Dice-ember day 8

Welcome back everyone to the 8th day of Dice-ember. Going to take a pretty chilled approach to today and will produce a few things today without a large writeup, the reason for that will be revealed later but more on that at a later date.

So let’s kick it off and look at two’things’ for today.

What the wagon holds


Yulegars Mace

Yulegar was a tyrant who’s favourite thing was to instil fear into his subjects with his famed mace. Those struck by the mace would find themselves convulsing on the ground and unable to defend themselves for some time. When he was eventually killed his mace was taken and replicated. Although not as powerful as the original the mace still leaves those affected by it unable to take reactions.

Image created from bits from the following: PNGwing, GuildWars wiki (concept art mace), Battle mace from STL finder (CGTrader). Credit for Original art work goes to creators.

Potion of Limits Transformation

When you drink this potion, you immediately transform into a copy of the last inanimate object you touched for between 5 and 10 minutes (1d6+4 minutes). The object must be no bigger than your original size. The HP and game statistics of the object are up to the DM and if the object you transform into is reduced to 0hp the transformation ends and similar wounds are reflected upon the creature that drank the potion.

Well creating those items images took a bit longer than anticipated.. also.. how hard is it to draw (on a computer mind you) potions. I learnt something with that one and hope that it still looks alright in its pixilated glory!

That’s it for today, so if you end up using the potion (from yesterdays longer writeup) or the mace in one of your games please do let me know how it goes! I have this, nagging itch I guess, when ever I make a magical item for combat. For D&D, 5e in particular, with the exception of some creatures who have a resistance to non-magical items the classes and access to features and spells make the need for combat magical items reduced, not gone (as the rule of cool still rules as leader in my sessions) but they can drastically alter how your adventure pans out, which sometimes is not ideal.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more dice-ember content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe