A change in the currents…

Wednesday is here and it has brought with it a twist for us to consider for this weeks objective. This week we are looking at the raiders that come from the sea to take the souls of those who live on the surface. Currently our players have encountered the raiders on the beach when they tried to ambush the party when they were camping by the sea. In the morning the slain elf had disappeared from where they had stored the body, continuing onto the city of Arciryas they discovered that the city was also struck by the same assailants and several people were slain.

Boarding party


The cold water gripped and felt like it was squeezing and compressing his exposed flesh, and it comforted him, reminding him of home in the deep. Looking over at his companions and their war mounts, various sharks, rays and eels, he steadied his own lithe ray, stroking the edge of her fin as he knew that it comforted her.

As the surface dwellers ships passed overhead the signal was given, his detachment was responsible for disabling the large ship and overthrowing it’s crew without drawing alarm before stage two of he plan.

His mount swam quickly and silently beneath the water, changing how he held onto his beast companion so that he would be under the ray as it approached the keel of the ship as to no be spotted, he quickly disappeared under the ship. Releasing his hold from the ray he called upon his blessed bracers as octopus tentacles stretched over his fingers attached to the barnacle encrusted ship giving him a reliable hold on the wet wood.

Climbing above the water he paused for a moment to give his lungs and eyes a moment to adjust to the surface world, his second set of eyelids folding back the bright light from the moons above caused him a moment of hesitation. The training and raids further down coast had not been enough to fully prepare him for the surface world but he had trained for this moment. The tentacle bracers biting into the wood he climbed the keel of the ship and peered over the edge, pausing again to spot his allies as they viewed the humans, elves and dwarves of the surface.

Three sailors walked the length of the ship, lazily gripping spears as they chatted and discussed the day, weather or what they were most looking forward to do doing when they returned to Arciryas.

A large ray, not his, leapt from the water on the other side of the boat causing a large splash. Several sailors ran to the railing in time to see several more rays jump from the water sending sparkling droplets of sea water onto the on lookers who hooted and hollered in delight at the animals putting on a display next to the ship.

This was the signal. Waiting a few moments for more of the sailors to appear on the deck of the ship the elf and his allies slowly on webbed toes crept over the railing and onto the wood of the desk. Twelve sailors in total stood and watched the rays jumping from the water, six elves crept forward.

As they reached their targets they kicked out, sending a sailor over overboard into the waiting jaws of the sharks the swam below the keel of the ship. As the elves sent the men over the edge their weapons whipped out and stabbed into the neck of each of the sailors that remained. Slowing pulling the shell dagger from the neck of the surface dweller a large strand of blue essence came forth causing the the eyes of the sailors rolled back in their sockets as their life essence was ripped from their bodies. As the last of the essence was pulled from a body the elves caught the bodies, pulling them into the shadows they began their separate dark rituals.

Closing his eyes he stared at the man who’s head laid in his lap. Cutting his finger tips he gripped the head and began to chant in the shadow of stacked crates. After a minute of chanting his body started to become numb as his bones and flesh started to liquify. Long strands of water that used to be him flowed over his arms and into the dead man in his lap. As his head began to waver and turn to water the last of his body flowed into the body in his lap.

His eyes snapped open, looking up at the flickering sale above him he could tell by the luminosity of the moon that the ritual had worked.

He stood up, taking a few shaky steps as he got used to his new body before walking to the railing he dropped the shell blade into the ocean – signifying the ritual was complete. Looking around the boat he noticed six other sailors walking, the shakiness in their legs disappearing as quickly as his had.

As they looked around their ship their minds recognised what each of the instruments, ropes, pulleys and wheels did around the ship. Moving around the ship they regained the positions where their respective bodies were meant to be having access to some of the memories of the people they inhabited now.

“Jaxon, have you seen Percy?” a man who carried himself much as a prince would.

“Last I saw Percy he was leaning over the railing looking at rays. captain” he replied, his memories kicking in.

The captain stomped across the deck, looking for the missing men before stomping down stairs again to organise a search party…

That’s it for twists this week, the twist that we are looking at is the invading party having infiltrated the ships that are coming to aid the city of Arciryas.

There is one other twist that I was going to write about tonight but I may just leave that for the writeup this weekend to expand on what is happening in the city or Arciryas and around it.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for maps and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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