Open Sea’s & the Slithering Evil.

Stat-Blocks and Maps

Part 1 – Shadow Stitched

The Dancing Drake (Map)

Part 3 – Silverborns Crew

Part 4 – Ophidian Island

Map of Temple

Entrance of Temple

Swarm of snakes – The snakes will appear in a humanoid form, walking forward on two shaky legs made from snakes slithering together and they will bite their target by throwing long punches and grabbing the party member within range – the arms, legs and body flowing over the target creature as fangs bite into any exposed flesh they can find.

Giant Poisonous Snake -There will be many more of these in the temple than there would be other creatures. They would attack in hall ways and shouldn’t be limited to just rooms. Dropping from holes in the ceiling or from holes in the walls will be the plan with these medium sized snakes.

Giant Constrictor Snakes – The guards for the Naga room – looking like statues as they curl up at the end of the hall.

Abyssal Naga – Horribly vain, evil and malicious this creature doesn’t hold back and will start to try and charm, bite and fight the invaders of its net. During this fight however it is careful to not hurt or endanger the crew and Kyoko along the back wall having plans to sacrifice them to the greater demon it wants to curry favour with.

Bonus – Random Encounter

Warning from the waves

This random encounter can take place either before or after Ophidian Island.

As the party look over the endless waves ahead the wind picks up the huge red sails and pushes the boat along at a surprising speed. Staring at the waves that are made of a medley of blue’s and greens the party notice three large figures swimming under the water a few hundred feet way and parallel to the boat.

After some time the three figures move closer, growing in size as well as the boldness of their approach before large fishlike bodies emerge from the water to next to the ship, the riders of the large coiled creatures each equipped with a spear and a shell crafted into a shield.

Stat Blocks

The classic Merfolk and Giant sea horse combo. Nothing strong but the conversation, messages, and potential for role play is something that cant be overlooked.

If the party say something that the peaceful sea dwellers don’t like then 3 steeds and 3 riders would be enough for a medium encounter – I would grant the rider advantage on their spear rolls if they attack as the result of the sea horse charging but they wouldn’t engage outside of the water.

The information that can come from the scouting party may be about what lies in the water, dark tiding from the western waters about whole underwater communities vanishing to the murky depths or sudden storms that come from no where. The limit here is really up to the imagination of you and how the party engage in the encounter.