Expanded Battlefield – Ice Queen

Welcome to the bonus content night aptly named, Expanded Battlefield – Ice Queen, where we feature a… well expanded battlefield for our battle with the Ice Queen. Tonight we find ourselves with 3 more maps to situate around our initial one from Sieged under snow. So Enjoy!

Expanded Battlefield – Ice Queen


West map (West 1)

More forest-y than the other maps this one would be a good candidate for a “breached wall” part of the battle. Where the wall crumbles and Oni, undead and other creatures who are fighting spill into the woods past the wall. This map links in immediately left of the main map and south (under) west 2 where the walls should just line up nicely.

Map West 1 made with Inkarnate.com

North-west Map (west 2)

With a more direct imposing section of the wall into the map this map goes in the top left hand side of the 4. A good height on the tower it enables archers and those with ranged capabilities to defend the area and take down enemies with relative safety. Until the tower crumbles that is.

Map West 2 made with inkarnate.com

Northern Map (North 1)

Directly north above our first battle map this one here shows what’s beyond the ice queen and is the direct path to the Shadows Throne. Perhaps good for showing where enemies are or how long until they reach the wall (or the Yuki-onna) this map adds more depth into the battlefield.

Map North 1 made with Inkarnate.com

A nice short one tonight with some additional easy to do maps. However by using Inkarnate to produce these maps I was able to use the same background colours and layers and keep the sizing the same. In fact a lot of the wall section, trees, bodies and hills are the same scale as I duplicated the first image. This enabled me to make sure the scale was consistent across all the maps.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for maybe a random encounter and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe