Boglet’s Barter

Tonight we see the middle of the week adventure update includes our party dealing with Boglet’s Barter. A cunning and tricky merchant to pin down Boglet will only dish out the best information when properly bartered for. In fact he has a request for the information that may just suit our Binding’s own agenda. But let’s not spoil that early and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure update!

Boglet’s Barter


As Boglet saw a promise of his safety flashing before his eyes he decided to give a bit more information to help seal the deal. “Did you notice the strange mists that cling to the rock and the trees in the hills? Hmm? Did the twang of a taught bowstring echo across the valley and give you chills? hmm? The Waargh has many such instruments of destruction, many killbows trained on the sky.” he muttered quickly, his eyes sparkling with the recognition of the truth in his words.

“For the right price I can give you the location of these great bows. Surely heroes like yourself would make use of such information.” he said nodding in almost a sage like manner.

“What about the price of your life Hobgrot?” Brung barked as his hand moved to his hip.

“Now now Duardin. If I die the knowledge does. Fair trade is the motto of Boglet. Answer me a question truthfully and I’ll answer one in return. Information is valuable yes?” he mused as he stared nervously at the duardin.

“Ask your question then Hobgrot.” Kathe commanded as she stood a few feet from the creature.

“What are you doing out here in the hills?” he asked after a moment of contemplation. When the binding responded he nodded with satisfaction. “The killbows are being moved to point towards the humans and their allies. By dawn tomorrow there will be more bolts in corpses than the living. They aim to fire from that ridge,” he stopped and pointed to a high ridge in the hills behind them. Half a days march at most. “They will be guarded though…” he mused tapping a knowing finger on his chin.


“Guarded by what?” Gwen asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

“Now that information is a different price.” Boglet grinned. “Four phials of Aqua Ghyranis”.

After a moment of hesitation, bartering and some disagreements the price was paid. “The boss and his Vulcha guard the bows. Only he knows exactly what the plan is and he commands all. He is a dangerous boss but there will be moments where he isn’t with the bows, when he talks to the shamans or the Orruk megaboss. So I would avoid him at all costs.” he mentioned. After a moment he asked as he was investigating the phials. “What do you plan to do?”

“Destroy the bows, kill the boss,” Kathe said definitively, “it will tip the scales in our favour and potentially save the dawners.”

Boglet considered the answer for a moment. “Killing the boss is worth more than four phials..” he said as he passed the Aqua Ghyranis back. “Kill him dead and we are even” he muttered as the binding took their Aqua back.


To kill a Killaboss on Corpse-rippa Vulcha is no small feat. These things are tough. But perhaps if the party were to come up with a cunning plan its possible. The aim of this week is to intercept the deadly artillery and remove the head of the snake of the army. It will take a great feat of strength, some luck and a whole lot of mettle to best this foe. If planned right the killbows wont have a chance to shoot!

With tomorrow almost here I am looking at the Soulbound zones again. Checking to see if I can create a robust enough map to served the thematic scene I have in store as well as creating something that is both versatile and reusable. So as always, I hope to grant you the rerolls on your casting and I hope that you return to this adventure again soon,
The Brazen Wolfe