Afflictions True Nature

Welcome to Wednesday night where we look at Afflictions true nature, the madness that was spread from the Wrath Wraith. Tonight we look at Hatoi Yuon and get a delve deeper into what she saw, what she felt and what she remembers from being afflicted.

Afflictions True Nature


Officer Hatoi Yuon created in Artbreeder

Hatoi sat down and held onto the cup of warmed liquor like it was an old friend. After some time and the gathering of people around her sat in silence she looked up and spoke. “I don’t remember much before the madness overtook me but I do remember being bound and lead into the infirmary.” she began staring at the cup. “I don’t remember what I was doing but I do remember flashes of a lit room encased by dark rock. Oni and other minions of The Shadow were walking around the rooms and bowing to me. The strangest thing is that I felt powerful when they bowed. It was something I craved and something that I lived for.”

“The madness gave you visions? Hallucinations?” the guard Gin asked before Captain Hou and several others present glared at him to be silent.

“No. It was more than that. I remember flashes of the battlefield, commanding troops as if I was hovering over the shoulder of a lady in white.” Hatoi blushed at this “to me she was the most beautiful and powerful woman I had ever seen and I helped her… somehow to achieve what she wanted to do.” she continued. “That’s when I realised. I was feeling what the Shadow was feeling and seeing what it was. When you,” she nodded towards the party, “slew the Yuki-onna I felt a great exhaustion. A crippling feeling of powerlessness as the energy I was pouring into the Yuki-onna was ripped away.”

“The same thing happened when we fought the Shadow Blessed Oni…” Kyoko said. “When she was defeated the shadow energy didn’t return. It was destroyed”

As the party absorbed what was being said the sounds of celebration could be heard from the wall outside. The Oni, undead or Spirit folk hadn’t returned. Reports had come from other parts of the wall that spirit folk had been seen celebrating in tribal manners – almost joyous that the Yuki-onna had been defeated.

“Well. I think this much is clear. The Shadow is weakened and its keep lies open and vulnerable. What do we do about it?” Kyoko asked looking around those gathered at the table.

A nice easy one tonight as we talk and get some insight into the afflictions true nature. Being a puppet for the Shadow mustn’t be a fun thing and I think it leaves us with an interesting opportunity to explore. What would happen if one of the players had been afflicted?

Food for thought and perhaps something to add into the end of month writeup. Don’t forget to come back the next few nights, last nights of the month in fact and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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