Lair of the beast

Hi all and welcome to a Thought Thursday. Yeah I am still trying to work out a catchy name for Thursdays, but today I have produced a battle map for the party to experience during this weeks encounter situated in the near inhabitable marshlands.

This can be used as a way to find Varda’s hut, or, perhaps hunt some wild critters to try and find where they are to return ingredients back to the toad-kin shaman so that she can produce the required charm/talisman/fetish/thing to help the party through the marshlands. 

Hunting Grounds


The thick slimy muck that coated nearly every square foot of this marsh made walking a horrid endeavour, let alone hunting a four legged bird and the creature that ambushed them the day before. The large coarse bushes of reeds formed chest height walls that muffled noise, blocked sight and made it extremely difficult to track game. The water between the mud banks were was deeper than most men were talk but you only realised this once stepping into it.

The near endless bank and cluster of reeds was occasionally broken up by trees fighting to survive, dying or dead. The schlop of boots through mud joined the cacophony of creature sounds until a boot stepped on thr skeleton of something not fortunate enough to be lead by two experienced toad-kin.

Kiri and Trip led the party through the mudbank and be showed them where to cross and where to avoid as the searched for clawed footprints amongst the endless bog. The day drew long and everyone agreed that staying out in the flats overnight was a bad idea.

Made with – find here–toad-kin-swamp/

Now tomorrow, no doubt you may have guessed we will look at the Longsnout Sharptooth and the Mirestrider Kookastem as our creature stat-blocks for fight night.

Created in Inkarnate I wanted the soil to look wet, damp and gross so the dark soil with bushes to highlight I think brought a bit of vibrancy.

Thanks for dropping in and continuing on on the adventure across the sea in Ryokughan. Don’t forget to come back over the Easter weekend for more days in the swamp; sadly no Easter one shot planned this time around, but if more random one shots is something you’d like to see let me know! Before I take this time to sign off I’d like to wish everyone a safe break and that you can get a game or two in. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Hopping mad

Hi all and let me start off with saying, the title, not my greatest moment I know but for a Thursday post where we look at adding extra material to this weeks adventure I think the title is fitting!

Now instead of making a carbon-copy of the already established frog like race, the Bullywug, I have adjusted them slightly to reflect the differences in creatures between Faerun and Ryokughan.

Peaceful marsh dwellers


The Toad-kin, a Ryokughan Bullywug (more or less) is thought to have originated from a toad of such age that the spirits and ancestral beings blessed it and its kind to join the humanoid races.

The creatures were preyed upon by the more predatorial and vicious of the humanoid races but they walked with elves and spirits and learnt how to interact with the world. They learnt of nature, the importance of life and the value in all creatures as well as how light was the source of all life.

Then the Oni came down from the mountains and started to enslave and butcher the toad-kin. The elves and spirits disappeared to push back against he Oni and other forces that were rallying against the peaceful races. When the toad-kin thought all hope was lost and their numbers had dwindled down to a point where it was unlikely they could recover a shadow crept into their midst and promised them power enough to fight back against their aggressors for the same of a taint upon their kind. They accepted, with hesitation at the time but as the magic and power flooded through their kind they cherished they power that came with the taint. The next day the Oni were no where to be found, the toad-kin never had to use their powers and they began to rebuild their society with the ones most blessed by the shadow taking rulership over their kind and ruling the swamps and jungles.

The Toad-kin

The toad-kin by itself is unimpressive. Small (about 3ft tall) but fast and nimble it uses its large powerful legs to hop around the marsh to catch food and forage. Servants and cowards they serve their chief with total loyalty and only their superstitious nature will overrule the orders and commands that is barked at them.

Toad-kin Chief

The chief of a clan of toad-kin is larger than most, broad chested, heavy and brutal. Blessed by the taint they received by the shadow they bully lesser toad-kin into doing what they want using their size and powerful bodies to get their way and keep control over their people.

Still somewhat superstitious they look for signs that align to their plans and are quick to point out bad omens that would put their plan or right to rule in favour.

These toad-kin are only second to the largest of their kind and take orders from only them. These large toad-kin chiefs emerge from the dank, dark, murky waters of the marsh and jungles to launch raids and attacks on other races for the betterment of themselves.

Now that we have some rules we can have a go at coming up with some encounters tomorrow night!

So don’t forget to come back the fight night tomorrow night, hopefully some more hobby progress and the end of week write-up this weekend. If you are enjoying what you read here and haven’t subscribed don’t hesitate, its a great way to make sure you don’t miss a single update from here and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Snake Bite

Hi all and welcome to another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. Tonight, being Thursday, tonight is reserved for things that enhance the encounter, adventure or weeks experiences for the party whether it’s maps, additional rules (such as weather effects), creature stat blocks or magic items (like what tonight will be).

So a small writeup tonight to glance at a few items we could throw amongst the temple from this months adventure, or,

Items of the Serpent


Creeper Cloak

The Creeper cloak looks to be made from the skin of a large snake with circular pattern on the scales.

The circular patterns on the snake shift when danger approaches and if the wearer and the cloak are attuned the cloak will extend and move the wearer (and itself) move a short distance away.

Other item ideas

Serpent Tongue earing

This serpent earing pierces the earlobe before looping behind the ear to allow the head of the snake to point towards the ear canal. Anyone who wears this earing can activate the earing by spending 1hp (as the snakes head bites the users ear subtly to draw blood) to be able to detect any lies spoken within hearing distance for 1 hour. The snake would hiss when it detects a lie but otherwise lays inert against the ear occasionally moving slithers backwards and forth.

Serpent Arrow

These arrows appear to be carved from a rich black wood to look like snakes but as they fly they turn into black writhing snakes. These arrows require the creature struck by them to make a DC12 Constitution saving throw vs poison or take 1d6 extra poison damage.

Hissing Amulet

This amulet can be fed poison or live snakes to grant the user a shimmering aura of sound that deflects arrows, magic and sword strikes. By pouring a vial of poison or placing a snake (alive or dead) against the amulet the wearer can gain 1d4+1 temporary hp.

Thanks for joining me tonight for the short writeup to look at some additional items that we could weave into the adventure this week.

Don’t forget to come back the next few days to see the end of month writeup for this month as well as any additional things that come up over the next few days.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Way of the Serpent

Hi all and welcome to Thursday night where we look at extra’s, maps and other things that we can add to our adventure to give it that little bit more.

Tonight I wanted to expand upon something that I had drafted out in the Serpent temple in a previous post, but wanted to focus and do a deep dive on the “how” to get into the temple itself and what it requires.

So without getting too much into it before the hand-drawn diagrams of the contraption let’s roll on with tonight’s write-up!



When the party enter the temple they are greeted by an imposing snake statue that is ten feet tall and the intricately carved serpent coils around a large dark stone that is positioned against the far wall. As the party approach the serpent statue a dank, warm draft comes from behind the statue where, upon investigating the party can see stairs leading into the darkness beyond and below.

Closer inspection into the serpent statue itself reveals deep, purposely crafted recessions into the statue itself leading up the carving of the snake towards the top where the gaping jaw of the hissing snake reveals two large white carved stone fangs that drip an ichor.

Looking around the room they are in they notice a scuff mark on the stone to the right of the statue that look as if a large, heavy stone object had recently and often prior moved across the roughly carved stone slabs that formed the floor of the room.

Large engravings in a foreign and abrasive language are carved into the door frame amongst images of slithering snakes and to read the words aloud gives the party a deeply unsettled feeling within. There is a single phrase that is readable in common “Serpents gift” that is repeated at different parts in the symbols.

The intention of this room is for the party to investigate the stone statue and uncover the puzzle – to be bitten by the serpent will bestow its gift and allow the worth to pass through.

The groves (as seen in the second drawing) are steps up towards the fang – investigation or high perception will reveal worn groves that looks like shoes, and blood in these recessions as if someone who was bleeding used them as a hand or foot hold.

The fangs themselves (the image of the serpents gaping jaw) are dripping an ichor that will inflict the poisoned status against any who take the poison into their blood stream. The statue itself just needs blood applied to the fangs which will absorb some of the blood and the snake will momentarily come alive and shift to the right, dragging the heavy black stone along with it and revealing the pathway down into the temple itself.

The language is abyssal and will read “the faithful, anointed by the serpents venom will be blessed by the serpents gift and will be welcomed as one of the faithful” – Serpents gift is also written in common beneath it as if translated once before.

Thanks for joining me tonight, to look at the additional content that we have to expand our adventure this week. If you like the content, or, like the hand drawn aspect of this weeks content please let me know so I can continue to work on my long forgotten drawing skills – it has been quite a while.

Don’t forget to come back the next few days for more Brazen Wolfe Tabletop content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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A voyage without a map isn’t a real voyage…

Hi all and welcome to a Thursday write-up! Tonight I am trying my hand at something I truly need practice at but feel like its needed for this week more than ever…

So enjoy and let me know what you think!

The Dancing Drake


The imposing ship of the Harimasu family called the Dancing Drake is a large three sailed trading vessel with four levels.

The main deck supports two entrance points to below deck situated in the centre of the deck and towards the bow of the ship.

Two flights of two sets of stairs on the stern of the ship provide access the two layers of cabins. One to the crews quarters and the higher flight of stairs leading up to the helm which is situated on the captain’s (Kyoko Harimasu) quarters.

The crews quarters has a large mess hall situated on the starboard side and two rooms on the port side, a smaller quarter for passengers of note and a larger one where the bunks, cots and hammocks of the crew is situated.

The captains quarters contains desks littered with maps and papers mainly and a decently sized bed with a curtain hung from the wooden rafters to provide some amount of privacy.

The bow of the ship is raised but provides no real access to below deck.

Below deck is a large open area where several rows of benches and oars are lined up in case the winds are unfavourable. There is also a small (10ft by 10ft) cell for holding people with iron bars from roof to floor and a small lockable cell door.

To the stern and bow of the lower deck is storage for cargo, people or livestock with the bow of the ship having a secret compartment behind a small wall to hide the most valuable, or, vulnerable cargo.

Thanks, hope my mediocre napping skills provide some visuals for the size, shape and position of the ship for both descriptions and combat!

Speaking of which, don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content where we look at the pointy end of the stick and examine combat encounters for this week!

And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Tools of the trade

Hi all and welcome back to another Thursday with Brazen Wolfe Tabletop.

Now, sadly, last night my blog failed to post before 12am, so that means you get two updates today!

Tonight I wanted to spend a bit of time testing out the capabilities of my new computer and I did some quick image manipulation to create something that I haven’t really touched upon but it may play a bigger role in the future of the adventure, I am honestly not sure yet and so will have to see how we go.

So, to add a smidge onto the content of this week let’s have a look at what I have come up with for tonight!

Harimasu’s Blade

The swords that has passed down from heir to heir of the Harimasu family are said to commune directly with the spirt world, able to connect the wielder with their ancestors knowledge and martial prowess, or so the legends go. Not masterwork weapons by any mark they all share a similar style and colour despite the age of each blade.

The red on the leather sheath is a familiar colour amongst their family an people, their clothing, ships sails armour and some parts of their weapons each dyed red to tie the people to the blood and body of their ancestors. The blades, arrow heads and metal takes on a green appearance, sometimes appearing as if a soft green mist covers them but it is a trick of the light bouncing off the crystalline rich metal that they infuse with their blades that they believe connects them with the spirit world and their ancestors.

Regardless of the shape, style or age of the blade they are a status symbol amongst their people and those that carry the blades carry the future and fate of the family.

Now I couldn’t just leave you with that so I wanted to bring up some material from one of my favourite D&D settings in one of my older (not oldest) official D&D books I have in my collection.

All rights and credits go to WoTC, sourced from (my ancient) physical copy of Oriental Adventures, page 160.
All rights and credits go to WoTC, sourced from (my ancient) physical copy of Oriental Adventures, page 161.

And a little taste of some of the complexity behind it (not quite THAC0 but still a fair bit more complex than D&D 5e

As you can see the combat system has changed significantly since this book (Oriental adventures) was released. +25 attack bonus for a juvenile (well it does have a Challenge rating of 10…) and an AC of 27, these are number that unless you have a very niche character build we just don’t see any more these days.

Thanks for joining me, a short one tonight, was a very late night trying to work out what had happened with Wednesday’s post and fixing it, but here we are with a double special on the Thursday!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow where I will come up with something to have for fight night (despite this week looking to have no outright combat I think I can come up with something). Does anyone else get nostalgic when looking through their old manuals and wish for those number crunching times or do you prefer the more streamlined and beginner friendly system that we have now with 5e? Let me know your thoughts in a comment!

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Shadow Stitched

Hi all and welcome to Thursday where we look at the additional content such as maps, stats, plots, hooks, and generally anything in between that makes the adventure that little bit more adventure-y.

Tonight I wanted to make it a shorter night so I will post one half of tomorrows Fight-Night encounter as a sampler as this week is pretty straight forward. So lets roll into it!

Shadow Stitched Skin


Shadow stitched skin (5e Template)

Shadow Stitched Skin

Shadow stitched Skins, or “The Fell ones” as they have been called are a terrifying sight to see. Generally taking the form of animals, children or sometimes humanoids these creatures appear to be normal at first but when they move in for the kill they move with a sickly fast puppetry that betrays the creature controlling the Fell ones body. Occasionally a particularly strong stitched one will appear where the process of their creation was orchestrated by a group, rather than the individual – these are generally a creature that was full of life or had a strong connection to the powers that governed, created and controlled life force. 

Prerequisite: Any aberration, beast, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid or monstrosity


  • AC. -2 from base creature, accounting for their modified Dexterity score.
  • HP. 1 Dice lower than base creature, accounting for their modified Constitution score.
  • Abilities.
    • The Shadow Stitched Skin’s Strength score is decreased by 6 (to a minimum of 6),
    • its Constitution and Dexterity score is decreased by 2 (to a Minimum of 8),
    • and its Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores become 13, 8, and 5, respectively (unless the base creature’s Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores are lower).

Senses. The Shadow Stitched Skin gains darkvision out to a range of 60 feet, unless the base creature had superior darkvision.

Damage Immunities. The Shadow Stitched Skin is immune to poison damage.

Damage Resistance. The Shadow Stitched Skin is resistant to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical weapons

Damage Vulnerability. The The Shadow Stitched Skin is vulnerable to Radiant damage 

Condition Immunities. The Shadow Stitched Skin is immune to the poisoned condition.

Saving Throws. The Shadow Stitched Skin loses all saving throw proficiencies. 

Speed. The Shadow Stitched Skin’s speed is decreased by 5 feet.

Languages. The Shadow Stitched Skin understands common, but can’t speak.

Skills. The Shadow Stitched Skin loses all its skill proficiencies.

Alignment. The Shadow Stitched Skin’s alignment changes to neutral evil.


  • Hunger for life. While in dim light or darkness, the Shadow Stitched Skin can take the Dash action as a bonus action.
  • Sunlight Weakness: While in sunlight, the Shadow Stitched Skin has disadvantage on attack rolls. It also becomes vulnerable to non-magical weapons as if exposed to radiant energy. 

Other Traits. The Shadow Stitched Skin loses any trait, such as Amphibious, that assumes a living physiology. The Shadow Stitched Skin cannot cast spells and loses all spell slots. At the GM’s discretion, traits that would be harmful to undead no longer affect undead.

Undead Nature. A Shadow Stitched Skin doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.

Thanks for joining tonight and taking some time out of your busy days, I hope the Shadow stitched skin gives a good prelude to what’s coming tomorrow.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the next part of this write up and also don’t forget that if you’d like to submit a single word for the weekend challenge feel free to do so! Otherwise it may be a nice easy going weekend for me!

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Hi all and welcome to Brazen Wolfe Tabletop!

Tonight, being Thursday, is generally reserved to the exciting endeavour of ‘something that adds to the adventure’ whether that is maps, additional content, a new stat-block for a creature, a magical item or some lore or information.

Now tonight I had big plans and as soon as I started to put them in to motion they started to degrade into a pile of dust – but not because of what was mentioned the other night but because of what I found to enact my plan!

So tonight I want to give a bit of a spotlight hour to something I hope to really sink my teeth into, wolf-like or not, over the weekend so that I can have something exciting in the coming weeks to present to you for a future Thursday – hence future proofing.


Homebrew is both a wondrous and painful thing. You can create the most beautiful creatures, magical items, classes, races, spells, feats, skills.. I think you get the point, the D&D world is yours for the taking and yours to manipulate and adjust how you see fit – but a lot of the time the inexperienced will end up shooting themselves in the foot with something too powerful, or, those who are overly cautious (like myself mind you) will create things that are not powerful enough so that when they are put before the heroic adventurer you get a mild “Meh” from those you hoped to impress.

When it comes to the balance, that’s a tricky story and something for another day but for me sometimes its the format and how you present something that can be the selling point.

The tool practically sells itself in its very own webpage too!

Let me introduce to you The Homebrewery!

(less work for me -albeit the quote feature didn’t like cut and paste so I had to type it all out by hand anyway…)

The Homebrewery makes the creation and sharing of authentic looking Fifth-edition homebrews easy. It uses Markdown with a little CSS magic to make your brews come to life.

Looking at this tool, and having a small amount of experience with markdown from work the concept is simple yet, amazingly beautiful in what it can accomplish.

The format of the tool is simple, you have a text field on the left and a PDF preview on the right which updates as you type.

The markdown and CSS really do take care of the rest. By spending a few minutes you can get something you really want out of this website and really, it was a bit of fun editing it (but I have always loved these things… so maybe it’s just me)

Now The Homebrewery is not a sponsor – it even feels weird having to clarify that, same as the other tools, websites and platforms I use – but I post them up here because I either make good use out of them or intend to and this website has already gone into my BWT bookmarks folder.

I don’t want to spoil too much but this website, this tool that has been created here was just too good to not share and the creator has already decided that it will remain free for ever – but if you, like me, enjoy it and get value from it why not support a fellow content creator out there, just saying.

So hopefully I can sink a few hours into this over the weekend and in the process I hope I can create some truly professional looking homebrew for you all to enjoy.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, I can’t say no to a good fight-night post so I anticipate uploading some form of random encounter fun times and on the weekend I hope to, in between helping some people move house, take up the challenge laid before me and write another 30 minute adventure using Candour (as was gloriously nominated last week) for this weeks Challenge – not going to lie its been a struggle to not start mapping out some potential notes for the adventure so I am looking forward to Saturday.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

What’s the big deal with reality any way?

Welcome to Thursday nights post where we look at maps, rulesets and extras to make our adventure pop out of the page and engage not only our players but ourselves.

Tonight I wanted to look at something that I think could turn a relatively simple enough encounter into something that we would want to use again to spice things up on the table. So let’s crack on.

Warped reality


Warped reality is really the concept of Hunter and the other worshipers of the blessed having a constant spell over an entire village that reality started to warp around them, the manor now a constant shift between stability and unpredictability. For our purposes this would take form in the rooms shifting between whats in them, their state of disrepair and their contents as the party move through the house and as they, hopefully, fell the foul beings that the once humble servants to an esteemed household have degraded into.

Each room will have different effects and the nature should be random and unpredictable. For the sake of this look below.

1st floor

Entrance hall

As the party enter the entrance a long set of stairs leads up the left hand wall of what appears to be a small hall. As they look around a piece of the stairs railing crumbles and falls to the ground, disappearing into dust before it hits the ground. As the party enter the room they notice to the right through open doors is a large table with serving plates served with steaming hot food. To the left is a hall that looks to have once been used for entertaining guests and visitors. As they look back up the stairs to a small balcony the same piece of railing falls again and once more disintegrates before it touches the floor in a small cloud of dust that disappears as quickly as it formed.

Roll on the below table infrequently (if the party are in the room maybe roll every 2-3 minutes (20-30 rounds).

D6 resultEnvironmental Outcome
1-2The room seems to shift, the wooden flooring that was once strong and pristine rots and and of the party standing on the floor must make a [DC12 dexterity saving throw] or fall partially through the floor, becoming prone and suffering 1d6 damage from the jagged shards of rotting wood.
3+The room remains as it is, the single part of the railing from the stairs leading up will continue its cycle of rotting and falling


As the party enter the large dining area they are greeted by the smells of great cooked food and a table set for entertaining a great many people. Across from the doorway into the dining room lies a set of double doors and the sounds of sizzling meat, and frantic preparation can be heard within the room.

Roll on the table below each time someone moves to interact with the food.

D6 ResultEnvironmental Outcome
1-2The room remains the same, the food smells great.
3+The food fades out of existence, a think coating of grease and muck cover the table. The party find that the plates and serving platters are instantly gone and replaced with the bones of humanoids scattered across the table in a big heap.

Gathering hall

Opposite the kitchen and just before the stairs leading up the party find themselves in a large festive all. Grand curtains cover the windows and many sets of tables and chairs can be found surrounding a dance floor in the centre of the room. The party swear that they can still even hear the faint strums of a lute or lyre and someone striking a drum to a soft beat.

When the party move more than 10 feet on the dance floor roll on the able.

D6 ResultEnvironmental Outcome
1-2The party member keeps walking, amazed at how spotless the floor is and how there seems to be a faint warmth in the room as if it were filled with eager dancers and mirth.
3+As the party members on the dance floor takes another step they feel a sudden chill and presence as they swear a ghostly shape steps back into them. Looking around they see nothing else and if they had all imagined the same thing. Each person can make a [DC10 Charisma saving throw] or suffer disadvantage on their next ability check.


As the party cross the dining room into the kitchen and open the door the sounds of food preparation are quickly revealed to be an illusion or an echo of a time long since gone. Large cleavers lie embedded in the wooden bench in the centre of the room and a large cold hearth lies opposite them. Large chunks of questionable meat litter the room. [DC12 perception check] As the party get closer to the centre of the room a iridescent pair of wings can e seen discarded on the floor near two doors, one leading to what one would imagine would be the servants quarters and the other to the entrance hall. These wings appear to be from a large insect or perhaps a fey of some kind.

If the party approach the benches where the knives are embedded within the boards roll on the table.

d6 ResultEnvironmental Outcome
1-2The room quickly becomes animated. Gone is the filth, grime and gore and a well maintained cooks kitchen is now presented before them. A great bout of flame gushes fourth from the stove flooding the room with warmth and the smell of baking bread. However those to close may get burned [DC 10 dexterity saving throw] or take 2d4 fire damage, half on a successful save to all within 5ft of the centre of the room. The knives also start swinging down and chopping at vegetables and fine cuts of meat – anyone touching the knives or the centre bench need to make the same saving throw or suffer 1d6 slashing damage.
3+This place sucks.

Servants quarters

Moving onward through the bottom floor they find a small separate dining room and a small hallway that leads to six bedrooms that each look to be rather small, big enough for a bed, a little table and chair as well as a wardrobe for personal affects.

As the party walk down the hall roll on the table below.

D6 resultEnvironmental Outcome
1-2Nothing occurs apart from the occasional creak above them and a small shower of dust.
3+Part of the wall connecting the hallway to the Entrance hall (3-4) or the Gathering hall (5-6) suddenly ruptures outwards showing the party members closest in debris. In the plume of dust that follows they swear they see a figure darting through it at incredible speed moving towards the stairs and the sound of retreating footsteps can be heard.

Stairs way and overlooking balcony

As the party climb up the stairs the wood shifts slightly under their feet, turning solid and polished one moment and then being tired and worn the next. At the top of the stairs a small portion of railing keeps materialising in place before falling over the edge and disintegrating as it falls down towards the floor of the entrance hall.

Opposite them lies many windows overlooking the yards beyond and to their left lies a hall taking then to a bedroom to the left and a library at the end of the hall. To their right another hallway that leads to a larger bedroom at the end of the hall, a smaller room much like a study just before that on the right and what appears to be a bathroom adjoining the study.

As the party approach any windows in the hallway roll on the below table.

D6 ResultEnvironmental Outcome
1-2A sudden image of one of the 4 tall, slender and impossibly gaunt residents (and former servants of Katya and her family) appear behind the party members who are looking into the windows. The image is so lifelike that when it suddenly reaches out and lunches at the party that they feel the hands of the person on them. As soon as the physical touch is made the phantom image disappears.
3+Moving up towards the windows the party members can see that the glass appears to have nail like scratches on the edge of each pane of glass as if someone was desperately trying to claw their way through the glass and outside.


The halls are 20ft long with doors at 10ft leading back towards the front of the missing boards that form sort holes in the ground. If the party isn’t carefully watching their steps it would be very easy to fall down one of many of the missing planks and to the room below.

Each 5ft step the party make roll on the below table. The every 10 ft the party must make a [DC10 dexterity saving throw or fall in the hole,

D6 ResultEnvironmental Outcome
1-2The sudden sound of rushing feet coming towards them from the nearest room can be heard, [DC12 wisdom saving throw] to recognise it as a phantom noise else the party member makes the saving throw to avoid falling down the missing planks at disadvantage.
3+Nothing spooky, they either roll for falling down a hole or carry on.

Katya’s room

Katya’s room being next to the library and its relatively large, 10ft deep by 20ft wide. This room appears to be untouched by the rapid changes present in the rest of the house and contains of a well maintained room, bed with clean sheet and a wardrobe filled with nice clothes. There appears to have been no expenses spared to keep Katya well maintained and her needs met.


The library is huge, 30ft deep and 20ft wide. There are several ruined tables littering the room with old armchairs which have very little padding left on them. Books, scrolls and pages litter every inch in this room and only the odd one stands out as being somewhat decently kept [DC15 perception check] to notice the only properly maintained and well kept book is a prayer book to Chauntea. On the wall overlooking the front of the house is what used to be a large stained glass window.

When the party examine or look closer at the stained glass window they noticed that the shattered glass across the room is slowly floating through the room toward the window, the grime and dirt from the glass seems to smoke and fade away as the image of a saintly man and large hawk wings stands in the centre of the stained glass window. After a few moments though the wings start to fade in colour and the man becomes gaunt, pale and fangs start to grow from his now sinister smile. As the image now staring back at he party is of a mostly naked, gaunt yet muscular rotting man the window implodes showering the room with its tainted glass, which, slowly, began to reform and re-do the process.


The bathroom contains a tub and a shattered basin the mirror has only a sliver of the actual mirror left and the resto f it can not be found.

If the party look at the mirror a faint waft of steam comes up from the shattered basin, which begins to reform. The shard of the mirror begins to melt and stretch across the rest of the frame before a fully constructed mirror lies in its place. As they look towards the mirror the words appear on it “All praise the blessed one, in his light we find peace and are sated with his love”


The study contains a large desk and a few chairs around it. It appears almost completely untouched. [DC12 arcana or religion check]. The room has been warded against evil, that much is sure. On the wall is another family portrait much like in the crypt where they met Katya but this time the divine energy that can be felt radiating from the painting is formidable. [DC12~14 investigation check] Looking behind the painting they will find a collection of holy relics and a holy symbol of Chauntea that seems to shine faintly.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is a disaster. The entire room has been smashed to rubble and it appears as though this is where the family members who kept Katya imprisoned here lived and spent most of their time. Four large windows overlook the front yard which are replicated to look out the back yard. clothes seem to be piled in the corner of the room, some of it appears to be salvageable and there is a stench of rot, decay and malice that floats through the air.

Well, hopefully that paints an okay picture for tomorrow nights content and then the weekends!

Thanks for joining me tonight, I had a lot of fun writing up what we could do for a house that was shifting erratically as the magic that controlled its form for soo many years was leaving it. I only had a limited number of options available for each room to keep it simple, not all are created equal but this is just an option to what could be a theme for an encounter. Greater variety with more significant effects could lead to a more rewarding and enriched game.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Cold as death

Hello all and welcome to Thursdays Brazen Wolfe Tabletop post. Tonight I wanted to find something to include that I haven’t done for a little bit mainly due to personal preferences but also due the the amount of time it takes to locate and modify or produce them – A battle map.

With out adventure this week set in the village of Bracken Hollow and the recent tundra like weather system they are experiencing I wanted to find something that would fit in with what we have planned this week so let’s have a look at what was found.

Snowy graveyard


All credit goes to Matteo at – this map in particular was located here.

Whilst not being exactly snowy it has the rough features we are after this week , a few buildings, a few old and decrepit walls and gravestones as well as one or two paths in, depending how flexible you define a path.

This will be ideal for what we have planned this week, a place for Paul to be holed up in, walls for players to scout around, areas to hide and sneak through for both the player and what is on the hunt. The idea behind this is that the players can gain a bit of understanding and knowledge about the family that resides in the hilltop manor whilst finding and rescuing Paul Turp who is relatively uninjured and in good health. The encounter, well we will cover that tomorrow, is designed to drive the players perhaps into the large of the two buildings after finding and rescuing Paul from the smaller of the two crypts. Once inside they can seek shelter form the storm and from the beasts that have taken to stalking the snow covered ground.

Once again this week exhaustion will be in effect, the extreme cold, wind and snow makes movement around the area difficult but that wont be the only thing. Perception checks that rely on sight and sound may also be hindered as with heavy snow and wind perception checks that rely on those senses are made at a disadvantage. This should give the players a sense of unknown, danger and suspense as they will be randomly walking into gravestones, perhaps exposed graves as well as fences, trees, bushes and maybe the odd skeleton.

A small river running through the road also gives us a chance to work in the “Frigid water’ and ‘Thin ice’ hazards for the players that don’t walk across the old bridge, something that I would wager would give them cause to seek shelter if they were to fall into the frigid waters below.

Thanks for stopping by and looking over something that will be inspiring the encounter this week, a family graveyard with a small crypt and a larger building amongst the heavy snow. If you like the concepts put in place here I would recommend having a look at as Matteo has some truly amazing maps for free use and even better ones available to patreons.

Don’t forget to set aside some time this week to enjoy your favourite TTRPG and also, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe