The Princes Guard

Friday night is and the excited yips and calls from the Princes Guard echo through the hills and trees. But there is also another malicious presence, one that makes the kobolds quiver and emit the thick stench of fear. The Prince is amongst the trees, in the caves and he does not take kindly to those who would threaten his throne!

The Princes Guard


Now, for those who are not complete nerds like myself the kobold is a humble nuisance who plays a very important role for all campaigns. They teach the party to never underestimate the lesser races. While one kobold wont do much, a dozen will, and taking into consideration what the lord of monsters, Volo, has to say about them – they love their traps. You will never stumble into kobolds territories without a snare, a spike trap, a falling log, pit traps, badger in a cage or a bag of scorpions falling on your head. These little scavengers and tinkerers are something that’s great about low level D&D.

The other part about kobolds is their uncanny ability to flock to dragons to serve them – and what better dragon than a young male chromatic one. Dragons even in wyrmling states may try and build up their territory and treasure from a young age. The Prince in this story is no different and he happened to find a pack of kobolds in the hills he wanted to live in. What luck!

The Prince

Now this is a rather, err, DM sided adventure. What I mean by that is that these creatures are weak. If you don’t put yourself in their shoes, err, claws you wont challenge your party. The Wyrmling isn’t a terrifying entity, the size of a large dog but smaller than a horse the only thing that makes them truly terrifying is their fly speed and breath weapon. So IF we want to play to our strengths these creatures will swoop in low, breath a cone of cold then fly away. If and only if ground combat looks like its extremely favourable in their favour – or they have some minions to distract the interlopers do they go toe-to-toe.

That being said. The white dragon is note an intelligent beast. Wise enough to know to run it probably isn’t smart enough to work out traps, baits or feints and being a young prince it will probably be extremely proud of itself. This means that if the party can think outside of the box, play dead or set up a well planned or hidden trap the wyrmling will become a very easy fight. Abilities or actions to stop it from flying, or, to hinder its ability to move will ensure an easy victory.

Created in Tetra-cube


The Prince and his guard have made an appearance and the numbers will be in the favour of the kobolds and their leige. However with clever planning and tactics this should be an easy enough fight. However, that is if the party doesn’t get cold feet… Yup a bad nerdy joke. In fact it’s so bad its good.

Thanks for joining me tonight for some more changes to our adventure. But nevertheless don’t forget to come back this weekend for more content including a map of the lair. This weekend I will be joining some of my excellent fellow Warhammer players and running a “Introduction to Warhammer” day. So tomorrow you may have a lot of Warhammer content, some Warhammer and some Soulbound content or just a map. The day will tell. As always make sure to nurture that spark of inspiration and creativity and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe