Maw of the sea god

Hi all and welcome to a bit of a random adventure night. Tonight I had fond memories (as I was sitting down watching kids movies) of watching some classics, and some new favourite movies. I wanted to create a sea adventure. So I bring you Maw of the sea god.

Now heavily inspired by Sinbad and a bit by the visuals of the “How to train your dragon” movies I wanted to have it focus around a put in the ocean.

The idea behind this is that the party have been given a quest to go find a missing heir who was sailing before a storm hit. The son’s faithful hawk was returned with a note with the last known heading of the ship attached to its leg in a small bottle.

It’s a sea adventure where coming up towards the hole they can see the plume of mist and sea spray for hundreds of feet, and some drifting barrels of something floating on top of the waves as if they were thrown overboard.

The hole is actually extinct volcano that has gradually been worn down by the sea leaving a gaping maw. However what lies beneath and that lives in the maw is from another age. Winged creatures that swoop and try and take the sailors and passengers of ships as they get close. Large tentacled creatures (not a kraken.. although it could be a kraken) lunge out from the deep water around the maw to attack the boats thinking them whales or some other food.

And there in the mist, a large mast with a tattered flag fluttering in the breeze can be seen through the spray.

The prince and a few of his men (most of the crew in fact) at on their ruined boat. Unable to turn in time to avoid the maw until it had them.

So apart from this idea I also wanted to do a bit more. So I did what any sane, sleep-deprived maniac would do and I created a map to go with the easy adventure.

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Thanks for dropping by tonight to look at the Maw of the Sea god map and adventure plot. Don’t forget tomorrow our party face the Ice queen in the end of week write-up so make sure to come back for that. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe