to detect lies, coerce the truth out of them or otherwise will result in the one result. Flying pigs. But the Party know there isn’t flying pigs but they cant convince the creature who believes in them is that they aren’t real.

In conclusion

This really comes down to belief. If the belief is strong enough then conventional methods of separating truth from lies becomes impossible. This leaves us, the DM, on a rocky road. How do we set up our encounter that there are situations where there is this moment of unwelcome Truth but it’s fair for our players?

Simply enough – make everyone’s version of the truth different from one another except for one element. Perhaps one person saw flying pigs, another saw flying cows and another flying sheep. All of them saw something flying but what else did they see. Perhaps they noticed that there was a particularly high pitched sound could be heard as the creatures flew by. Or that there was a smell of rotting eggs and ta trail of slime from a swamp could be found the following day where they saw the flying animals.

As long as we have a common element of truth we can always turn it into a logic puzzle or test to se how good of a detective our parties are. Then its up to us when we hand them a bone such as a “I didn’t see a pig. I saw a dragon covered in slime flying and grabbing animals from the farms below.”

Well thanks for dropping by for a bit of an update on what I have planned this month. Now to work out what the common element of truth is to help our party filter fact from fiction. Don’t forget to come back each night this week and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Potion of Radiance

Welcome to a Thursday writeup where we look at those little extra details that make our game that little bit more for our party. Tonight I wanted to put a bit of flavour on the potion that was revealed earlier this week as well as the weapons which were taken. The Potion of Radiance, as the name suggests, is sunlight and divine energy liquified. Where as the blades of the same name-sake are something of a rarer variety – something that is carved from divinity itself. Curious? Well read on dear reader, read on.

Potion of Radiance


Credit to original artist, Pramod

The glowing potion, a Potion of Radiance is the condensed essence of dragon fire given liquid form. This almost holy liquid surges power through the body of those who consume it giving them enhanced senses, strength and imbuing their body and weapons with radiant energy.

Once consumed for 10 minutes a creature gains advantage on saving throws, emits a bright light within 10 feet and dim light for a further 15 feet. The consumer’s weapons also count as magical for the duration and the damage is dealt as radiant instead of slashing, bludgeoning or piercing.

Blade of Radiance

Sword image created in GIMP.

The sword of radiance is a burst of sunlight. A drop of divinity and radiance hammered into a tool of war. Only those chosen by the creature that created it, or entrusted by the family of the weapon are seen as worthy to wield this power.

This weapon shines bright light, as if daylight within 15 feet and sheds dim light a further 20 feet from there. Creatures in shadow do not gain benefit of partial cover or cover and it deals an extra 2d4 radiant damage on successful attack. This weapon requires attunement and they must be chosen or appointed as custodian of the blade before the true properties are bestowed.

The legend of how these blades were formed has been lost over time. In fact only one being a live remembers how they were made because they put their blood, sweat and tears into its creation. Literally. These blades are formed from the essence of ancestral dragons and as such when wielded by the descendants of the creatures who made the first pact with such creatures their full power is revealed.

Thanks for dropping by tonight. A little while ago I promised or committed to deliver magical items for this campaign and tonight I fulfil that oath. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night and the nights following as we move to wrap-up this month and move into the September! And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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A place where light fears to tread

Welcome to Thursday night where we look at the extra little things that bring something more to our adventure. Tonight we get a glimpse at a place where light fears to tread, the shadow lands where The Shadow reigns as supreme being above all. In fact that is not quite the truth as there is a being that the Shadow fears above all, an ancient foe.

A place where light fears to tread


Image created in Artbreeder

The skitter of feet across stone was a common sounds amongst the shadow and murky light in the Shadow lands. The thick cloud of dark mist that drifted up from the ground created a perpetual shadow that hung to the sky and the rocks below. The creatures that ran, shuffled, slithered or skulked below the clouds were a reflection of their environment. Dark, twisted and devoid of what traditionally defines life for humans.

The Shadow smiled down at its creation. The entire north west of Ryokughan was its domain. A place that no creature wanted to dwell in, unless serving their shadowy overlord, and it was a place that light fears to tread.

Extending its conscience outwards the overlord of the shadow lands checked in with one of its pets, the Oni called Mugrave. Watching as the power it lent rip through her body and power her attacks to beat, rip and tear into those around her was satisfying. But something wasn’t quite right.

The closer it watched the more it became apparent. Something in the combatants that she engaged was dampening her power and she was sustaining damage, significant damage. As the Shadow felt its power being lost with each blow – its shadow stuff dissipating into the air to be burnt out as it left the dying form of its minion enough was enough. Ripping the power out from Mugrave wasn’t an issue, it had done it many times before with many different minions over the years. The issue was the weapons that the creatures used appeared to be made of light itself, blinding, radiant and powerful.

Wonderment and fear touched the Shadow, it had been some time since it had felt the later but as it focused on the blazing weapons and wondrous items adorning the adventurers a powerful presence rushed forth and slammed the Shadow backwards. The power from the items was so intense that it knocked the Shadows physical form backwards to collide with the rocky outcrop it was surrounding. That was when The Shadow felt true fear for the first time in a millennia – not since the war with the warriors of light and the ancestral dragons.

Closing thoughts

Tonight instead of revealing the final parts of my hand for this week, and month, I wanted to touch on and hint at what is coming. It only makes sense that The Shadow would fear something that the humans have. Something that were used against it in the fights at the dawn of the war and with the coming of the adventurers it makes sense for our party were betrothed this ancients tools of war.

But more on that coming up.

Thanks for dropping by tonight. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for fight night, the stat block of Mugrave revisited and how the encounter should go as well as maybe a hint at how it ends out. With Saturday being a bonus-free-form content day I want to touch on “rail-roading”- a sensitive topic for us DMs and our players alike so let’s see if we can prompt a discussion on the subject. And lastly, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Doorich cottage Map

Welcome to Thursday night where we look at the Doorich Cottage Map on this Map-day. Tonight I will be blunt, I am not quite happy with the map so it may change for the end of week or month writeup. There are some things I want to change for Doorich Cottages Map.

Doorich cottage Map


Made with

Closing thoughts

The Inkarnate platform makes it easy to create these things with the set tiles. Having the ability to just hey-presto in a building framework and add things into it speeds up the map making process but there are some things I just don’t like. For instance, the rooms are a bit small and some are impractical. The large houses with stairs don’t have corresponding rooms so you have to make it up and trying to build one from scratch doesn’t align well.

The selection of buildings that are premade is also limited, but useful but I wish there was some variety in the tiles, a broken one or miscoloured one would give more character. But the other buildings are quick and easy and can add some depth to combat.

The last part to comment on was my use of the dirt to convey active walkways. For something that took about 30 minutes (being interrupted mid make) it does make the Doorich Cottage Map’s outsides feel dirty – but in a hasty way. I think I will fix this first and see what else I can do.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at another battlemap. As always I find Inkarnate an valuable tool to create maps which add to the adventure. I can’t wait to have the Night Prowlers stalking across buildings, inside them and saying hello to the party! So don’t forget to come back tomorrow and the weekend and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Panicked Streets

Welcome back to another Thursday night of maps! This week we are travelling through a village where the quiet country streets suddenly become panicked streets as violence erupts. The party is under attack from mysterious creatures and well, that means an encounter (or two) may need to be made.

Panicked Streets


Rural village streets which go from passive to Panicked streets in the blink of an eye, or a flash of a dagger.
Made with

I decided that taking a look through the farm collection on incarnate, dirtying up the stone and even putting a sun-set like hue over the top was a good start.

The decision to have work out grass was pretty easy – no farm or village where they have live stock has perfectly green grass without spots of brown. This is due to people walking, animals laying (or eating) and even grubs in the ground destroying plant life. So I wanted to reflect that this is a rural sense, yes it has buildings and market tents (or at least fabric shades) but its still rural.

Closing thoughts

The panicked streets is an easy enough gimmick with people running around and looking for a place to hide. This means that for our party they now have to deal with this movement and shift of potential threats. As DMs we need to really sell this. Describe the moment that the panic sets in or just simply emphasise that these people, refugees or farmers are just trying to get away from the spark of violence.

These small details can help drive the narrative of the encounter and enrich it from just being “Combat” to being “roleplay”.

Thanks for dropping by to look at a little encounter in a sleepy village in Ryokughan. As I say every night don’t forget that we have more content to come as the week goes on and tomorrow we investigate the encounter! So don’t forget to drop by then and this weekend for more content. As such this weekend I want to do another writing challenge so please submit suggestions for a theme in the comments below! Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Collapsed Battlefield – Avalanche Encounter

Welcome to an Promised encounter map from last weekend, yup the encounter map with the Laelóng after the avalanche. Tonight the map is once again created in Inkarnate which I am having a lot of fun with and do recommend having a go with it. So let’s have a look at the Collapsed battlefield after the avalanche!

Kunagi Ranges Encounter


The windy funnels more loose snow through the valley that drifts down on the panting party members. As the beating of wings that signal the massive creatures descent towards them they ready with the avalanche at their back and the collapsed battlefield around them.

The weather on the other side of the ranges is a mystery, trees dot the landscape with quick growing grass rampart beneath the trees. A dusting of snow, and debris from the collapse of the mountains, litters near the trees settling underneath their boughs. As the creature lands in front of them, haughtily challenging them to make the first move they ready their weapons and abilities for the final fight where only one side leaves this mountain side alive.

Collapsed Battlefield - Avalanche encounter map.
Encounter outside of Kunagi ranges after the Avalanche. Collapsed Battlefield – Avalanche: made with Inkarnate

Tonight I make good on the promise to provide you with an encounter map from last weeks writeup. This week is all about tying the month together and we cant have an epic battle between good and evil without another map to host it!

The mountains this week were actually enjoyable to create. Finding the balance between rocky texture, steep hilly effects and thicker helpings of the snow paint on the flat spots.

The trees are a hard one for me, as always. Finding a balance between snowy trees and the more colourful ones is always hard and tonight was no exception. But I am looking forward to getting out of the snow and into warmer climate if nothing else it will make my encounters easier.

Thanks for joining me tonight and taking the time to look at my Map. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Fightnight! where we look at Laelóng. With this weekend being end of month don’t forget to come back then. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Kunagi Valley

Welcome to another chilled Thursday where the temperature doesn’t get above the single digits, well in southern half of Australia atleast. Tonight we look at the site of confrontation where the party are once again facing off against Royalty.

Kunagi Ranges P1


Kunagi Ranges encounter with wagon
Kunagi Ranges encounter without wagon

The valley itself is relatively thin, the walls and vegetation makes it hard to move anywhere other than then twenty feet road in the centre. The site of confrontation is pretty straight forward. Creature blocking the path with a semi hostage.

The snow either side of the road is difficult terrain and will require the party to move n slower unless they are used to the cold and snow.

The road, however, is slippery and if anyone was hit, including the creature, they are to make a dex saving throw or fall prone. Dc is half the Damage of the attack or 12, which ever is higher.

Trees provide half cover for medium creature to hide behind whilst small creatures gain 3/4 cover. This means guerrilla tactics will pay off for the party as long as thr creature doesn’t engage in melee then all bets are off.

So you may have seen that I have this as part one, well I plan on having a few stages to this encounter and this weekend I hope to be able to reveal a suite of maps for our encounter. But more on that tomorrow and the weekend.

Thanks for dropping by tonight and for your continued interest in my blog here. As I may have mentioned this blog turns one very soon and I’d like to celebrate in a very Brazen fashion. So don’t forget to keep tuning in to stay up to date and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Winter Valley

Welcome to Thursday night where we add that little bit, more, that little bit extra to the adventure that helps to paint a picture of what the week brings. Tonight I wanted to play around more with Artbreeder and look at the view from inside the valley, away from the frosty peaks and deeper down where we find our party this cold week.

Chilling Valley


Created in Art Breeder

The cold, blue hues used as an overlap for the map reminds me of some winter days when I was younger, much younger, moving about the forests and walls of endless trees as I walked the properties my family owned. Cold is a welcome friend for me so I wanted to capture that feeling, an image where you look at it and go “yeah, that looks cold” the kind of picture that makes people in warmer climates reach for an additional blanket or turn on that heater.

Despite not being exactly as I want it to be I think its still gives the feeling for the party – that rocky, worn down path with bits of snow covering to cold stone with embarkments either side of the road with vegetation and trees where we may find one or more spirit folk lurking waiting for the party to walk to close.

Thanks for joining me for another art-heavy night that I hope leaves you feeling a bit colder. As I always say don’t forget to come back tomorrow for fight night! where we look at perhaps what goes bump in the night, or what at least the mountains feed on when the sun gets lower on the horizon as we build up for next week – so don’t forget to not miss a day and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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