The Butatō

Tonight we add to one of the horde and introduce the Butatō, a board headed small goblinoid who follows the war parties of the Shadow. Fearful and cowards by nurture they were once fearsome and proud warriors who would wage wars with the Oni – now they are little more than slaves for their more powerful cousins.

Tonight’s introduction of a new race can be used in any previous session with Oni however more specifically in this months adventure and the next. So let me know what you think of The Butatō!

The Butatō


The Butatō

The Butatō are boar headed humanoids who inhabit the shadowlands to the north or Ryokughan. Much like the Oni their ancestors entered into a contract with the being and since them have been bound into servitude. However the Butatō were once a proud race and through centuries their once proud stature and position in the world had diminished to a fraction of what it once was. They are now most commonly seen amongst the war parties of Oni, looting corpses and firing arrows at the enemies of their much larger and stronger warrior caste.

They were once the size of Oni and would frequently engage in conflict with the other goblinoids however they are mainly slaves to the Oni now. Cowards by nature they will fire an arrow haphazardly at the enemies before running away as fast as they can. They share the same survival sense of Goblins from Faerun and ill occasionally have a leader of sorts, a boss, who leads the battlefield scavengers.

Away from the battlefield they are slaves and used as such by the larger servants of the Shadow. Neither wilful enough or brave enough to stand up against their masters they are seen as little more than cattle to be used.

This marks the end of another week here with Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. I will look at introducing a few more variations of The Butatō in the coming weeks so make sure you come back for that if you like what you see here tonight. Also don’t forget to come back this weekend for the end of month wrap-up and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe