Oh to Zel with you…

Today we are looking at the people of Zel – perhaps friends, employers or marks in the city for the party to meet.

Today’s tool is Artbreeder – a seemingly infinite source of character portraits if you have the patience in splicing images (automatically mind you) to get something that looks just right for the vision you have for that Non-player character.

Zel and it’s community.

James Sutherman


James is the relatively successful owner of James’s emporium – a place where you can find just about everything that you could need.

He is relatively quick to temper; his son Tim, seems to weather the brunt of it but he is also known to be generous and kind and is frequently seen giving hand-outs to those in need.

Tim Sutherman


Tim is a well liked member of the community. Much like his father, James Sutherman, he is well known for being kind and is first on the scene to helping out those in his community.

He has a keen knack for business, and those in the community know it’s him who keeps James’s Emporium running.

Madeline Yoke


Madi runs the local Refuge shelter giving people food, a place to stay; albeit temporarily, and organising them safe transportation if required out of Zel city.

She is known to be compassionate but ruthless, often never seen without a weapon on her. She is quick to judge but equally as quick to offer aid to those in need.

Jeremiha Roost


Jeremiha Roost has a bad track record. Known to show up at the right moment at the right time to intercept the good people of Zel.

Known to use violence to get what he wants, generally the cargo of those who he finds, he is as ruthless as he is cunning. Having out-foxed the local authorities he continues on his crime spree – his last heist of cargo left a merchant dead and his son missing an arm.

Kaitlyn ‘Lyn’


Lyn is the assistant, and well, really the face for the mysterious ‘X’.

Not much is known about Lyn’s past only that she has made a name for herself in Zel and that ‘X’ favours her above the rest of her assistants.

Brumblethatch Ispich


Brumblethatch Ispich, who insists on not having a nickname, is an eccentric provider of goods across Zel City.

He is known to be the first to source and sell the next big thing on the scene.

Whether it’s lizard-skin pants or new weaponry; that may or may not be safe, Brumblethatch is there selling it until it starts to really kick off. By that time he has moved onto the next big thing. Whether that is advisable or not he changes his produce seemingly at a whim

Samantha Higayle


Samantha ‘Sam’ Higayle is known to be a strong woman. That is to say that she has risen through the Zel city watch to be the captain of the watch through not only her force of personality, knack for thwarting incursions and attacks on the city but also for her strength of arm.

During her first mission, the escort that she was a part of came under attack and the caravan was flipped onto its side during the attack. As the attackers assailed her allies she singlehandedly flipped the caravan back onto it’s wheels. Then to buy her fellow watchmen time to escape she charged the front lines and separated the leaders head from its shoulders.

Jasmina Koy


‘Jas’ is quick on her feet, good at talking and seems to know everyone, well almost everyone.

Relatively new to the city of Zel, she seeks out new people to the city and offers them information in exchange for money…

The right amount of money will buy just about anything in Zel and Jas seems to know where to go for just about everything.

Theo Rosenhut


Theo seems to always get into trouble. Known for his extraordinary bad luck. Some believe he was touched by infernal magic when he was younger and that bad luck is drawn towards him.

Theo doesn’t seem to mind, he believes that anyone can overcome their luck if they just try hard enough. This mindset has seen Theo, and the residents of Zel city get into trouble more often than not.

Felicity Carsmile


Feli is the ‘owner’ of the local Inn. Usually strapped for money she generally exchanges rooms for the night for a favour (that will generally pay off in her favour in the long run).

Usually in debt, she seems to always be one or two months behind in payment which she pushes through with a smile and grit.

Thanks for joining me today to look at some of the NPCs that I created this week – I honesty got a bit carried away in using Artbreeder – it is too easy to try and find just the right blend of a character before a “child” of that character inspires ideas of a new NPC.

You may have noticed that this week I also included “02TuXX” tagged NPCs – this is really to emphasise that they are not tied to any one plot, map or encounter but can be used to just add life to the village, town or city. Anywhere really as I tried to keep most of them as generic as possible (except for a few of the plot/quest/mission driven ones.

Come back tomorrow for Twists, what will we think up for this week’s adventure that may cause the players a shocking moment of revelation, or push the story forward in a new or previously unseen way.

Stay safe, be kind to your players and…

Don’t forget to roll with Advantage
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