Boglet the wandering merchant

Tonight we expand upon our Soulbound adventure this week with the Binding meeting a new face, Boglet the wandering merchant. Boglet is a hobgrot who decided that life in the war clans was not all it was cracked up to be. So away from the bullying orruks he has struck out on his own for wealth and his own brand of glory. But to uncover his full story we will have to read on. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Boglet the wandering merchant


Boglet – Created in

Sneaky hobgrot!

The party continue in their march towards the gathering storm clouds up ahead, taking a few moments to rest every hour or so in order to maintain their rapid pace. However despite this no tell-tale bolts of lightning strike which would herald the deliverance of Stormcast Eternals to the battlefield. Instead the plume of dust rises from a singular point to meet the thunderhead above. It was on one such break that the party encountered something, or someone more precisely, quite odd.

“Psst. Hey. You. Over here” a voice said in a low tone from a large stump not far away. “yeah you.” the voice said again as they looked towards the stump. Approaching slowly, cautiously with weapons drawn they hovered above the stump.

“hello?” Gwen managed to get out as she stood behind her more forward companions.

“Greetings and salutations!” a cheerful and lisp-filled voice called out as a pale yellow bodied creature jumped out of the hollow and onto the edge of the log. “Welcome to Boglets Shop!”. It was a hobgrot – the party were familiar with them from the encounter yesterday. The hobgrot looked around at the party, read their expressions of either hatred, shock or disgust and dove back into the stump with a shriek.

Well that was its plan. Kathe reached forward with god infused strength and grabbed the hobgrots ankle. “Nooo. Let Boglet go! I ain’t doing nothin’ wrong. I don’t know anything to do with the Beast-skewer Killbow or the leader on Corpse-Rippa Vulcha.” he babbled as he tried to snatch at falling trinkets that came from the folds of his robe.

“What are you doing here?” Ymran said as he lowered his cold gaze to the hobgrot. His talents for getting information already coming into play.

Not all Hobgrots

“This is Boglet’s shop. I said this. I sell things. You give me something shiny I get you something useful. You have something shiny to sell I have some Aqua in vials.” he spluttered as the Idoneths gaze washed over him.

“Let him down Kathe, he tells the truth” the Idoneth said as he sat down on a nearby log. “What can you tell me about This killbow and Vulcha?”

The hobgrot’s eyes sparkled as he was lowered to the stump, clambering to be upright again. “Oh, I know nothing much. Something shiny or valuable may jog my memory though…” he said, the glint of mischief and greed present in his eyes.


I am quite happy with the decision to include a hobgrot as a merchant in this weeks adventure. The books themselves talk about them being cunning and greedy merchants when encountered, or they are bullied into being in the war clans march. So when I need a way to give information, provide the inevitable mcguffin then what better than a greedy, sneaky merchant of goods and information.

I want to thank you once again for joining me on this Soulbound adventure. I am quite passionate about efficiencies in my work and home life and being able to merge my love for RPGs and Warhammer is just, joy. So if you would like to start a Soulbound group then I am happy to provide some more GM content in the future focused on Soulbound.

Tomorrow I expand this adventure further with the information that Boglet can be persuaded or paid to let go of. So don’t forget to come back for that and the future nights as we evolve this adventure. So as always, I hope to grant you the rerolls you need to succeed and hope that you return to adventure and excitement,
The Brazen Wolfe