Dice-ember day 6

Welcome to day 6…? yup, that’s right. Day 6 of Dice-ember is here and with it brings a little something that my wife helped inspire me with today (about 20 minutes ago actually) that I hope will fit into Dice-ember nicely.

As with everything I propose it is there to test the party, to get them to think on their feet or to adjust their strategies, not outright slaughter the characters. I firmly believe that, like my real world job, the Dungeon/Game Master is one who works with the party, for the party and who genuinely wants to seem them grow, shift and evolve into new versions of themselves.

Now enough about that, let’s crush some PC bones and burn the character sheets.

Hot headed


Albazahr smiled encouragingly as Itchet, his new unfortunately named apprentice, stepped into one of the conjoined pocket dimension which was dark, cold and devoid of anything living. Or so Albazahr had told his apprentice.

“That’s it Itchet, I need some of the natural forming material from within it looks like a lump of charcoal and should be in the ditch, somewhere over to the right of the dimension.” the wizard said as he brought out his notebook and started to jot down what was occurring.

“Master, sir, it’s so cold in here.” Itchet said as he stumbled forward in the dark looking for the ditch. The dark conditions of the magically created dimension did not hinder the wizards ability to see what was going on, a large permanent spell of seeing had been placed against the wall and he could look through it into the dimension as if it was day time and he was looking through glass. Then the apprentice surprised Ablazahr as he raised his hand and summoned a mote of light.

“Interesting” Albazahr mused, Itchet was the first of his apprentices to actually be able to use magic before any form of tutelage. This impressed the old man, but not enough to ruin his experiment. As Itchet moved deeper into the darkness, his light spell giving off a beacon in the darkness which gave the young boy comfort. Heading into the direction that his master had said Itchet practically stumbled onto what he was looking for.

“Master! I think I found the pit” Itchet called back towards the direction of the old wizard “I’ll fill up the bag and bring it back now master!” he called back, almost jumping with excitement at finishing his task. Itchet sad down on the edge of the ditch, he hadn’t realise how steep the edges were but there was a lot of black rock studded into the ditches bank which would make it easier to climb back out. As she stepped down onto one such chunk of rock it gave way sending him down in a cascade of black rock of all sizes. Coughing under the plume of dust that it created he got up and dusted himself off as he looked around for his bag.

Albazahr looked on with keen interest, the boy was in the creatures lair now and he needed to be ready to take notes where possible.

Itchet, finding his bag under some larger rocks and pebbles pushed the rocks and pebbles off, surprised at how light the materials were he began to grab rocks with both hands and throw them into the bag. The sound of tumbling pebbles made him jump with alarm as he whirled towards the source of the noise, his right hand extended, thumb, index and middle finger extended. A stream of pebbles was rolling down the embankment and forming a pile amongst some of the larger displaced rocks, shrugging his shoulders and writing it off as dislodged earth from when he slid down into the ditch he turned around and continued to fill up his bag. Grabbing for a particularly large chunk he held it in his hands and immediately felt cold as if the heat from his body was being whisked away by a chilled wind. Looking into the chunk of black rock, his mote of light flickering as his concentration on the spell wavered he swore he could see a glow coming from inside the rock. Then it moved. First it shifted so slightly that Itchet swore that he had imagined it. Then it began to rock backwards and forth so violently that it vibrated in his hands. Throwing the rock to the ground he grabbed his bag and turned to run up the ditch.. Two lumps of black rocks had formed legs, a torso, two arms and a blocky head with pebbles forming rough humanoid appearance. Screaming in alarm the boy rushed away from the figures that had formed, Sparing a glance back at the large rock he had dropped that had also started to gather smaller rocks to form a torso, arms and legs.

As he ran along the ditch looking for a way out he felt his limbs getting colder and when he glanced back at the lumbering figures he noticed that where ever he stepped glowing embers of light flared to life within the black rock and even the clouds of dust that were sent airborne by his frantic pace glowed. This seemed to invigorate the creatures that lumbered behind him as they started to run faster, less sluggish as they collected the glowing pebbles into their form and as the glowing dust settled on their forms as they ran.

A shriek of rage and hunger bellowed from behind him sounding both like the rumble of stone on stone and the roar of a fire place. Noticing a lower ledge for the ditch he scrambled towards it, digging into the earth and finding that his body grew colder as more handfuls of dirt he dislodged glowed with an inner light as the warmth from his body was sapped. Just as he managed to grab onto the flatter ground above the ditch something grabbed his foot and began to pull him back into the ditch. Looking down at his feet he saw fingers made from small black pebbles of this light rock was gripping his leg and was trying to pull him back down into the ditch.

“Noo! Albazahr help!” he shrieked kicking with his other foot, connecting with its shoulder the pebbles loosened up enough that he could get both feet dug into the earth. Whipping his hand around he cast the other spell he knew, the one that got him sent here in the first place. Fire Bolt.

As the bolt of fire smashed into the chest of the rocky creature it burst into flames and a sound of either extreme delight or anger exploded from the creatures emotionless face. In the blink of an eye dozens of other such creatures smashed into the creature as flames consumed its body fully. Each new body piled onto the one before it and as it flailed and swung wildly the flames crept slowly up and down the other rocks, each creature as it was consumed by flame bellowed with joyous rage.

Itchet ran, clutching his bag and bolting through the dark, the flickering red light from the creature as it grew to momentous size and the flames crawled up its newly formed arms, legs and body as the many became one.

Dashing through the opening between the pocket dimension and the laboratory that Albazahr had built to hold such dimension he squealed the command word to seal it shut just after he made it through.

Wheezing on the ground he looked up to see Albazahr jotting down notes and looking into the seeing wall that captured images of a giant heaving, squirming mesh of small black rock and tiny black pebbles stomping around the dimension, their body fully aflame.

“What is that master?” he wheezed, coughing up some black phleugm.

“I call it a Coal Golem. They crave heat the most so are tremendous guardians if given the right commands by the right people. I did not, however, know that when it was set aflame that its kin would fling their own bodies onto the burning one to form a larger coal golem that was on fire.” Albazahr mused, jotting down more notes as the creature lumbered around, the fire almost dying out as the glowing forms of several Coal Golems could be seen re-forming into their smaller forms and heading back towards the ditch. Muttering an arcane phrase the bag that Itchet was holding stopped moving, Itchet who was unaware of the bag moving dropped it and crawled away from the bag. “You, Itchet. You didn’t tell me you knew actual magic. You have the mark of a promising sorcerer if you survive your time here.” he mentioned, helping the boy up.

“As for now, Master, I would like to be excused to have a bath to get rid of this stuff, coal? I don’t think I like it that much” he stammered out as he brushed out the last of the dust.

“Off you go then, tomorrow, you and I are going to use the chunks of coal you retrieved to create your own coal golem. Yes. That would be a great thing to record.” Albazahr muttered as he scrawled into his book again.

That’s it for tonight, two! creatures to add into your games, I feel as though this one is probably giving away the hidden agenda to Dice-ember but let’s see if everyone is paying attention.

Don’t forget that surprises don’t always have to increase the challenge for a player, some can be simply put there to delight and amaze them. The use case of these creatures, I feel, is such a time. Have them seek warmth from the party then joyously combust themselves so that they form their giant kin at the amusement of your players.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe