Open Sea’s & the Slithering Evil.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

People of Daye (and beyond)

Carline Winters

Having decided to follow Katya to not only see the world outside of the little village where she had been a prisoner behind a grand enchantment from the Family she also feels compelled to help Katya where possible and sticks by her to reassure her as one of the people that grew up in the same town – her memories returned to her revealing that they used to be good friends with the young heiress to the Poleski family cause her to be protective of the girl and want to be the company of her.

Carline stays behind in Daye to make a new home for herself. Spends a lot of time with Katya and Paul though.

Paul Turp

Smitten with Katya Paul follows along and immediately looks as to how to stay in her life. Taking up the self imposed role of her protector he wears a chain vest, short sword and a shield and never strays too far from where Katya is.

Paul Stays behind with Katya in Daye

Elizabeth “Lizbet” Scaulder

Lizbet having been aware of another powerful chosen of Chauntea for a while immediately starts to try and help Katya quell the divine power that floods her – having felt that presence and power before she quickly helps her sister reign in but not control Chauntea’s divine magic so that she wont burn herself out from over exposure.

Being swayed by Siu’s plea for aid and her own predestined call to fight a wave of darkness Lizbet has organised for Katya to work with the other sons and daughters of Chauntea – having been instructed by them many years ago she believes that under their guidance Katya will surpass her one day. Having found someone to look after the town and its duties she is, somewhat anxious but resolved on going to help the wondrous merchants of the Red fleet defend their homeland if she is able to assist.

During the storm on the boat Lizbet is taken below deck when the storm hits and will heal those who are able to be healed after the fight happens – however she wont come to the top of the deck (as Siu wont let her).

Katya Poleski

Katya appears to be taking comfort and guidance from Lizbet, the moment they meet her rampart energy seems to calm and become more controlled around the priestess. As they walk through the streets Lizbet walks through some mental exercises to quell the energy and the connection to Chauntea in an attempt to help Katya stop the flow of divine through her.

Katya stays behind in Daye to commence her training to become a priestess of Chauntea.


Using the last few hours of his human form he was sure that this was his final hours before a sword, arrow or axe would pierce his flesh the moment his true self was revealed. But to have the blow withheld and his mangy fur that he has hated for as long as he can remember shed to reveal a carpet of golden dragon scales covering his form was a shock. Not sure where the change came from or what spurred it to begin he is glad to be rid of the fur and thankful that he is still able to see his mission through.

The prospect of being free from his mater is beginning to take a back seat to wanting to see his family succeed and the foolhardy hope that they could beat back what lies in the shadow.

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Kyoko Harimasu

Having heard stories of creatures from the mists and shadows able to look inside ones mind and deceive humans in order to devour them since she was little, Kyoko is still uncertain about Siu – but what he has said and a strange familiarity draws her to help him, and believe that he, the priestess and the party could really be able to help her family in the fight against the dark.

During the storm out to sea Kyoko spends her time between the help, coordinating the crew and looking at her maps in her cabin. When the storm hits and the pirates board the ship she will not leave the helm and will stay there to keep it safe.

Choi Fang

The Crew

The Crew

Apart from Choi the rest of the crew are yours to randomly generate. I’d suggest looking at The Crew for the random generation tables.

Wild girl

Being lost on the Ophidian island for many years and witness to the horrors that the Naga had created and controlled on this island she had survived in the jungle and the beach. Living in the husk of her crashed ship before it was ransacked by the Crew of the Dancing Drake.

She now seeks to Return home, with the adventurers or at least on their ship so saving them is her only way home.