The Cherpa Mill

Thursday night has come and with it brings the map for the Cherpa Mill at night. Fireflies flitter across the tall grass and amongst the trees from this long abandoned building and despite the light it does indeed look haunted as the people of Cherpa warned the party.

The Cherpa Mill


As the cold mist of the evening starts to settle down upon the long grass flickering pinpoints of light can be seen from the large, old window of the Mill. As fireflies flitter through the sprint night sky the unmistakeable apprehension of the outcome of the little boy in the mill starts to weigh on the party.

The mill is old with many of the boards and planks of wood having come loose and fallen down over the years. The tattered vanes of the windmill lay motionless as their damage renders them unable to move. But despite this there is a soft noise coming from inside the mill which draws the party in closer.

Broken barrels and crates surround the walls of the mill and a broken stairway leads to a second story where goods would have once been stored. However both the goods, the flooring and the stairs are broken and unreliable making passage across them dangerous at best.

Cherpa Mill – created in Inkarnate

Thoughts on the Cherpa Mill

Normally beneath the Mezzanine lies empty space and the remnants of old hay and straw bales. However presently it hosts dozens of cherpa hens as they huddle around the muffled cries of a young boy. The torches that were lit to guide the children in their mischief send dancing lights across the lower story of the mill. But there is a scratching and movement in the shadows that unnerves the hens and humans alike.

Thanks for visiting tonight to join me in looking over the two storied mill. I had a lot of fun with the map tonight as there is something soothing and fun when playing with light orbs. The Fireflies and trees help breakup the stagnant and plain outside of the mill and add more depth for the party. I hope you enjoy the map as much as I enjoyed creating it. Don’t forget to let me know how you go using it and if you do tweak it in Inkarnate please share!

Don’t forget to come back and visit me tomorrow. I will have more exciting encounters and a non-standard creature to reveal. I hope to see you back for the encounter tomorrow and for this weekend when I wrap the first adventure of the year up. Also, don’t forget that this year will be primarily focusing on one shots. I hope to bring one or more oneshots a month so you will just have to come back to find your favourites. And as always I will leave you with wishing you the best luck in your endeavours and remind you to not forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe