The townsfolk that work land.

Helloooo Tuesday, today we are looking at a few NPCs that the party may encounter or see in their journeys through and around Sparrows Rest.

Today I found out about Fantasy-Faces. This is a free. Yup. Free source of NPC portrait art which can be used in commercial use. Yup. The reason for this is simple, all of the images were created via A.I. So if you want to have a large pool (some of them are duplicated as it’s all computer generated) and you can generate your own if you follow the instructions.

Sparrows Rest

James Goodfellow


James has the look of a man who has seen a fair bit of hardship in his life. Scars and pox marks blemish his face but his warm and caring nature makes these marks quickly outshine his otherwise average appearance.
His biggest notable feature is the way he meanders through conversation, preferring to take his time when talking to people so he can put their minds at ease.

James came to Sparrows Rest as a small boy already horribly marked he worked as an apprentice to the local smith. Quick and good with the hammer he built lean muscle that when he undertook the mantle of “Mayor” faded and gave way to a figure that is best described as a “dad bod”.

Loyal and dedicated to his town to a flaw, he will fiercely defend it’s reputation with his keen mind for business and because of such he treats all threats or issues with the town as a transaction.

Timothy Carpen


Strikingly handsome, Timothy Carpen holds himself like a man who knows he can command a room.
Being the only child of one of the most wealthy farming families he can be found in the local tavern, or shops or well any where flaunting his wealth and thus power.

The biggest noteable trait about Tim is he is confidence to the point of being arrogant. This gets on some of the older towns folks nerves but they put up with him for the sake of his parents, who the town owe a great debt to.

The thing that Timothy doesn’t want anyone to know is that.. He is a coward. He will talk up his accomplishments and downgrade his failings in an instant as his reputation is what matters the most to him.

Katheryne Baker


Kat is a charming, attractive young lady who has rejected the suitors from all noteable families in Sparrows Rest except for Percy Fairweather. Their courting was widely revered as what it should be, adoration and mutal respect between the two betrothed.

Kat is smart, calculating and prone to bursts of sarcasm.

Daughter of a travelling merchant many were surpised when she settled down and left her father to travel the roads peddling his wares alone.

A devout worshipper of the sun goddess she preaches her teaching freely, and sometimes to the unwilling.

Johanna Fairweather


A slighthy chubby, middle aged woman she still retains an ounce of her girlish charms.

A sensible woman that is known to be welcoming to all people. Her warm nature has seen her offering up a seat at her table for dinner to strangers

Behind her quiet and kind nature, Johanna is very protective of her family.

Rose Longhammer


Rose Longhammer is a young dwarf maiden with long red hair and some human-esque traits. She is firm yet well liked and works as the overseer and barkeep for the local Inn.

Hot tempted and know to deal with ruffians in the inn personally she is the sole reason that there is no bouncer or hired guard for the inn.

Decendent of a dwarf warrior and the human she fell in love with her ancestry is something that was not thought to be possible, she keeps the details of her ancestry quiet and laughs off any mention of her un-dwarven like attributes.

Thanks for joining me today, hopefully some of the NPCs above you will find useful in your own adventures or in the one we are creating this week.

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