Shadow Born Ogre and the Shadows Avatar

Welcome to Fight night where I have something perhaps a bit exciting to reveal. Both the Shadow Born Ogre and the Shadows Avatar stat blocks! So sit down, have a coffee and lets go through the creatures lurking in the shadows.

Shadow Born Ogre and the Shadows Avatar


Created in Tetra-cube

Shadow Born Ogre

The Shadow is very selective in who it trusts and loans its power to. This Ogre through sheer strength, malice and willingness to spread the shadows corruption was one of the favoured ones. Engaging the party quickly and with great sweeping blows I would set his initiative to 15 and keep it there. The shadow didn’t just bless this brute with more strength and shadow infused blows but with a cunning intellect. It knows when its in trouble and will act accordingly. Willing to grab, grapple and hold hostages this should be a tough warmup fight.

Also made in Tetra-cube

The Shadows Avatar

Bit of a spoiler – the ritual goes off but not half as much as it would have wanted. By drawing the life from all its minions (through its back up plan) it manages to scrape by at this power level – not the full force of a deity but close enough for the average mortal.

Fast, intelligent, charismatic and having the ability to induce fear upon the entire party this is a mean creature. Immune to damage unless magical or dealing radiant damage this will take some chunking before it goes away.

Having a unarmed attack that can turn into a free grapple is good, as a legendary action it can help make this creature feel stronger and more imposing that it should. The scimitar is also quite strong with its strength drain ability. Party members will start to fear this attack if the fight goes on too low as instant death is a rare thing in D&D5e.

This weapon deals a lot of damage and it intrinsically linked to the Shadow – if someone else uses the sword it loses the negative damage but will regain its ability to reduce strength scores – for a prince. The shadows corruption. But I will cover this later.

Thanks for dropping by to have a look at this weeks stat blocks. I am quietly confident that we will have a few good fights in this weeks adventure as we wrap up the 11 month campaign so don’t forget to check out the finished product this weekend. I will also be looking at a creative write up on Saturday so don’t miss out on that as well and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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