As swift as an undercurrent…

Fight-night is here and this Friday we are looking at two potential encounters, one at the wizards hut and one by the beach so lets get the sandals out and try and find where we left the beach towel.

As normal the weapons of choice I use for this weeks Stat blocks is the ever impressive Tetra-cube and any balance (although I focused more on what would be an exciting fight than a balanced one this week) was done in Kobold fight club plus.

To a wizards aid


As the party strolled on the patchwork of spongy grass and sand as they walked up a hill towards the collection of houses that belonged to an eclectic mix of individuals who for what ever reason avoided the complexity of life in the city of Arciryas and moved to live next to the waves and the beach named Long Tooth beach.

As the party reached the quest the sound of cawing gulls greeted their ears as salty sea air washed over their slightly sweaty faces (it was quite a steep hill) and they looked down upon the quiet selection of houses. The houses were crafted by boards of wood creating a barrier against the outside, a mixture of thatch and earth grew flowers and mosses to form a living roof that thrived in the moisture ridden sea air. The setting sun behind them gave the rooves and sand an orange glow that made the town look alive despite no visible movement.

“It’s awfully quiet,” Ray quietly mused as he look across the collection of houses, some of which had doors swinging open in the breeze, “I have the feeling we aren’t the only ones who have visited this place”.

Drawing their weapons Mike, Ray and Dusk strode down the hill, the large jagged rock formation ahead and to the left made it obvious why the beach was named ‘Long Tooth beach’.

“I would have imagined that we would have been greeted, or a door slammed at least if it was a hermit colony” Zandar said standing just behind the three warriors in front of him.

Soon enough as they reached the first of the houses the stench of death greeted them. The other houses in the area all had the same grim discovery waiting the adventurers. The inhabitants within each house were found within their bed, sitting at their table or on the floor with a puncture mark in their neck but no visible gush of blood around the point of injury.

As they left the last of the houses they noticed a flash of light at the last house to the north of the colony. Approaching with as much stealth as three men in heavy armor could muster they made their way to the two story cottage at the peak of another grassy crest.

“I told you last night ya blasted creatures! You wont take my spirit!” A voice, evidently frantic and a touch manic called from the house as a blast of fire shot wide into the sand in the direction of the party.

“Hail sir, are you perhaps Petrel?” Mike asked, sheathing his sword as a show of peace “The king has sent us to check in on you and see if you can aid us against the invaders from the seas”

“HA! I knew I wasn’t crazy. But who’s laughing now, not old Pestrel I can tell you that. Sure sure come in come in” The old man shouted as he moved away from a window.

As the party approached a blast of frost shot across the grass in front of them as an arcane rune sprang to life – glowing with arcane power. “Sorry about that! let me clear the way for you” the old man said, bursting from his front door with what looked like a walking cane in his hand. As he moved he waved the cane left and right and different arcane runes buzzed with light before fading, muted but threatening to recover at any moment.

“Come come, come in for tea.” Pestrel said, taking the hand of Mike as he lead the party into the house.

The encounter would happen the night of as the Sea Elves are ambushing people at night to take their spiritual bounty. In this cause I would have 1 Deep pit fighter and a few Tide Warriors that we would have in waves, the tide warriors first, a few waves of 4 or 5, with the next coming every other round before the Deep Pit fighter appears to provide a real challenge

A seaside stroll


As Dusk reached the edge of the cliff to look down upon the beach the old wizard had told the party about his heard sank into his stomach. Either it was a very high tide or something strange was going on.

Pausing for a moment he reached out to the Raven queen, since her return to this plane she had been a constant thorn in his side, but alas at she was not responding to her mental requests for an audience.

A rhythmic thumping could be heard upon the breeze and the dum, dum, dum of the thumping out there in the bay seemed to match the waves that were now crashing at the base of the small cliff that he was standing on.

“There is a dark magic taking place” Zandar spoke, his approach almost silent in the sand and tight knit spongy grass, “This tide is not natural, to control this much water you would need a high vantage point amongst it in order to maintain a strong connection.” Naturally his hand stretched out to the jutting rock that looked like a giants snakes tooth jutting from the waves.

As Mike and Ray Secured the area the party prepared for their journey across the tide to the rock pillar amongst the waves.

Luckily it wasn’t that deep – only about 3 feet deep, for now, but a few hours longer at the rate the water was rising and the houses on the other side of the cliff would be washed away let alone what the plan was from the sea dwelling elves.

As the party made their way into the water, the tide threatened to pull them under, but a rope kept them bound to each other so they would know if something was to go wrong.

Long thin fins skimmed the waters surface making a straight line towards the party. Before they realised that the predators were upon them a large shark jumped from from the water and snapped the rope that bound the party together in half. A glimpse is all the time that they party had before the rough skinned predator delved beneath the water again.

“Did that shark have a harness on it…” Zandar asked, his hands sparking with lightning as he prepared to fight.

“Don’!, we will all fry if you use your lightning magic Zandar, this is one fight where electricity wont be our friend…”

As the party moved into a tight packed circle Raynor shouted out as the sand under his foot suddenly moved, a large rough hided ray suddenly appearing under his feet. As is swam off a large barbed stinger shot forward towards his chest, his large shield defecting the blow with a clink. Several other plumes of sand appeared under water signalling that more of the rays had risen from the sand as more sharks began to circle the party.

Eventually making it out of the surf they began the hard climb up the rocks, having discovered a natural ledge about 15 feet from the surface of the waters surface. Climbing the sharp rocks caused their hands to be cut and bruised. The Dwarf Dusk made short work of the climb, his enchanted gloves and boots making short work of the treacherous terrain.

As the party rested for a moment and let the water spill out of their armour, pockets and bags Dusk returned having found an entrance to what appeared to be a series of tunnels.

This is where we leave it – another surprise for the weekend.

Needless to say after all this fighting the final battle should be a hard and rough slog through the winding passaged within the Long Tooth. I hope you enjoyed the glimpse of the encounters and the few stat blocks that I created for this adventure.

As always thanks for spending your time here reading this blog, I get no small amount of joy knowing people continuously come back to read the content I create and I hope that you like what is produced each week.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for a weekend musing, a weekly writeup and hopefully(!) a warhammer game write up as I have a tournament in mid December to prepare for so need some practice under my belt. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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