Around the campfire…

Fight night is here and we have the return of a previous encounter (favourite of mine, not of my players) and a new one that we haven’t seen before (or probably anyone for that matter).

With the final addition to this week’s adventure tonight, this weekend is shaping up to have another great adventure for our players to play. So sit-down, relax, have a coffee or another type of brew and enjoy.

As always my tools of choice this week are Kobold Fight Club and the awesome Tetra-cube. Please go check them out to make your gaming sessions that bit easier to balance and run!

Oh and in case you are wondering I am not sponsored by the products/tools I use – I just want to share the tools I find work well for me as a GM/DM and spread the good word of products I enjoy.

Moths to a flame.


Baxter slumped down against the mud wall of the alcove he had found by following a dried riverbed utterly exhausted, the fire he had lit crackled as it consumed the kindling and began to take hold of the bigger pieces of wood that had been placed within its reach. Cuts and scrapes adorned his arms, his reward for an exhausting hour of digging in the dried riverbed for some water for the surprisingly swift horse he had stolen. The horse was currently grazing a few dozen paces away or so as the sun slowly crept towards the horizon ending a day of riding along flat dry planes of grass that held little sustenance. Those adventurers that came with the horses were a scary lot, something about them set him off ease. He had seen adventurers before, some in Sebluff, The others in the tavern seemed familiar but in the sense of how all people who choose that life seem to have the same characteristics and same sad story of why they became an adventurer in the first place.

He had escaped though, gotten away from it and on the morning he would head towards Lothgar, having found a map in the saddlebags of the stolen mare he was confident he would be able to make it back to the bustling city, hand over the cursed crystal and be on his way to a better life. Then they’ll see, all those doubters, everyone who had thought of him as nothing but trash or a waste of time and space.

His eyelids began to flutter, the shade growing a bit more as the sun set and the flames flickered higher, biting into the dry wood. He would show them all.

A whinny of a horse woke him, his dreams erratic and jolting as had been the norm since he had taken that crystal whilst the little man slept. Looking about the horse was standing not far from him and the fire, appearing to be sleeping or at least resting. He smiled, he had always been fond of horses, they reminded him of Sarah back in Sebluff. Standing up and stretching he put a bit more wood on the fire as it had crept down to being embers now, noting that he was almost out of wood he grabbed a strip of cloth and doused it in some hard liquor he had found, also in the saddlebags of the mare nestled amongst some incredibly bad poetry that he used as kindling for the fire, and made himself a torch, of sorts at least.

Walking around the outskirts of the little camp he had setup he began the search for more wood, and potential something to eat. He believed he had seen several large furry cactuses when he first approached this little alcove, the creek bed bit deep here, and had once obviously been a lot larger as it had carved out the alcove he had set up his camp in.

Finding some wood he brought it back to the fire and stacked it higher, sending sparks high into the night sky. With no cloud cover and just the light from the moons above and his makeshift torch he walked towards the direction of where he saw the cactuses before – not noticing that the animal life that were loud a few moments ago were now silent.

Approaching one of the large cactuses he saw he walked around the child-sized plant looking for any fruit. Unable to find any he brought out a knife from his belt and stabbed deep into the plant.

Immediately he was thrown backwards as the cactus he stabbed lashed outwards just as his knife pierced the skin of the desert plant. Eight large branches from the cactus thrashed outwards as the plant started to unfold, the large bulbous abdomen connected to the now apparent eight limbs as a large desert spider skittered away from the light and the source of its pain, letting out a high pitched trill the spider skittered around, shielding its glittering eyes as it crashed into several more of the same bulbous not-quite-cacti which triggered a chain reaction of spiders awakened and began to skitter at the edge of the light.

Running back to the camp as quickly as he could he didn’t dare look back to see the eleven spiders thundering after him, only pushed backwards briefly by the light of the torch. As he neared the campfire the addition of extra dry wood had caused it to grow in and it shed a bright light for quite some distance.

The spiders skittered at the edge of the light, occasionally daring to edge forward towards the campfire before skittering back when a flaming chunk of wood was waved at them enthusiastically by their potential prey.

In the distance, doubled lidded eyelids blinked as the hunters eyed their prey with great interested. It wasn’t often that their quarry would be so blatant in revealing their presence. It would be a good hunt tonight, looking towards the other members of his hunting pack he snarled as they slunk forward on padded toes.

It would be shortly after this point that the party would notice the light and go to find it. Finding one of two options

  1. 11 (1d4 of them wounded having suffered 2 damage from Baxter) wolf spiders, rushing in and out of the light from the campfire.
  2. 7 lizardmen (2 would be hiding in ambush for the part, 2 would be cleaning up their kill of the wolf spiders and 3 would have cornered Baxter threatening him with spear or bow).

The fight or diplomacy encounter would occur around the embers, perhaps the lizardmen consider this part of the creek bed a sacred spot and will be happy with Baxter to just leave, or maybe they like the taste of humanoids.

Well that’s it for Friday night, another short night with a versatile leadup to combat that could be provided to the party to set the scene or simply there to stir that creative spark in the DMs mind to set the scene and tell the players what they want them to see.

As always don’t forget to let me know if you use these adventures in your own campaigns, they are designed to be simple, short but engaging and versatile so that they could be tweaked to fit into any scenario or setting.

Don’t forget to join me for this weekend for a weekend musing and a writeup of this weeks adventure, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe