Something swims this way…

Friday is here and it has brought with it FightNight! Yes the end of the working week is finally here and that brings a collection of stat-blocks or information for us to use in this weeks adventure. Since I am hoping to do a bigger write up this weekend I will keep tonight’s content short and sweet but hopefully full of content, and some information that will make this weeks adventure/ combat inspiring.

This week I went to go to my normal “Tetra-cube ” for my stat block generator and decided that I wanted to mix it up a little bit. So let’s not get dillydally and get caught out in the tide and let’s get on with the writeup!

It’s called a lance


Two new creatures that I haven’t seen before (the Seawolf was an old favourite from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, when I first started to DM…) for us to enjoy this week.

CR3 Dark Coral Knight
CR1 Seawolf

This week I used a different tool (Gasp!), oh yes I stepped away from Tetra-cube and looked at RPG Workshop. The interface is easy enough to use, a bit hard to see and scroll down the bottom of larger stat blocks and the ability to import an existing statblock as a template/skeleton was sorely missed but it was a lot easier to create what I wanted and, dare I say, not as confusing.

One thing that you may see as above though is that there is no Challenge Rating – That is something that RPG Workshop does not do. But the Knight is CR3 and the Wolf is CR1. The idea here is that the Seawolf knights would be fast skirmishers t hat would dart in with their lances and try and harass the foe but with enough armour (weird how breast plate, a shield and non-pathetic AC is actually really solid.. hmm..) to stick around one turn before urging their mounts away for another charging attack with the lance. If they find themselves mount-less then they would switch to their longsword and try and hold out until reinforcements arrive.

Hail to the king…


We had to bring the king into this, even if the fates deem that he doesn’t join us in the adventure this week I wanted to have him ready to go this week in case we finish with the Arciryas arc this week and move onto something next week.. Just saying.. I mean it’s a possibility.

CR4 King Felris

So the King is not the highest CR monster we have, but I would not catch him away from a mount nor guard or several who are willing to die for him. Where he is really going to be brutal is fighting something one on one where his guard and knights can pin and hold down his foes allies so he can bring his multi attacks and cursed coral blade into play which only makes him stronger.

Depending on the CR of the adventurers you are playing with you could mix (and I will be…) previous weeks content such as the tide warriors, Sea Guard or even a possessed or few to really give the impression that the party is fighting against an army that was on the way to conquering a sea-side city. Waves, many waves of enemies (not the watery ones.. I can’t be punny 100% of the time) is how I would play this out with knights engaging first, then warriors, then the guard and the king.

Giving a set number of rounds that you think your party would need to be able to chunk through the attackers (or defenders.. we will see) and adding a round or two before the next wave begins will give them time to rest, some flexibility if the party take longer or the dice take their sweet time to start rolling normally between one wave and the next.

Also consider that these are not stupid creatures or undead and they would value their life. Once they take some real damage (for me thats around 25% of their hit points remaining) they could likely flee. Warriors and maybe the possessed definitely, the knights perhaps not and the guard definitely not a chance of them fleeing. The king may retreat and order his guard to hold back the party while he swims away (and this may give up the tactics for the final writeup) as in his eyes he is the only one who is capable to rule and save his people.

Well that has got to be all for tonight. Thanks for joining me and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

2 thoughts on “Something swims this way…

  1. sopantooth November 27, 2021 / 4:43 am

    Ah, the seawolf. When I first saw it as a kid I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. Now I find it delightful.

    • thebrazenwolfe November 27, 2021 / 7:12 am

      They really should bring it mainstream with 5e. They will always bring me mixed feelings of terror and joy, they were stupidly powerful (from memory…) and just so unique that they were a great encounter.