The Parrots Call

Welcome to Wednesday night where we look at the advancement of our adventure this week as our party heeds the Parrots call. Now this one is a bit of a riddle to this week, with combat but perhaps with a twist. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s write-up.

The Parrots Call


The Parrot looked around the room at its silenced audience. A man stood up from his seat where moments ago he was slumped over.

“Shank. Shank foretells the arrival of the Flying Owlbear. See I am not crazy. The stories are true!” and he roared with laugher, ale froth still caught in his beard. With that the room cleared out, everyone running for the exits as the booming canon fire could be heard getting closer and louder. As the party went to move the parrot, Shank apparently, looked at the party. Its odd almost human like extra toes seeming to skitter across the table was it walked towards them.

‘Wait,’ it said as it got closer, turning its head to stare at the party with a ghostly eye. ‘Sin’s of the son wealth haunt the father. One unable to return to the place of his living, the other unwilling. One cursed to still live, the other lives a curse. Both existences healed only when both returns to ones place of birth.’ The parrot hopped closer and repeated it staring at them. Saying it loud enough that the sounds of canon fire seemed to punctuate the rhythmic sentences. Then the canon fire stopped and the parrot flew to land in front of the man who cried out before. Then with a groan of wood from outside signalling the arrival of something, the parrot flew towards the front of the Tavern and passed through the wall.

The stomping of boots came from the front of the tavern after a moment. Slowly the doors opened and a ghostly man strode in. Looking around he tavern he strode towards the bar, passing through a table, part of his ghostly body knocking over a tankard that bounced across the floor.

‘Rum, please.’ he said to no one, but a bottle flew across the table with a glass and he poured himself a glass.

‘So,’ he said as he turned to look at the party and the crazy man who remained. ‘Do you know where my treasure is?’


Tonight the riddle, the parrot, Bryce (the crazy old man) and the spectral NPC (Percy Bryceson) all play an important role. The riddle is hinting that we need both the Father, Bryce, and son, Percy to go home. There is the treasure and the encounter for the week. Well the encounter is on the boat as well – but let’s see if we can convince the party to get on a ghost ship that travels across the land…

Don’t forget to come back for the last few days of this week as we continue our adventure. I have some interesting maps, I hope, that I plan to do for this week as well as some more additions for our adventure. So I hope you will not forget to visit daily and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe