Gaki – Hunger Spirit

Hi all and welcome to Fight-night (also known as Friday). Tonight I wanted to reveal the stat-block for the dark mist creature, touch on the tactics to employ with it (as there is no map as it could be encountered in any inn room, bed room, street or tavern floor etc.) as well as introduce Lizbet, the priestess of Chauntea.

So to roll like a weighted dice, let’s get on with the write-up.

Gaki – Hunger Spirit


The Gaki is the spirit of someone who left this world without achieving a great desire and being so driven to achieve this goal they hungered for it even in death. Normally these creatures die without having much to their name, no means to survive or achieve their goal so when they find themselves returned as one of the undead they immediately try and rectify this by, generally, approaching one of their family members and asking them to help the spirit complete it’s dying wish. In doing so they take possession of the body at night as they are fearful of what they will see in themselves come the morning light of the sun.

During the day the possessed creature has no signs that they carry something within them unless the creatures hunger or lust for their desired object is so great that the creature risks exposing themselves to sunlight to get at what they seek. At night however the almost malevolent hunger that fuels these creatures takes form of a great inky black mist that surrounds their host and turns their body of flesh and bones into something incorporeal, mostly. Its arms, hands and mouth are always physical (yet able to turn to mist to achieve its goals) and this gives the creature a nightmarish appearance at night.

The Gaki are so terrified of their own appearance that they avoid Silver, being mirrors, at all costs and unless driven nearly insane by their hunger they will flee at the mere sigh of silver whether it’s coins, weapons, jewellery, dining and cooking utensils or armour.

Although their hungers all differ they all have an affinity for destroying magical items as a way of fuelling themselves and their incorporeal form.

The Gaki, in this adventures instance, is also bound by wards made from liquified silver as the ‘magical wards’ appear as molten silver metal that reflects the very nature of their soul. Not even their hunger will let them pass wards made with this special liquid created by the Red Fleets alchemists and priests. The Gaki this adventure hungers for wealth and promised its family (who it resides within) that it would grant them wealth and success in business if they allow it to help them. However once surrounded by minor magical trinkets, and some not-so-minor, it became overwhelmed by its hunger for wealth and desire to obtain more and was driven into a feeding frenzy to sustain the amount of energy it was using in its pursuit of wealth.

Priestess Elizabeth ‘Lizbet’

The youngest priestess to be granted favour from Chauntea in the town of Daye for quite a number of decades she is seen to be a child of prophecy and as such is granted praise and status not readily given. This year her order and the town came together to celebrate her coming with age and organised a special gift from the visiting merchants known as the Red Fleet to celebrate her blessings and her age.

Despite the praise and gifts granted to her she is level headed, humble and only seeks to aid and teach Chaunteas blessings to those who are seeking it. She is warm, friendly and an excellent judge of character and as such is known to see the true intentions of those who would seek to mislead and trick her. This is aided by some of the magical trinkets that she keeps on her person that seek to keep her from harm and rumours of her power as a priestess has spread to neighbouring villages and towns.

Well that’s it for today. Some of the images for NPCs have started to look more and more similar as I tend to have a “Type” when creating a NPC. But non-the-less I hope you enjoyed to days content and hope I will see you in the following days reading the weekend writeups.

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