One shot ideas, Lights

Welcome to another Saturday night filled with creative juices. On the mend and staring into a darkened room I bring you one shot ideas, lights!

Lights for many mean comfort and safety. It reveals that there is nothing in the shadows and it brings with it warmth and comfort. But what we see outside of the dome of light is limited as comfort and warmth blinds us. Perhaps the better question is what can see us as we are revealed by the warming glow of the light.

Tonight, as last week, I will cover a few one shot ideas around light.

One shot ideas, Light – 1

The party is content around their campfire as they sit down under the rocky overhang they look at the map before them. Rumour was that there was a beast out in the hills they were travelling through that was responsible for entire herds of sheep and goats going missing. They had spent a few nights searching already but they hadn’t seen any trace in of the creature.

Across the clearing the beast stalked forward, the figures in the campfire illuminated perfectly as they huddled over a box.

As the party continues to look at the map they become increasingly aware of the deafening silence of the wilds around them. Standing to look away from the map they looked past the flow from the flickering flames and out into the muted darkness, not aware of the creature that looked straight back at them.

He classic beast stalking party at night just outside of the light of the campfire. A chase scene, perhaps backwards and forth between werewolf and the party.

One shot ideas, Light – 2

The party strolled down the streets of Fobertown they marvelled at the sights, smells and delights that the city brought. As they continued to stroll down towards the seaside. Having had their fill of shopping and feasting they marveled at the costal city and its wonders.

Slowly faint bobbing lights drifted across the waves towards the city. The party watched as other city goers stopped and watched the lights as they spread across the waves. Slowly the number of lights multiplied and the party began to feel uneasy.

It’s another classic. Pirate raid on a costal city! This one the party will have to fight through a few pirates as they try and raid the city and take the party, and citizens as prisoners. Perhaps a slaving ship could be involved from lizardfolk raiders. A lot of potential in this simple plot.

That’s it for tonight. Thanks for joining me as I went through two different adventure ideas on tonight. Light works both ways with predators and party both benefiting from thr party using light. But it goes noth ways. It could be the party ambushing where their quarry, bandits or poachers, have a campfire and the party move in for a surprise attack.

Light isn’t just for people it can be for traps. A solitary torch may draw in the party for a trap or ambush, the possibilities are endless and light can be a useful tool in our kit. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for end of week writeup and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe