Dice-ember day 9

Welcome to Dice-ember day 9. Today we are looking at one very special individual who likes to think that they are the centre of the stage.

In separate Brazen Wolfe Tabletop news this weekend I have a little one day Age of Sigmar event where I hope to run Skaven and prove that they are the best faction on the day. But more on that come Sunday.

He who looks inward


Jason was no ordinary man when he was very young he fooled a family that he was their long lost son and kept up the charade untill he tired of it three years later. Born with an extraordinary gift to not only fool people through his acting abilities but he was able to convince them completely into believing what ever her said was true.

Being graced with one elven parent but none of the telltale features of his elven mother, who left him and his soon to be alcoholic father soon after birth, he had a natural grace and appearance that made him attractive to many, if not all. This often drew the attention of the wrong kind more often than good.

One such time he was found to be talking sweetly to the Daughter of Mr Carter, the Jackal of the North, which caused several of Carters men to escort him outside. Before any violence could come to land a halfling intervened and soothed Carters lackays down before they made good on their promise to create a new facial feature for Jason. Ever since that day Jason had been ferociously loyal to the one person who saw past house looks and charm to see who he was, some one who wants to be the centre of the stage where ever they go whether it be good or bad reasons.

Since then, under the employ of the halfling and get crew Jason had reportedly been involved in many heists, break-ins, burglaries and supposedly the disappearance of one Haroldson Gray, a merchant who married into the wrong family. Of course there is never a scrap of evidence that links their involvement to these crimes, or mysteries in Haroldson’s case, but the word amongst the streets is that Jason and his crew are a force to look out for, if you can even see them coming that is.

A bit of a shorter writeup tonight to get a glimpse of Jason for this week. Pretty happy how the image came out (the tool of choice being Artbreeder as normal) and considering I made it on my phone im impressed with how easy it was to use, in Desktop mode with the chrome android app that is.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, hoping for a bit of a longer write-up tomorrow night so come check in. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe