White sands and driftwood…

Thursday is here and that means it’s map day… I have a brief writeup to do today (as unfortunately work ran overtime tonight) but I still wanted to make sure I kept to my self enforced schedule of a daily post. This weekend I will expands a bit more on maps and hope to be able to provide visual aids as well. In the mean time though I would suggest having a look out there at the fantastic artists we have in the community and where possible supporting them to do what they love and keep making artwork that inspires out adventures.

This week I looked to extraordinary creators and not did I find a gem that got that spark going. Caeora draws on twitch and has awesome maps and tokens available to purchase on his website. So please check his content out!

White Sands


The grass became coarse and hardy, I guess it must need to beings this close to the salt water and sand mused the old man. As he shook off the leather shoes that he had walked in to this spot he looked around the edge of the cliff, short by cliff standards barely being 30ft incline until you hit the soft white sand. Turning his gaze along the horizon the white sand, course grass and blue waves went on as far as his eyes could see. He had always liked the sea that’s why he lived here. The path down to the beach was narrow, barely enough space for one person to walk down, but it had some crude steps carved into the rock and dirt to enable people to walk down to the sand and waves. Wriggling his toes in the sand he breathed in the salty air and shrugged the sack on his shoulder, not that I was full and heavy but carrying anything these days seemed to take it out on him.

Today he was looking for ingredients for the king and the beach is just where he needed to find the last few things. Scales from a fish and mother of pearl, ground into a powder of course. Walking through the fine white sand he moved slower than normal, the sun already passed his zenith he would need more assistance if he was to get this done. Closing his eyes he tapped into the weave, drawing forth a bead of arcane power before reciting a few harsh arcane syllables. As a gust of wind travelled across the exposed shore the sand came to settle upon the invisible servant that he had just conjured. Giving it the orders to search for mother of pearl the servant went off towards she shore and rockpools that formed around a jagged spike of rock that gave the name “Long fang Beach” to this area.

As the old mage dragged his feet across the sand he scoured the white grains for a fish, or something with scales – his experiment didn’t really specify a certain type of scale only that it came from something that swam. As he walked he drew out wand, muttering a single word the wand transformed into a walking stick which he pushed through the last of the lose sand before the beach met the ocean and became more-or less solid. Poking and shifting the sand around he had no luck. Spitting more out of frustration than the tobacco he was chewing absentmindedly he moved to the heaped seaweed and the waves. For someone who lived near the beach he didn’t like the water especially these days since they had grown so unseasonably cold.

After an hour or so of combing the beach he met up with his servant near the rock pools, the invisible arcane conjuring having found the mother of pearl he handed the sack to the figure and informed it to also look for something with scales along the water edge. As the being moved off his walking staff hit something heavy amongst the weed. Calling back the figure he looked down at the piece of scale covered flesh at his feet. It was the calf of a humanoid, the skin lightly covered in iridescent scales. How interesting, it had been many years since he had seen something as such and many called him crazy for his so called discovery. Bagging the lower leg he got his invisible servant to carry the bag and stay close.

The lone tower of stone piercing the waters edge, separating white sand from the beating waves now not as inviting as it was when he first came down to the shore. There were many holes, nooks and caves riddled amongst the 100ft pillar of stone, not all of it had been explored yet and he didn’t like the feeling he was getting being this close to it. Wrapping his hand hand around the bag and dismissing his unseen servant he used his free hand to clasp one of the rings he wore on his wrist he invoked the stored magic within. Instantly he felt the magic tingle his skin as he watched the bag he was now holding turn invisible. Feeling a bit safer now he began to walk back to his hut, following his footprints where he could as to attempt to hide his presence from what ever, or who ever could be watching.

Well that’s a taste of what I hope to be able to reveal this weekend so make sure you come back on Sunday (most likely) to catch up on what was produced.

Don’t forget that you don’t need a map to run a TTRPG session, you can make do with describing the situation. Short, sharp and concise paragraphs can really set the scene for our players and give them what they need to be able to map out the battlefield in their mind.

And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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