Dice-ember day 5

Dice-ember day 5 is here and today it brings something of a twist that can be used for the beginning of an adventure.

This past week saw a Three magical items – the Cloak of lesser False Appearance, the gloves of flight and Someone Else’s Pouch, a new monster – the Carafion, a npc – Laura Xavier Magnus, and a short prologue of of a wagon driver called Nicki. Today I want to throw another NPC in as a twist, so let’s roll onto it.

The informant


As Kane sank into his third tankard of ale he wondered not for the first time that night who was paying for his drinks. He had come to a tavern where he had not out stayed his welcome yet and like the other taverns he would quickly ruin is, well tarnished as it is, reputation and have to find another place to drink.

“look’s like you have had a hard day fella, here. A drink on me” a drunk voice blurbled from behind him as a tankard was put under his nose. Looking up Kane saw a portly man, drunk, who was beaming down at him with a look that you would expect someone to look at a stray pup. The man gripped his shoulder, gave it a squeeze before sitting behind him at a table with a tall and slender woman who was sipping from a wine glass.

Kane looked at the tankard and began to drink it down. “So where were we. Oh yeah so you’re telling me that you got some magic sword and a pile of gold pieces from the guy and he did nothing about it?” This peaked Kane’s interest. Magic items were rare and a pile of gold coins would be enough to set most people up for life.

“Shh. The man is not to be trifled with. His wagon is guarded and enchanted and I got lucky when he stopped to get apples. I snuck in, grabbed what I could and then ran off. There was something in there with me, guard creatures of some kind guarding many more magical items and chests of gold. I was lucky to leave with this artefact but unfortunately there was another that looked the same, a twin. Both items together would buy you a manor, servants and land I would wager.” The lady spoke under a hushed voice, but Kane was used to listening as such.

Pretending to drink but listening to all she had to say he hear the padded thunk of cloth-wrapped metal hitting the table.

“Look after this will you, brother, you are the only one I can trust with this.” The lady said as she stood and walked towards the door.

Goodbyes were said between the portly man and his sister as she left and as they stood and walked towards the door Kane quickly and when no one was watching snatched the package up and stored it under his coat.

“I must tell the boss” he thought as she passed brother and sister out the front of the tavern saying goodbye.

Short and sweet, this is really a twist that could be played out in any number of ways. The unknowing informant where information, a lead or hunch is casually (or not so much so) overheard by bystanders. What isn’t identified is if the information is any good, if they know they are being overheard or if the informant wants it to be heard. This can change the nature of the info and the overall plot of the adventure or campaign but, it can be a great way to start, change or finish an adventure.

Don’t forget to come back for the next week of adventure content during dice-ember and if you do feel free to comment on things you liked or didn’t.

Oh and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe