Distortion Field

Welcome to the last Monday where I create content related to the Adventure of this last month. Tonight I want to propose something for those players who decide to travel across thr waves and head home to Fareun, a distortion field.


Distortion Field


The salty sea wind caressed their tired faces as they stared towards the bow of the boat. It had been a week since they confronted the Shadow and defeated it, though at a steep cost.

Now returning home felt like the best option for those onboard. Away from the evil they had seen, witnessed and the loss of those who they had grown accustomed to.

“with good weather we should be home within a week” the captain called out, not Kyoko… She stayed behind with her family.

“be on the lookout for pirates and beasties now. We need to warn them we have the heroes of  Ryokughan onboard so they have a chance to flee with their lives” the captain barked out in a mirth riddled tone. The crew laughed and cheered as the large ship bobbed up and down on the waves.

The captain was right. They had made good progress and the few ships they did see left them alone. The weather was fair and great for sailing and they were perhaps halfway home already. “You’ll be glad to be home now aye?” One of the crew asked as she handed around a bottle of liquid, rum. Definitely rum. “I can’t imagine going through what you lot have but is going home the right thing? After all you’ve done and seen. Surely you have the hunger for adventure. I know when I was a young girl and joined aboard..” she was cut off by a loud whistle.

“all hands on deck. Look lively. The spotter has seen some oddities in the waves. Be on the lookout for anything strange…” Now it was the captains turn to be cut short as a wall of wind and translucent colour materialised infront of the boat and spread out like a curtain of some great jellyfishes stingers.

The boat had no chance to swerve or adjust and plowed into the curtain of colour. Except, it didn’t. The bow of the boat passed through harmlessly as the colours danced across the hull, sails, rigging and crew alike. As it crossed over the party their skin tickled and as they spoke it was in several octaves higher than normal. The crew laughed and marvelled at the spectacle and as boat slowed they realised they had come into a pocket where no air was present.

“be prepared men in to paddle us out. I don’t like this at all.” Thr captain squeaked.

The crew moved to prepare the long oars whilst giggling at the captains voice. This distortion field affected other things too. Colours changed, sounds were different and even walking felt odd. As they were about to put the oars into the water the sails picked up again and the distortion suddenly stopped.

“onwards. To Daye!” The captain called, much less squeaky than a moment ago.

Under the waves alien creatures swam and moved through the water away from the boat. The creatures that flew on the wind currents up high beat their three pairs of wings as six eyes scanned below for a meal.


A distortion field is a way to either throw the party into a new realm, new horrors and adventures or have that world seep through. Or, it could be nothing but a weird occurrence and the party carries on with another story to add to their tale of the land of Ryokughan.

Well its the start to a new week but end of a eleven month campaign. Thanks to all that have followed this journey with me and I look forward to what comes next. Dont forget to come and read the last week, this week, as we wrap some things up and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe