Guests of the Queen

Welcome to another night where we look at the potential NPCs of the week and this week we are meeting some guests of the queen. Well to be more exact we have a maid, the King, his guard captain and our devious assassin-come-thief. Now without getting too deep into the plot tonight and giving it away, let’s roll on with the adventure!

Guests of the Queen


Now the queen had a cunning plan in coming up with the masked ball. This enabled the king, is guard and one of the maids to pose as each other. Park would pretend to be the King, a maid, Este, would be the queen and the king would pretend to be the guard. The kicker, the party are unaware of the ploy being undertaken as to ensure that its believable.

Maid – Este

Maid Este – Created in Artbreeder.

Este has worked in the castle for some years now and attends the king and the empty bedroom where the queen is meant to reside. Despite looking young Este had elf blood in her ancestry and has seen more winters than many in the castle. Despite her station, the King and Park have grown to trust her and her ability to sense the intentions of people.

King Joseph Daroan

King Joseph Daroan – created in Artbreeder

No one would dispute the kindness that King Daroan has shown the people of the kingdom. Elected king after he defeated the previous king, a tyrant, he fought for the people and is known as a capable warrior. However with the battle for his crown over many attempts at his life had been made and one such one a few years ago left him not quite the same. Since then he started to celebrate his wife’s birthday, and refer to her being present in all things. Despite this the people are fiercly loyal to the king.

Guard Captain Park

Guard Captain Park – created in Artbreeder

Present when Joseph Daroan defeated the tyrant and principally responsible for the prevention of the majority of the attempts on his life Captain park is the kings oldest friend and ally. Despite the apparent decline in his mental health and sanity Park remains loyal to his friend but has faced his anger a few times when he questions his wife’s existence.

Lark Grundfello

Lark Grundfello – created in Artbreeder

Little is known about Lark, however he is one of those attempting the both murder the king and queen as well as steal their greatest treasure during the queens birthday feast. Lark however would tell you that the King is not what he seems and that he is a freedom fighter coming to rid the kingdom from a ruler that is corrupt and twisted by the foul powers that once tried to kill him.

Thank you for joining me tonight and looking at the NPCs I have created for this week. With half the adventure tied to the mystery behind the queen and the assailants I needed to try and keep tonight’s content brief. However, you wont have to wait long as tomorrow night we will investigate the plot further.

I hope that you will join me for the next few nights here as I expand the adventure further. In fact I still plan to have a bit of a surprise this weekend so make sure to come back for that as well. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe