Aerial Terrors

Friday is here and tonight I have a small update which really is just exploring the concept of Aerial Terrors. For me this is fitting for not just D&D but any TTRPG as well as for my other passion, Warhammer. The idea of creatures flying down from the sky to harass and disrupt not only enemy archers but wizards and sometimes warriors is really appealing. It creates an extra level to combat and it doesn’t have to be a dragon, corrupted vulture, griffin or something else terrifying but even something like a flock of ravens or bats can pose a risk.

So let’s briefly explore Aerial Terrors together tonight.

Aerial Terrors


Now the following statblocks are something that I would recommend for any level campaign, from mundane to legendary. The difference really is that at lower levels these can also be deadly where as later levels it will pose more of a nuisance rather than risk for the party.

All stat blocks taken or modified in tetra-cube.

The idea behind these creatures is two fold. Swarms surround the party member, ranged or otherwise and act as a distraction for hard hitting ranged party members. They also can swarm on melee combatants and force the choice, disengage and move towards another target and suffer attacks of opportunity from the swarm OR stay and fight something whose purpose is to tie you down.

Individual targets can fly down and attack one by one before flying out of reach as a way of creating distractions or forcing people to expend readied actions or reactions to counter. These creatures, and these additions to encounters, are relatively low in threat so adding these to a few encounters are summons, minions or just natural inhabitants to a cave could spice up encounters.

That’s all we have for tonight. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more content and the end of month write-up and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe