Logistics of the Throne of Shadow

Welcome to Thursday where I turned my hand towards the very familiar effort of drawing a map and this week was the logistics of the throne of shadow. Sometimes its easier to hand draw a map with the features you want in it than to create something online or using software. There is also something satisfying about a map such as the one tonight which brings back the nostalgia of simpler times.

But tonight we are here for a map and whilst not my finest work (still working on about 3 hours sleep a night for over a week now) it will do the job for this weeks encounter.

Logistics of the Throne of Shadow


Bottom of the map

There are some cave ins that don’t look like they can be fixed with a pick and shovel but most of the map is connected. Most rooms are left bare to be filled in as we see fit. There is a mess hall to the left of the ritual hall and on the top of the page there is a set of stairs leading to a balcony where archers could be stationed, perhaps a large table for looking at a map for defence coordination.

Top of the map

The top half of the map is new, roughly carved, uneven ground with sharp edges. Even the walls and square(ish) rooms are uneven and basic however there is evidence of technology and infrastructure taking place in most rooms. A barracks to the left of the large room of the main entrance serves to feed troops to the wall or the the defence of the Ritual hall or southern rooms. The warren where the prisoner cells are could be filled with critters or beasts that get fed the scraps (dead prisoners) or as a sleeping quarters for the lowest of slaves and servants in the citadel.

The prisoner cells located at the top right of the map is where the Ogre encounter happens. The tunnels to the Ritual hall (centre of the map) should be hidden and either investigated and stumbled into naturally or with a guide. The bottom half of the map should be a mixture of old dwarven stone work and newly hewn, rough stone (likely the Oni).

Thanks for coming again tonight. Hopefully my brief moment of nostalgia with a hand drawn map brings back memories of your first days, sneaking a look at your DMs map and working out where the traps, the dragon or the treasure is. Don’t forget we have at least two stat blocks to talk about so don’t forget about them and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe