The Prince’s Lair

Welcome to Saturday night after a long day of teaching Warhammer and some painting this morning, more on that soon, I give to you the Prince’s Lair. What prince, dragon or otherwise, can resist having a nice place to rest, amongst his gold and admire himself. The main antechamber for this cave is fitted with hidden roof access for ease of flight in and out – great for escaping. A raised platform to overlook your minions and worshipers. And, of course, a pile of gold and treasure complete with giant mirror.

But there is also traps, cages for animals (or captives) and a whole room dedicated to the sleeping arrangements of your servants. The prince is as generous as he is ruthless.

The Prince’s Lair


The entrance to the cave is a squishy 10 feet. This gives enough room for the party to get into the cave and hopefully they have a torch as there is a bear-trap right at the entrance. Also in this entrance room there is a single, polished, clean and fantastic looking balde laying in the ground, tip down. Anyone who picks up this blade or moves to examine it within its space triggers a spikey mallet on a bat. Ouch!

Moving past this room to the right of the cave entrance is a hallway where a lot of noise can be heard, animals and some distant soft, muffled sobbing. But the party best be careful as there is a spike lined pit trap hidden here too, that’s something you don’t want to fall into.

‘The Stables.’

The room is filled with cages filled with starving wolves, giant scorpions, badgers and the like. The cages all are linked to ropes that appear to be tied somewhere in the room. If the party is careful they should be able to get in and get out without alerting the pen watchmen to their presence. However, even if opened up the animals may turn on the kobolds!

There are a few sheep, a singular young cow and with the cow a young female who is the farm assistant who looked after the animals.

The nesting room.

The Prince’s lair wouldn’t be complete without servants quarters, and boy do we have the best here. Another bear trap and pitfall trap greet would-be assailants filled with over a dozen nests. These can be populated with resting kobolds, or, perhaps the kobolds who lived in these nests are no longer here.

There may be some hidden trinkets and weapons amongst the rough straw nests but I’ll leave that up to you.

‘The Throne Room.’

Large, roof access and treasure to gloat over. This room has everything someone could need. There is enough space for the prince to fly around and torment attackers with his frost breath. Or he can hide in the very high ceilings and lunge at the party when they don’t expect it. A set of steps lead up to the where the prince rests, under a pile of snow and bones but don’t let that fool you. At the slightest sound of his treasure being disturbed he will lunge forward and attack any soo foolish.

This is assuming he is encountered in the cave and not in the forest outside.

Traps shown – Kobold Cave- Created in Inkarnate

Trapless Kobold Cave – Created in Inkarnate

Thanks for joining me tonight. I had a lot of fun with creating the caves tonight and joining some existing assets together made it easier that I anticipated. The treasure platform makes for a good target for the party to investigate but I must stress, the prince doesn’t like to share his gold. I hope that you enjoyed the map tonight and I hope you don’t forget to come back tomorrow. I will endeavour to create some Soulbound and one (or two zines) tomorrow but I will have to see how I go.

Don’t forget that next week is a new adventure and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe