A Cursed Crew

Friday night is here and it brings with it the tidings of battle. Tonight we look at a cursed crew, burdened with the knowledge that they can never leave their vessel and only the instigator of the curse knows the cure. However that’s not quite right as there is another who knows and who is dying to, well, finally die.

A Cursed Crew


Tonight I want to broach the thought of hybrid monsters. I am not talking about the delightful owlbear or Seawolf or the like but the mix of two archetypes. The cursed crew that we will be encountering this week are a hybrid between a shadow and zombie. more nimble and spectral that a zombie, not as strong as a shadow but somewhere in between. So I will have a go at marrying the parts we need and see where we end up.

Created in Tetra-cube.


The idea behind these creatures is that they are the bound crew to the ship, except the captain of course and one other hidden one. But that’s for later.

They shouldn’t be able to do anything more than they could in life its just that they are affected by less. A normal strike, blow or cut from a normal weapon that would remove an arm connects but the semi-spectral body doesn’t appear to affect them as much. They aren’t meant to be strong as reflected by their actions but they are a pest that is hard to kill and they fight as they would be used to by now. By swarming and hoping their semi-spectral blades connect (reflected by poor to hit and damages).

Due to the increased durability they are more of a threat than a zombie but less than a shadow – but CR1/2 is probably the most suitable that we will come across.

As we wrap up another week here make sure to set aside some time for your hobby this weekend. I have a little goal to try and get a small force of Nighthaunt ready for a “let’s play” event I am assisting with in a few weekends time. For me this motivates me to pain models, something I struggle with, but it also has me excited to paint a few models I have in boxes still. So hopefully I will be able to field something other than Ghouls, Ghosts or Rats in the near future.

Don’t forget to come back to see what else helps to inspire this weeks adventure and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe