Waking Phantoms

Welcome to Friday Fightnight, or maybe tonight should be called Fright-night as we deal with waking phantoms. Tonight is all about the creatures that the party see when they have their nightmares. Shadowy, real, nightmarish or common – it doesn’t matter what they are in statistics just how we describe them as the DM.

Waking Phantoms


Tonight I am using Kobold Plus Fight club for a very specific reason. Looking for any creature(s) under CR1/2 (hard/ deadly) which each of the players will need to fight solo. It doesn’t matter what it is being from a could of goblins, kobolds to a single orc or gnoll as long as its enough to pose a threat to our level 2 characters.

This works across systems that have ways of balancing encounters as well. Soulbound you can have 2 warriors or a single warrior and a swarm of 3-4 minions appear in the dreams to haunt the players. Pathfinder would be similar as orcs and goblins but making sure that its balanced to be a hard or difficult encounter.

Remember that the creatures aren’t there to kill the party members. They are there to create exhaustion and prevent a full nights sleep. This is what pressures the players to solve the riddle and escape, but more on that tomorrow night.

As I mentioned earlier this week, (Haunting of the Inn) the party are attacked in their dreams. Each night when they go to rest they dream of a strange, or familiar place where they are attacked. This prevents them from fully resting as each time they try to get back to resting they simply can not. These creatures may morph from their allies or randomly appear in a door way but they need to be sudden and definitely out of place.

The maid that the bard was seducing may suddenly turn around and split into three goblins. Or the priest that the cleric was consulting may open a door and throw the party member in to be torn apart by zombies or skeletons. What ever the creature the difficulty doesn’t matter and death shouldn’t be the goal.


This weeks encounter should be a fun one. I have planned it to be non-deadly encounters with a deadly consequence. As we know in a few game systems without proper rest you don’t heal, can’t replenish limited powers (once per day abilities, spell slots, toughness or wounds, etc.). So that means for our party what I have planned is actually quite serious.

In D&D5e exhaustion caps out at 5 effectively. The final stage being 6 results in the creature dying. This means our party has exactly 4 days (day 5 they cant move) until they simply waste away into nothing. The 1st and 2nd day wont be a big stress but once they catch on what’s happening the last few days will be a frantic rush to escape. This will be fun.

Thanks for visiting tonight and looking at the encounters we have planned with the waking phantoms. This weekend we will ahve the finishing touches added to the adventure before we close off with, I hope, another Zine (adventure booklet!). So it’s been a big week and I am happy that you have decided to spend some time here with me.

Don’t forget that next week is the last week of the month week so I will have something a bit different planned and it should be good. And so I hope you don’t forget to come visit again and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe