Approaching Thrall Keep

The shadow of the Thrall Keep covering Finchford City, the dangers of the woods and then the hike up to the ruins is what lies in wait when the party being approaching thrall keep. This Thursday night brings a few inspirational points to help guide the encounter and adventure. Instead of maps that can restrict imagination let it flow this week. So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy the inspiration flow below!

Approaching Thrall Keep


Approaching Thrall Keep

The decision to approach the keep is one that the party will need to make. To trigger this though the party would need a reason to begin.

“A rumbling came through the floor. At first the party thought it was the dragging of a stool for a bar fight but even the combatants ceased their hostility and waited. Listening. Moving outside Marie was close in front of the party when the great beating of wings could be heard and the silhouette of a large dragon appeared in front of the moonlit clouds. A dragon, as Marie has claimed, had appeared to take up residence in the ruins. However the party felt something was odd in the way it moved, the movements felt disjointed as if the creature wasn’t well. It flew with too infrequent wing beats to keep its large frame aloft.

Yes, something wasn’t right.

Marie bit her thumb and frowned “That’s no dragon,” she muttered under her breath as the other inhabitants of Finchford appeared in the street and began to flee in panic. “Something’s not right here..” she said as she turned to the party

Thrall keep view from the behind the pillars – Created in nightcafe

The Forest

Now the approach to the keep lies under a heavily wooded path that leads up towards the keep. I find this is a great spot for an ambush of either diggers pretending to be bandits or creatures of the woods.

Perhaps an encounter with a friendly denizen of the forest who accuses the party of being part of the others who travel the path. Giving clues to what lies at the end of the journey as well as what is going on.

Finchford Woods – created in nightcafe

The Keep

Now I believe the keep should have high parts and lows. Places to hide and sneak through the entire ruins if desired as well as open places for combat. Broken walls could expose higher levels to climb into for an advantage. Uneven ground could give a disadvantage to people fighting across the ruins and even discarded tools and weapons could be hazards.

However the people that current work here, they are the ones to watch out for and the party would need to have a solid plan in dealing with them before engaging the group.

Thrall Keep under moon – created in nightcafe

Thanks for joining me tonight. A shorter one this week as I wanted to focus on preparation for a tournament tonight. But this weekend I will look to include some new and old maps in the end of week Zine. So don’t forget to come back fro the last few days and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Flight from the Bloodhunt

Thursday night brings with it is here and its brought with it a encounter map and a regional map featuring Farlock as the party attempt to take flight from the bloodhunt! A nice simple one this week with versatility being the name of the first map this week. So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy the maps below!

Flight from the Bloodhunt


Encounter on the Road

Either set up as an ambush for the encroaching enemies or if the party doesn’t escape quickly enough attacks on a guaranteed occurrence. This hilly ambush site next to some trees and bushes for cover makes quick work for the attackers in an early advantage. Remnants of a camp from the fleeing villagers of Farlock can be seen but it’s really the simplistic nature of the map that is its strength.

Road out of Farlock – created in Inkarnate

Players Map of the Rift Villages

Now the map the party gets shows a few towns nearby. Yarnwerth on the way out of the area, Mulbek and Filtburra being nearby. Trees line the roads and they are well worn from years of travel, but beware of what lies in the forest and in the grass next to the road as there are a few beasties to this week’s encounter.

This map is to be provided to the players, but the DM can ‘upgrade it’ with a simple overlay of the in-game effects of the raiding parties that are launching their attack on the area.

Villages around the Rift – Created in Inkarnate

DMs Copy

This shows the buildings being ripped apart and burnt. Walls crumbled and all the towns butchered. However the keep, the destination that the party should travel to (we hope) remains strong. A final bastion of civilization while the bloodhunt is on.

The attacks come from the right and top of the map. Farlock and Mulbek being first. If the party head towards Mulbek after a day they are attacked by the raiders coming from Mulbek down. But a party with keen eyes would see the smoke and should be able to escape.

Villages around the Rift – DM copy – created in Inkarnate

Thanks for joining me tonight. As highlighted and hinted at the start of the week we have both a chase and a few combat scenes in this weeks adventure. So come back tomorrow night to find out more! And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Hildebek Town

Well another Thursday night is here and its brought with it a regional map featuring Hildebek Town! Tonight I was inspired by the community on Inkarnate to try out the regional Map style and I had a fair bit of fun working in the near-Isometric map. The one thing I would want is a way to get hills, cliffs and the like more easily accessible. But I will have to dig deeper. So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy the map below.!

Hildebek Town


Hildebek town is quite small having under a hundred people living there. Two inns populate this town and a variety of shops and merchants that call this place home. Built around the watchtower that used to be a military the tower and walls were mostly repaired. The ruins and rubble from the previous buildings were replaced by houses and people began to move here as a town between two major cities.

Hildebek Town map – created in Inkarnate

Thanks for joining me for a rather short one tonight. I wanted to keep it brief to enable flexibility and to not build much into this map as I plan to use it in the near future. In fact with D&D occurring for me fortnightly now I plan to use this map in the near future for my own party. However whether I throw a devil at them and a sleeping sickness is another question that I will have to wait and answer later.

Tomorrow night the statistics of the devil is revealed and I hope its a worthy adversary for the party. However feel free to adjust the encounter to fit your party. So make sure you come back tomorrow and I hope that you will enjoy this weeks adventure. Lastly, make sure you set aside some time for your own tabletop as the weekend approaches quickly. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Dresmandae’s Tower Map

Thursday night is here and tonight I bring the Dresmandae’s Tower Map! The Tower itself is simple, but how its used may be a bit difficult. But, more on that tomorrow for the encounter! So let’s roll onto tonight’s map, the four stories of the varied tower and into tonight’s adventure!

Dresmandae’s Tower Map


The tower of Dresmandae is a bit of a tricky one. Each level of the tower can be flipped horizontally or vertically to have something similar but different. The first floor will stay the same, a open space initial with perhaps bookcases and a chair within. A room on the right, dark due to no windows or candles but able to be filled with beds, tables or what ever we deem fit. A central staircase leading up with a few more rooms and a window in the back open area.

The second level, the top right, is more segmented rooms. Perhaps once rooms for study but now they are for.. different purposes. Something we will check tomorrow night.

The third, bottom left, is the circular room is one of danger. Each circular pillar (coloured in black) has traps within. Moving about this floor to investigate it isn’t safe. Those astute enough will realise its also a mirror image.

The fourth, bottom right is the end scene. This is where the party uncover one of the NPCs, Drake, and learn more about this tower and its purpose. If they can reach there in time. This floor is also completely dark, so I hope your party brought torches as in absence of all light, not even dark vision can pierce this veil.

Dresmandae’s Tower – created in Inkarnate


I hope the tower of Dresmandae is well received as it is a bit of fun. The complicated part comes with how we encounter the rooms and the NPCs on the various floors. However I believe the parties will work it out swiftly and we will be fine.

Thanks for joining me to admire the view from the tower’s different levels. A bit of a mixture of a puzzle and dungeon style encounter this week is brewing. In fact tomorrow night we fill in the missing pieces so don’t forget to come back to investigate what lies in wait. As the weekend approaches again I want to remind you to set aside some time for your tabletop. Continuation and persistence is what this hobby is vulnerable for, so maximise your output! And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Play Room of the Depraved

Welcome to another Thursday night where I want to quickly reveal the play room of the depraved. This week we have an adventure that revolves around finding out the source of the ongoing corruption and depravity before confronting it, two instigators of temptation. Did I mention they are in here two? Well, its sure to be a thrilling adventure. So to reveal what we have planned, let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Play Room of the Depraved


A nice simple room, windows blocked out by wall coverings either side of a large plush couch. Food and alcohol on the centre table define what this room is for and elude to the parties that went on in here. The room has a heady musk of narcotics and a dank smell to it that is intoxicating to the senses.

“Throne Room” – Small – created in Inkarnate

Tempters of Brightkeep

The two tempters of Brightkeep are influencers amongst the lords and ladies of the city. They bring with them unending parties, celebrations and exotic temptations that have swayed even the most devout and rigid.

Their true forms are yet to be revealed, but they seem to take great delight and pleasure in watching the city devolve into depravity.

Temptress of Brightkeep – created in nightcafe
Tempter of Brightkeep – created in Artbreeder


The tempters of Brightkeep are, ready for the reveal, a succubus and an incubus. I think its succubi and incubi but its quite a late night. However, regardless of proper pronouns for these two they are the instigators of temptation and depravity within Brightkeep and we have them in our sights now.

But, even with them being known for what they are and identified as such – will we be able to deal with them?

Thanks for joining me for a glimpse at two more NPCs, the antagonists, in this weeks adventure. Tomorrow night we look at the Statblocks before this weekend we wrap up another adventure. Don’t forget to come back for the last few days as they promise to be full of fun! Also don’t forget to come back this weekend for the end of week writeup and inspiration for your own tabletop. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Boglet the wandering merchant

Tonight we expand upon our Soulbound adventure this week with the Binding meeting a new face, Boglet the wandering merchant. Boglet is a hobgrot who decided that life in the war clans was not all it was cracked up to be. So away from the bullying orruks he has struck out on his own for wealth and his own brand of glory. But to uncover his full story we will have to read on. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Boglet the wandering merchant


Boglet – Created in

Sneaky hobgrot!

The party continue in their march towards the gathering storm clouds up ahead, taking a few moments to rest every hour or so in order to maintain their rapid pace. However despite this no tell-tale bolts of lightning strike which would herald the deliverance of Stormcast Eternals to the battlefield. Instead the plume of dust rises from a singular point to meet the thunderhead above. It was on one such break that the party encountered something, or someone more precisely, quite odd.

“Psst. Hey. You. Over here” a voice said in a low tone from a large stump not far away. “yeah you.” the voice said again as they looked towards the stump. Approaching slowly, cautiously with weapons drawn they hovered above the stump.

“hello?” Gwen managed to get out as she stood behind her more forward companions.

“Greetings and salutations!” a cheerful and lisp-filled voice called out as a pale yellow bodied creature jumped out of the hollow and onto the edge of the log. “Welcome to Boglets Shop!”. It was a hobgrot – the party were familiar with them from the encounter yesterday. The hobgrot looked around at the party, read their expressions of either hatred, shock or disgust and dove back into the stump with a shriek.

Well that was its plan. Kathe reached forward with god infused strength and grabbed the hobgrots ankle. “Nooo. Let Boglet go! I ain’t doing nothin’ wrong. I don’t know anything to do with the Beast-skewer Killbow or the leader on Corpse-Rippa Vulcha.” he babbled as he tried to snatch at falling trinkets that came from the folds of his robe.

“What are you doing here?” Ymran said as he lowered his cold gaze to the hobgrot. His talents for getting information already coming into play.

Not all Hobgrots

“This is Boglet’s shop. I said this. I sell things. You give me something shiny I get you something useful. You have something shiny to sell I have some Aqua in vials.” he spluttered as the Idoneths gaze washed over him.

“Let him down Kathe, he tells the truth” the Idoneth said as he sat down on a nearby log. “What can you tell me about This killbow and Vulcha?”

The hobgrot’s eyes sparkled as he was lowered to the stump, clambering to be upright again. “Oh, I know nothing much. Something shiny or valuable may jog my memory though…” he said, the glint of mischief and greed present in his eyes.


I am quite happy with the decision to include a hobgrot as a merchant in this weeks adventure. The books themselves talk about them being cunning and greedy merchants when encountered, or they are bullied into being in the war clans march. So when I need a way to give information, provide the inevitable mcguffin then what better than a greedy, sneaky merchant of goods and information.

I want to thank you once again for joining me on this Soulbound adventure. I am quite passionate about efficiencies in my work and home life and being able to merge my love for RPGs and Warhammer is just, joy. So if you would like to start a Soulbound group then I am happy to provide some more GM content in the future focused on Soulbound.

Tomorrow I expand this adventure further with the information that Boglet can be persuaded or paid to let go of. So don’t forget to come back for that and the future nights as we evolve this adventure. So as always, I hope to grant you the rerolls you need to succeed and hope that you return to adventure and excitement,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Pennywhistle Company

Hello and welcome to another night where we look at the NPCs for this weeks adventure! Tonight we set out sights on the Pennywhistle company as they are in dire need of assistance after a fast attack from bandits, and a brash headed daughter giving chase. So sit back, enjoy the NPC art and let’s roll on with tonight’s content!

The Pennywhistle Company


The Pennywhistle Company – Travelling Merchants and more

The Pennywhistle company specialises in getting the goods people want to the places they need it. Not a large company they specialise in boutique wares and the owner of the mercantile company, Ruthor, has a solid mind for business. His wife Eve is a half-elf who wanted a quiet life after being a member of the kings army. But having never quite fit nor finding acceptance for her heritage she fell in love with a travelling merchant who saw who she was besides her ears. While Eve is disciplined, strong and stoic Ruthor is emotional, empathetic and passionate. These traits were blended nearly perfectly in their daughter, Beau, who is both strong and emotional – a trait that sees her get the better over her father but clash with her mother.

The last piece in the puzzle is the oldest business partner and hired guardian of the caravan, Stephan. Stephan is the one who introduced Eve to Ruthor after Stephan overheard Eve’s desire to leave the army and knew that Ruthor needed an extra guard. What Stephan didn’t account for as the relationship that would blossom from there.

The Members

Ruthor Pennywhistle

Created in

Despite being susceptible to anyone who plays to his empathy and humanity Ruthor is a tactical and keen business man with a keen eye for not only profit, but lucrative business investments.

He values the success that his business brings second only to his family and oldest friend. Due to this he will risk it all to protect them and see that they have the best care that his money can buy. This frivolous behaviour is one of the things that Eve and he don’t see eye to eye on.

Eve Pennywhistle

Created in Artbreeder

Eve is swift and lethal with a blade or spear and knows how to repair just about anything with very limited resources. Assigned to the support core where she mended supply wagons and guarded them from attack she is used to defending and fighting near and with land vehicles. This makes her a perfect companion in the Pennywhistle Company.

Whilst business and bandits respond well to her discipline and cold stare her daughter does not. Eve and her daughter do not see eye to eye frequently but there is a mutual respect and adoration for each other that is undeniable.

Beau Pennywhistle

Created in Artbreeder

Wild and strong Beau has her mothers knack for battle and her fathers high emotions. She learnt how to defend herself early on from her mother and has attempted to learn the tricks of the trade from her father. But the wilds call to her and she would rather be riding a horse through the plains and forest than sitting on a wagon.

Despite being reckless and undisciplined she can take care of herself and not only does she and her mother make a lethal combination but Stephan and her are a sight to behold when fighting side by side.


Created in Artbreeder

Stephan is the oldest friend of Ruthor and business partner of the Pennywhistle company. The closest thing to a confidant and uncle to Beau they have a strong bond and can be found sparring around the camp fire most nights. Stephan’s melee prowess is second only to Eve but he is just as calculating and tactical as Ruthor is in business but with battle.

Once a mercenary for hire he was hired many years ago and once the contract was over he joined the company as a partner so he could continue to travel whilst keeping his skills sharp.

Tonight I had a lot of fun when creating the NPC portraits. Utilising for Ruthor (and attempting to create one for Eve) I wanted something a bit more tailored for the NPCs tonight. So returning to trusty Artbreeder was the easiest step for me. With how the blend of a broader face of Ruthor and the fine elven features from Eve I am happy with the resemblance in Beau. Stephan gives me Jeremy Irons vibes and I am happy that it sparks memories of a few movies I enjoyed similar characters in.

Don’t forget that tonight is still the beginning of the week. Tomorrow we reveal the twists and turns of the woods so don’t forget to come back tomorrow. Thursday night I hope to have a few maps available (emphasis on few) for this weeks encounter and look forward to producing them. And lastly I hope that you spend a bit of time nurturing that creative spark or indulging in some Tabletop games this week and if it’s Dungeons and Dragons, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The People of Cherpa

Hello and welcome to Tuesday night where we look at the people of Cherpa and become a bit more acquainted with them. This week we look at two halflings and the children they watch out for in this town as they try and keep the traditions afloat. So sit back, have a coffee and let’s roll on with it.

The People of Cherpa


In Cherpa there is no real hierarchy or leader system in Cherpa nor is their regular guard. Everyone in the town is expected to be a member of the militia and called upon when in need. The people of Cherpa are generally known for being cheerful and happy and the halflings are the primary race in the town.

Gerald Plumton

Gerald Plumton; created in Artbreeder

Short, strong and friendly are all words that would describe Gerald Plumton, one of the oldest halflings in Cherpa. Despite his age he is an extremely social and active member in the community and is charged with running the fairs and events for the people of Cherpa. Gerald is the one that is actively seeking help and offering a reward for anyone who can assist the town in finding the cherpa hens.

Doris Tender

Doris Tender; created in Artbreeder

The halfling Doris Tender is the long time friend, sometimes more, of Gerald. Doris has been a successful handler of her cherpa hen partners for many years and is the only townsfolk to have more than one bird bonded with her. She owns the local general store that provides equipment and goods to travellers but is known for her charitable nature.

Casey and Corey Murlay

Casey Murlay; created in Artbreeder
Corey Murlay; created in Artbreeder

Casey is the older sister of Corey Murlay. They both moved here when their father went to war and mother became a chambermaid for a nobleman’s daughter in the city. They lived with their uncle for some time before he got sick and passed away but the townsfolk, particularly Doris and Gerald have looked after them like they were family.

Prone to bouts of cheekiness and trickery these children are as fun loving as the halflings they have spent most of their lives with.

Tonight we met some of the people of Cherpa. Tomorrow we will expand on the issue at hand, the missing birds, and look for answers. Don’t forget to come back for the rest of the week as we expand and create this adventure and lastly, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Folk Heroes

Tonight I wanted to look at two folk heroes that we can use in any game. Both were fundamentally just artwork I created* and their story, objectives and potential were inspired by the art. Both heroes are well known by their peers and enemies alike but chose to live a simply life instead of ruling or conquering – despite having the potential to do so. I think there is something truly noble in that and wanted the inspiration for today to really send a message that heroes are also born from nothing and don’t have to aspire to be the loudest or brightest in the room.

Folk Heroes


Folk Heroes – Randall Hensley

Folk Hero – Randall Hensley Created in

Randall was recruited into a mercenary company from a very young age. He learnt that to fight for his life and his meals whilst serving with his brothers when in the service to a king, a madman but powerful. As the renown of the company grew to greater heights so did his passion to improve his skill sets and so he searched for forgotten blades of Ikshar. These blades were forged by master smiths of their time and then blessed by the priests of a falling deity.

As such no ordinary warrior could wield them but Randall trained harder so that one day when he found them he would be worthy. When his boss, the company leader, brought him into the tent and provided him a map to the powerful blades Randall rushed off to find that they were guarded by a feeble old man. Seeing the pain and suffering that he was enduring Randall came to understand that the blades carried a curse. You would be unbeatable, unable to be bested by the blades of mortal men but… you would watch everyone and everything you lived or cared for die and wither away to nothing.

He swore and oath to ensure that no one would take these blades for greed or power. And the priest so convinced by his change of heart gave them to him. Over the next decade he did not grow old but he watched his family, the mercenary company slowly die one by one. He began to seek out death and eventually, he got his wish. He faked his own death and fled for a distant land to find peace where no one seeking the blades power could find them.

Randall now resides as a merchant selling bags, rope and other general goods to adventurers and who ever is in need. Content to live his life and to not take anything for granted. The blades curse still holds him tightly but he has only had to draw them once. To protect the village from an Orc slavers raid.

Folk Heroes – Anne Rivers

Anne Rivers: created in artbreeder

Not blessed by magical blades, a deity, spirit or Fae, Anne has spent her life sticking up for the small people. An orphan by any other name is still an orphan, however Anne rose above her sad start to become a guardian for all. Abandoned as her parents had no need for a seventh daughter she grew up with a woman who was just kind enough to feed and clothe her but not kind enough to love her. She learnt that a family isn’t just who you were born to, who you were raised by but who you chose to keep close and value above all else.

She started to look out for the other orphans and street urchins when she was little. In fact this trend continued well past her teens where she became more of a mother and leader figure to a rather well known street gang. This gang however didn’t rob, hustle or attack others but they carried messages and did odd jobs for the community. Something that Anne enforced with an iron fist. Soon Anne became well respected by the merchants and city folk in her district but others began to take note.

Now in each story there has to be some villain somewhere and ours lies with the city guard. Corrupt as they were numerous it was hard to sneeze in the city without the guard trying to extort money out of you. In fact the city guard tried that numerous times with Anne and her gang but she resisted heavily. When the Guard started to move in and try the same tricks with the people in her district they quickly found out why she rules the streets.

Several skirmishes and small fights later and the guard tried to take her out by force. The battle was bloody and the casualties many but Anne invoked the right of single combat with the captain of the guard. The stakes were high but Anne watched as the guard began to beat and riot through the shops even as she had invoked the right and her desire for justice was unquenchable. In a clutch moment, using the uneven terrain of the streets she lunged on the far better equipped captain and slew him. Her first kill.

The towns folk rallied to her and pushed back the guard. In fact that day the guard came to know that her little family of street gang members were not just urchins and messengers but they could in fact hold their own in a street fight. Their streets their rules.

The guard did not return to the district again and with Anne at the lead the other district soon stood up against the corruption. Anne’s name is still whispered when ever there is any unrest, the city folk believing that she will rally and rise up against any injustice and tyranny that threaten her extended family.

Thanks for dropping by tonight and reading about the ideas on these two folk heroes. Not all heroes wear capes, as the saying goes, and in this instance they also dont call themselves heroes. But they serve the people and fight for what’s right when they need to. So don’t forget this when you look to your next adventure and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Aster Sepharin

The twentieth day of Dice-ember finally brings Aster Sepharin to us. So let’s look at our antagonist for this years Dice-ember and the imagery that inspires her. She is a young yet powerful mage who is driven to master her art not just for herself, but for a village that would rather she didn’t. But people do crazy things for the things and people that they believe they love.

Aster Sepharin


Aster Sepharin: Created in

Aster is young by magic user standards but she is dedicated and driven to her craft. Not necessarily evil or bad but her creations or, to be more exact, her inexperience with them leads to disaster. She is after all a passionate yet frustrated young lady that others don’t share her vision or drive. Yet despite her drive, talent and passion she still has room left in her life for generosity and despite the means to getting there her creation of constructs was meant to be the way forward into the new era for the townsfolk of Snowtown.

Aster Sepharin: created in artbreeder

And that’s it for tonight. As we inch closer to the end of the year I wanted to say thanks for those who have joined me for this journey. Don’t forget to keep the spark of creativity alive this festive season and don’t forget to come back for the last few days of Dice-ember as we wrap up this adventure. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe