Hunters in the Mill

Tonight we look at the Hunters in the Mill with out instalment of Friday fightnight! These creatures are generally not used in many adventures but they would make a great addition to any wilderness or rural encounter. Or urban for that matter, where ever you may have a need for someone to buy exotic pets. But enough of this and let’s roll into tonight’s encounter.

Hunters in the Mill


As the squeaking intensified so did the unease in the cherpa hens. What ever was hunting them was close, somewhere in the gloom of the mill. A flurry of fur and a long bushy tail gave away the creature as it moved, it was big, the size of an average dog perhaps but it was sleep and slender. Across the other side of the room the same rustle, the same glimpse of a tail and brown fur, then another on the rafters above their head. It was either fast, or with a sickening thought, there were many of them.

Giant weasel – sourced in Tetra-cube!

The leader

No sooner than they had started to let the large birds out of the mill the sounds of scratching could be heard. It was at first faint, then it grew in intensity. Slowly the urgency continued until a frantic pace was achieve then the largest weasel that any one had seen in recent memory burst forth. It tackled the last hen that was leaving the mill and brought dagger like fangs into the neck of the foul. The birds were strong though and it managed to thrash the weasel off its back and fly to the rafters. But that’s also when it noticed the party. It’s slain pack laying at their feat and the smell of their musk and blood drenched into their clothes. With a squeal of rage it launched itself at the party, its sharp claws, sharper teeth and thick hide ready for a fight.

Dire weasel – created in Tetra-cube!

Tonight is a nice easy two part encounter. Creatures with keen senses (hearing) would detect the dire weasel pack alpha before it attacks. But if they don’t then it ambushes them as they are weary after fighting its kin.!

This weekend we will expand a bit more on some of the content I want to include in this weeks adventure without going too in depth. This is meant to be a nice intro into the system and new world that we are spinning up this year and its meant to be simple at first. So don’t forget to come back tomorrow and Sunday as we wrap this week up. Don’t forget to keep some time aside for your own adventures in life and don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe