Hunt or be hunted

Fightnight! yup, it’s Friday already and I am hoping what we have in store for today is exciting.

Today we are going to look at both a few random encounters and a boss fight where the players will need to take care of what decisions they made during and leading upto combat.

All the below encounters and monsters/things that have been chosen assume out little party are level 2 and that we still have 4 of them.

Things that stalk and hunt


Worgs, large evil wolves are generally found with their golbinoid counter parts. Known to be almost as cunning as they are vicious.

As for encounter balancing we should consider having 3 Worgs which gives us a hard encounter.

Dungeons & Dragons Statblock from tetra-cube

As for balancing for Open legends we can have 4 wargs in the encounter and still have the encounter reasonably balanced.

Open Legends statblock created at heromuster

Closing notes

The Wyrdwoods are home to many beasts, but none such as this.


Two options here, something from a dark dream I had once upon a time and a monster that evokes fear in many new and relatively seasoned players.

We should consider having only 1 such monster when balancing our encounter this time

Dungeons & Dragons Statblock from tetra-cube

As for balancing for Open legends we can still have only 1 of these creatures as we have scaled it upto a boss encounter. To read more about that have a look here.

Open Legends statblock created at heromuster

Both the Wyrd beast and Basalisk should act the same to give a truly frightening encounter. Attack the players and disengage when they can retreating to their cave when they suffer enough damage. Both should be ambush predators and utilising their petrifying gaze, or fear and creature summoning to the most.

That’s it for Friday ‘Fight-night’.

Thanks for tuning in or today’s post. I had a bit of fun looking at how the stat blocks between D&D and OpenLegendsRPG using both Kobold-fight club, heromuster, dnd SRD and some inspiration from a few sources over the past week.

For those looking into OpenLegendsRPG it’s a jump from the systems we are used to and for DMs (GMs) that jump is quite large.

Don’t forget if you like something you see feel free to leave a comment and as usual don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe