Brung Ironsoul the Arkanaut Admiral

Tonight I want to look at Kathes companion, the Soulbound, Brung Ironsoul the Arkanaut Admiral. I was hoping to provide a character sheet for him tonight as well but don’t have access to my normal setup so it will come later.

But tonight I want to give a bir of insight to Brung and his membership with the Soulbound.

Soulbound, Brung Ironsoul the Arkanaut Admiral


As Brung strode across the battlefield he couldn’t help but agree with his ancestors who held grudges against the stormcast eternals. “Impossible creatures those stormcast. A flawed machine churning out warriors? Pah! You won’t see machines like that in my skyport” he grumbled as the positions on his aether rig kept him moving despite the heavy armour.

In the light of Hysh his bronze, gold and blue armour was a sight to behold. He carried himself like a captain would amongst his ship mates and this caused many to move out of the way of the grumbling duardin and his companions.

“She has been through so much, we must understand and give her space to be who she needs to be” Gwen said as she nearly bounced behind the Kharadon.

“What she needs is to treat us with more respect. We are the binding charged by the warden of Hammerhall themself to guard these dawners.” He said, the urge to voice his thoughts growing. He missed his ship and his Arkanaut company, they knew how to function as a well oiled machine. He looked back at Gwen, and saw the concern in her face. “All I’m saying is she should consider us her team and let us help her more.” He resigned to saying.

The Idonenth behind Gwen spoke deeply, very uncharacteristically which startled both Gwen and Brung. “Perhaps our first point of call would be to investigate the missing scouts. They could be cut off from a route back to camp”.

After thinking for a moment Brung nodded. “A great observation Ymran. We may be able to scout them from the sky. Chuni’s pride could use the test flight.

Both Ymran and Gwen collectively groaned. The little Kharadron ship was far from stable or suitable. But the Kharadon loved it like a child.

“Let’s talk to the Dawn crusade general. Perhaps there is another course of action?” Gwen spoke with a little too much hope. The idoneth nodded on agreement.

Well that’s it for tonight content. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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