Guildmaster of Varendeep

This week the party find themselves delving deep into the Deepgrove Forest all because of one man, the Guildmaster of Varendeep. Sometimes a face is all you need and these two have that quality in the bag. So let’s meet this so called Wolf and Doe and roll into the adventure!

Guildmaster of Varendeep


Olsen Atraven

Guildmaster of Varendeep - Olsen Atraven
Olsen Atraven- Created in Artbreeder

No one has quite brought fame to Varendeep as Olsen Atraven. Olsen moved into the city of Varendeep and created a large mercenary guild that quickly amassed wealth, power and influence. With Olsen there is always a next step or a next stage of his plans and he is willing to reward people handsomely if they can further his agenda.

The party meet Varendeep as they are approached with an offer of a job by Olsen in disguise as a messenger. He likes to test adventurers to see if they would make a good addition to his guild, or, can be of use to him.

But despite his odd ways Olsen is a master strategist and has aided in the defence of Varendeep. Given its position it suffers many attacks and raids from the more bestial of races of the land. But Olsen and his guild have defended the city well. With his keen mind at the helm they rarely suffer a loss or casualty and the city grew.


The party had made it to Varendeep. A impressive walled city that was well guarded and fortified heavily for attacks and raids. This was crucial as the many years it had scraped out an existence at the frontier of civilisation were trying. In fact its progress is rumoured to be the causation of a single man, Olsen Atraven.

The party had come here as they had heart word of the Guild of Varendeep offering items of power in exchange for jobs. However the promise of wealth and power always came at a price and many were not up to the tasks that were asked of them for the items that they desired.

But despite the jobs being difficult some of the artefacts that were promised in exchange of these jobs made even the most cowardly and timid of adventurers consider the offer. It was one such offer that drew the party to Varendeep this time. Like most guilds they had a guild hall and Varendeep’s guild hall was large and splendid. To enquire about such a quest that the guild had to offer one had only ask at the guilds counter and they would be looked after.

The deal

“We are here to enquire about the job that rewards the ring of wishes.” the party member spoke confidently. A slight hush descended across the guild hall as the receptionist look through a book before handing them a written letter. “Take this to Dern. He should be at the guild feasting hall into his third drink by now.” she said, a hint of either pity or annoyance in her voice.

After being shown the way to the feasting hall they were directed to a man sitting at a table with a few well armoured mercenaries. As they approached the two mercenaries left, ordering a round of drinks for the table as they left.

“I take it ye are here for my ring?” Dern said, his head covered in a hood. “Not just anyone can do it. Tell me about your selves. What have you accomplished heh?”

A short while later. “Hmm. Maybe you are what I have waited for. I need a strong set of limbs to get something for me. Flowers from the Stone Garden deep within Deepgrove Forest. It wont be easy and those who have gone before never return. But its the price I have put on the ring so if you want it. I’m guessing you best meet with the Guildmaster of Varendeep to finalise the contract.” he said as he stood slowly and removed his hood revealing a very different face.

The guildmaster of Varendeep

“I am Guildmaster Olsen Atraven. Apologies for deceiving you, I need to be sure that those who request this job are up to it. I think you have what it takes,” he paused for a moment, “well as much as any of those who came before you. Now, If you are willing and successful in this endeavour you will have my wing of wishes. It has two wishes left, both of which I can attest personally that they remain intact and ready for those who wish to use them.” he paused to drink. “Now are you the adventurers who I have waited for all these years?”

Thanks for joining me tonight to get a glimpse at Olsen. Now I believe that you could have any number of NPCs in a single adventure and last week demonstrated that with “Players of the Game“. But this week we have just one NPC, for now.

So in order for this to work we have a large week to get through and more updates to make. So don’t forget to come back each night this week. With the development of this weeks adventure we also come closer to the weekend. We can’t forget to make the most of our spare time and investing in our tabletop is something we cant forget. So don’t forget to set aside some time for your own adventures and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Players of the Game

Tonight we bring the Players of the Game, the Wolf and the Doe for this NPC Tuesday for us to meet. I have chosen two very soft, inviting NPC portraits this week to help with the task at hand. What ever needs doing to drive an exciting story. Sometimes a face is all you need and these two have that quality in the bag. So let’s meet this so called Wolf and Doe and roll into the adventure!

Players of the Game


Imran Colderbek

Imran Colderbek – Created in Artbreeder

No stranger to people, Imran is about as calculating as they come. Despite getting by with her looks and appearance she houses an intelligence, an animalistic cunning that gives her the nickname “the Wolf”. Despite being beautiful by most races’ standards, Imran is also a skilled combatant and has rarely, if ever, found herself an opponent that can measure up to her skill.

When she isn’t on a job and focusing on the next big win, a rare occurrence, she takes time away from it all. Prone to letting herself into abandoned manors, or using her charm and manipulative nature to make a manor abandoned she can make a home just about anywhere. As long as it’s up to her high standards and has at least four bedrooms to choose from.

But her background is anything but the fabulous life she lives now. Born as the lovechild to a maid in a nobleman’s household, she was kept a secret for many years. However due to a hereditary birthmark that was revealed when she was playing with her unknown sisters and brothers the infidelity was revealed. Instead of taking ownership of the situation the nobleman had her mother fired and murdered. Imran managed to escape through her grit and determination to survive but the invisible wounds of her fathers betrayal never left her.


He was the first one she would target with her wrath. However it wasn’t until she met Anton that she had a convincing way to pull off her plan. Together they managed to convince her father to entrust Anton with their fortune before disappearing with it. Imran watched with glee as her father had everything he prided himself on ripped away like he did to her. The loss of a mother was replaced with the loss of an empire.

Anton Purlsun

Anton Purlsun- Created in Artbreeder

Now not to be confused with his business partner, The Wolf, Anton is the Doe to the deadly Duo. Soft spoken, eloquent and gentle to a fault he will talk his way out of any situation before resulting to violence. Fond of bribery, only to steal it back later, he has one of those faces, voices and personalities that can see him get just about anywhere, anytime and get away with whatever he wants.

His story is a cliché one. Grew up with a loving family in a manor as heir to a large fortune his life was perfect. Well almost perfect. In fact his inquisitive nature and ability to persuade people to trust and believe him led him to discover something. The discovery that his parents weren’t his real parents. They were con-artists who were after his fortune and that he wasn’t the real heir after all.

Now a teenager when he found out this he made the bold choice to follow on with the ruse, pretending he knew nothing. But slowly he drove his fake parents apart, got them doubting each other’s intentions until the fateful day that they murdered each other. Now left an orphan, an incredibly rich orphan, he would inherit the wealth of his false heritage. Except the real heir showed up with undeniable proof that Anton was a fake. Now penniless and worth nothing he struck out by himself only to meet someone else scorned by the higher classes. A Wolf in a Doe’s clothing.

Combatants, Contestants and Contenders

Various NPC Portraits – All created in Artbreeder.


Now I have a great idea for this weeks NPCs. As you can expect the festival would have tournaments that the party would be encouraged to attend. This would see a wide variety of NPCs come to visit the town and with these NPCs brings new faces. However we are not using new faces tonight. We have Nine NPCs from my previous adventures that can all be re-used for adventures such as tonight. The great thing about having hundreds of NPC portraits that you have created before is that you never really run out of a face to put a name to when your Party asks “what do they look like..”

Thanks for joining me tonight for another NPC Tuesday. Each night this week, like all weeks, we will continue to expand this adventure with more content so keep coming back daily. For more tabletop updates and for further additions to this weeks adventure I will see you each night. But as the days get colder, well in my part of the world, try not to forget to set aside time for your tabletop someplace warm. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Unearthing the Past

Wednesday has come and tonight we have an exciting one where we flash forward to the party visit the ruins as a group continues Unearthing the Past. This will see the party investigate the sights, find the people behind it and come face to face with the dragon. So grab a coffee, sit down and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Unearthing the Past


Rhyan Peller – created in Artbreeder

The sound of metal tools colliding with stone could be heard from a few hundred feet away. In fact the once thought to be quiet ruins was not quiet at all. As the party assumed there was more than just undead at ruins. The party crept closer; they wondered how such a volume of noise and people could go undetected. In fact from a distance the entire keep itself was dark and foreboding and silent as the grave. As they crept up towards the keep they moved silently. Bush to bush, behind rocks and shattered stone work they passed slowly and carefully. Eventually they stopped in the shadow of the ruins as they came across new constructs.

Small knee height pillars that were constructed from dark wood and capped with a dark metal, likely lead. Each one gave off a faint arcane feel but none revealed what it could be. However the moment they passed the pillars they marvelled at what lay in front of them.

Dozens of humans and creatures moved around the ruins. Great balls that glowed like moonlight hung suspended in the air around the walls shedding light around them. The orbs, driftglobes, revealed a great number of people excavating the ruins. In fact from the look of things, they had been here for some months toiling in secret.

Leaders of the excavation

“We found something!” a voice sang from deeper in the ruins. Immediately people flooded away from the walls and external ruins towards the commotion. The party lucky to go undetected so far watched as several robed people stood from concealed places near the driftglobes. The robed strangers moved towards the call but waited in place, obviously watchmen for the work here.

The party crept closer, daring to move now when everyone was distracted to uncover the truth of the ruins. Looking through a small hole in the wall, a doorway most likely, a large internal courtyard revealed that the people here had been unearthing the past. “What have you found?” a young woman with a shock of vibrant, flowing hair asked as she approached the ruins of the outer wall.

“We think… It’s the dragon…” the voice responded as the crowd parted for the woman to walk forward. The party gazed upon the broken body of a large adult dragon still covered in muted red scales that had lay crushed under the remains of a tower.

Thanks for visiting tonight for the reveal of the week. Whilst not fully revealed yet I can’t have us uncovering the past of the keep this early on in the week. So this weekend we will continue on our excavating of the content and reveal more as we look at the map, encounter and end of week zine to come. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Watchers of the Keep

Tuesday is here and as the dragon rises from the keep, or perhaps it doesn’t, there are those who simply bear witness and those who are watchers of the keep. While this week is about mystery, undead dragons and meat that’s suspiciously not lamb there are a few key NPCs that the party will want to encounter. This week is about them as much as it is fire breathing lizards. So to meet these characters we better settle in, grab a coffee roll into the adventure!

Watchers of the Keep


Marie Turnburke

Marie Turnburke – Created in Artbreeder

Born and raised in Finchford, Marie is the owner of The Five Fat Ravens Tavern. Once an adventurous youth she gave up on her dreams of exploration and uncovering mysteries and settled on feeding those who lived them. Business was good in Finchford and soon she had one of the more successful inns that was nearly booked out every week. Her food was a hit amongst the patrons but having a small stage for wandering bards is what really brought in the customers.

Live music, hearty food and tales of adventure was the theme of Marie’s inn. However despite her not pursuing her dream of adventure she still got to experience it. Living in the shadow of the ruins of the kings of old, the Dark Thrall Keep ruins had its perks. Many adventurers explore caves and the ancient forests in the area and the populace of the town always meant that there was adventure nearby. But darker tidings came with the proximity of the ruins and Marie kept a watchful eye on the empty battlements. And the sky.

James Herkorn

James Herkorn- Created in Artbreeder

Known as Jim in the town of Finchford James Herkorn is a curious man who always has his eyes on the skies. When not working the cities market square he can be found reading legends of old. A bit of a hermit and recluse Jim will occasionally be seen in bars listening to adventurers and buying them drinks. A gatherer of knowledge and stories he seems to believe that these titbits of information are worth more than the items sold through the market.


Now I have a good feeling about not only this weeks adventure but how Finchford is growing into something more. While the call to create a city of scale in Inkarnate is strong I don’t think time allows – but if there would be a city for it then Finchford would be it. Near ruins, forests, caves and a high populace is a recipe for constant, local adventure and a ‘billboard’ style adventure could be something I could create here.

Thanks for joining me tonight to meet Marie and Jim. This week we expand our adventure onwards as we look at the cause of the sightings tomorrow night and the maps of this weeks adventure. So don’t forget to come back for these expansions. As the weeks progress I am also painting more slaanesh and as my first unit of blissbarb archers near completion a little painting montage will have to be a theme this week. So keep coming back for mote tabletop updates and, try not to forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Those who whisper to the dark

Tuesday is here and although its a late one tonight we look at those who whisper to the dark. In particular the one who calls upon the great blood hunt. So without any more delays let’s settle in, grab a coffee roll into the adventure!

Those who whisper to the dark


Toby Loreain

Toby Loreain – Created in Artbreeder

Toby has always been a bit different. Instead of helping in the shop, or with dinner or cleaning he would be outside cutting open rats and birds. Blood and visceral gore always intrigued Toby and eventually one day he was attacked by other kids in the village. He wasn’t the same after when the village elders protected the bullies. He shrunk into himself and started to grow more and more distant. Having nightmares of uncontained violence that eventually he used to seek out instead of dread.

Now he mutters to things that no one else can see in the dark. Communicating with the shadows and the things no one else can see.

Salis Loreain

Salis Loreain- Created in Artbreeder

Now Salis is the older sister to Toby and has always looked out for her little brother. However she has grown increasingly worried about her brother as his dreams and nature becomes darker. She sought out the adventurers who ventured into her village to help her brother, convinced that some dark power had corrupted him. Little did she know how close she was to the truth.

She studies to be a priestess of Selune and has sworn to protect the innocent who dwell under the Moonmaiden’s light. But her studies were cut short when her mother asked her to come back to tend to her brother. However, she has a fellow priestess in a village a few days’ ride away and there she hopes to seek answers.


Now we don’t have the mother visible tonight, the viewpoint from yesterdays blog. That’s for tomorrow where we investigate what happened and what will happen. This week is a bit of a different format as we have a long lasting chase scene with a lot of flexibility on the party. This may be a bit different and challenging but I hope it will be rewarding.

Thanks for joining and looking at the brother and sister at the centre of this weeks adventure. Join me tomorrow to meet the mother some more and also learn about the sickness of Toby. Also don’t forget to come back each day this week a we expand the adventure. And as we pass into the midway point of the week a reminder to not forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Restless and Resourceful

Tuesday is here and we get a further glimpse into the restless and resourceful people of Hildebek. This week we get a look at two of many types of people in Hildebek. Those who are fighting against the sleeping sickness with their training and knowledge and those who are trying to stay alive and their business afloat. Gareth and Tilly are the ones taking centre stage tonight so let’s settle in, grab a coffee roll into the adventure!

The Restless and Resourceful


Gareth Loray

Gareth Loray – Created in Artbreeder

Born and raised in Hildebek Gareth has known most of the people in this town since he was a young lad. His parents were proprietors of the Lonely Buck, a drinking establishment turned gambling hall periodically during the years and now it falls on him to carry on the business. Single but not exactly mingling Gareth spends his time at The Lonely Buck. However, on the odd occasions that he isn’t working the tavern by himself he is looking after his elderly parents.

Since the sleeping sickness started to appear the tavern became less frequently populated. Looking for a way to keep his parents business afloat he turned to Tilly, the herbalist-come-alchemist. Gareth knew that she had a special potion that would give people the same energy as if they had slept for a full night. If he could mix this in with his food and beer he could continue to sell his wares and provide something that the town needed. Rest.

Tilandra Mossleaf

Tilandra Mossleaf – Created in Artbreeder

Tilly wasn’t born in Hildebek. In fact Tilly doesn’t remember where she was born. She remembers that she was part of a moving hut, a magical contraption that sold potions and salves to travellers on the road. As she grew in age she learnt from the woman who looked after her and found she had a natural talent for identifying herbs and fungi that could heal and help. 

When the woman died Tilly took over the herbalists wagon and eventually, tired of travelling, the moving hut stopped moving in the town of Hildebek. She has served as the Towns herbalist and healer for many years now and has watched many of the children come to adult-hood. One such Child is Gareth. Despite being one of the only elves in Hildebek she found friendship in the young tavern-owner’s son. Whilst not a romantic relationship they looked out for one another and with her knowledge of herbs his food and drinks always had an edge over the competition. 

When the sleeping sickness began to plague the town the people turned against her. As an Elf she does not need sleep and so they were seen as the cause of the illness. But Gareth and a few others stood up for Tilly and the other Elves.


Not much can be said in addition. Two primary contacts that I have in mid for this weeks adventure and they, the restless and resourceful, will be invaluable allies when finding the cause. In fact, they may already be able to find the cure!

Thanks for joining me to get a glimpse at out NPCs tonight. Tilly’s portrait was made by my daughter which goes to show how easily these things can be churned out. While not being half as detailed, customisable or unique as something created fit-for-purpose they help inspire the adventure and give a face to the NPC the party interact with. Now, tomorrow we have a big night ahead of us and I want to encourage you to come back for it. But, with the weekend approaching we need to also be focus on our own tabletop. So set aside some time for your own campaign, your miniatures or some terrain and don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Dresmandae’s Tower Map

Thursday night is here and tonight I bring the Dresmandae’s Tower Map! The Tower itself is simple, but how its used may be a bit difficult. But, more on that tomorrow for the encounter! So let’s roll onto tonight’s map, the four stories of the varied tower and into tonight’s adventure!

Dresmandae’s Tower Map


The tower of Dresmandae is a bit of a tricky one. Each level of the tower can be flipped horizontally or vertically to have something similar but different. The first floor will stay the same, a open space initial with perhaps bookcases and a chair within. A room on the right, dark due to no windows or candles but able to be filled with beds, tables or what ever we deem fit. A central staircase leading up with a few more rooms and a window in the back open area.

The second level, the top right, is more segmented rooms. Perhaps once rooms for study but now they are for.. different purposes. Something we will check tomorrow night.

The third, bottom left, is the circular room is one of danger. Each circular pillar (coloured in black) has traps within. Moving about this floor to investigate it isn’t safe. Those astute enough will realise its also a mirror image.

The fourth, bottom right is the end scene. This is where the party uncover one of the NPCs, Drake, and learn more about this tower and its purpose. If they can reach there in time. This floor is also completely dark, so I hope your party brought torches as in absence of all light, not even dark vision can pierce this veil.

Dresmandae’s Tower – created in Inkarnate


I hope the tower of Dresmandae is well received as it is a bit of fun. The complicated part comes with how we encounter the rooms and the NPCs on the various floors. However I believe the parties will work it out swiftly and we will be fine.

Thanks for joining me to admire the view from the tower’s different levels. A bit of a mixture of a puzzle and dungeon style encounter this week is brewing. In fact tomorrow night we fill in the missing pieces so don’t forget to come back to investigate what lies in wait. As the weekend approaches again I want to remind you to set aside some time for your tabletop. Continuation and persistence is what this hobby is vulnerable for, so maximise your output! And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Cursed Reflections

Tuesday is here and this week is a bit different as we explore the cursed reflections of what the tower of Dresmandae brings us. It will be a bit of a short intro tonight as the next two nights set the scene for the tower. So let’s just settle in, grab a coffee roll into the adventure!

Cursed Reflections


As the party approached the tower, cautiously, they begin to feel a sense of peace and calm resonating from the tower itself. The clearing, well what was now a clearing has the remnants of trees, rocks and even a slight hill burnt, shattered and otherwise flattened. The tower is large, easily two hundred feet each side. The front door, like the half-decaying stonework of the tower, is also half destroyed. The left side of the door is made of new solid blackwood, strong, sturdy and studded with steel rivets. However, the right side of the door has rotted away and the steel barding on the door is little more than rusted spikes.

The sound of footsteps and quiet talking resonate from beyond the door and the party can’t help but feel a sense of uneasiness descend over them. The voice from within is familiar in a haunting manner. Looking beyond the door the party catch the whisper of cloth and a momentarily pause as they see a group of adventurers turn a corner at the end of a short hallway.

The clothing from the adventurers was tattered and aging, but they sounded like they were in good spirits. The fabric was muted but the colouration was familiar. In fact a sense of wrongness was starting to rise as they saw the face of one of the adventurers. They swore it was one of the party if not a relative or family member. From this distance and the lighting in the tower it was hard to tell but the it was almost a sure bet.


This week I want to turn a common concept on its head. For NPCs this week the Dungeon master has a simple job, describe the party members but slightly older with subtle tweaks. I would envision the parties paladin as having different coloured clothes, but perhaps a different shade as oppose to extreme contrasts. A Scar or mark on their face where there wasn’t one is another change I would make.

The concept I have for this week is simple – the NPCs are different versions of the PCs, either their current PC or a previous one. This makes it easy for us to describe as its how the Party describe their own PC. For us the change around of a few small details is easily but we don’t reveal it until they meet the NPCs.

Now I have mentioned that the tower of Dresmandae is a cursed, chaotic energy that was created by a mad wizard. But perhaps that’s not doing the tower justice. We will explore this more later this week.

Thanks for joining me for the second part of this weeks adventure. Tonight may have been a bit shorter but tomorrow will get into the juicy details behind this weeks encounter so don’t forget to come back. However it doesn’t stop there and as this weeks adventure grows make sure to come back daily. And lastly, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Nobles of Excess

For this weekends day of extras, Saturday, I wanted to bring something that can add to this adventure, and future ones. The nobles of excess don’t have to be greedy, selfish or depraved they can merely be ones who wish or need to socialise. However that doesn’t mean that they are all innocent. Tonight I bring more NPCs to the tabletop! So to ensure that we can get to the good stuff let’s grab a coffee roll into the adventure!

Nobles of Excess


The idea with tonight is to create a few NPCs that could be innkeepers, merchants or even nobles. These Nobles of Excess could star of feature in this weeks adventure as an unwilling informant, a speed bump or even just a distraction.

William Dossmon

William Dossmon – Created in Artbreeder

Now William is an interesting man. Remarkably short, he is about the height of a dwarf but the likeliness stops there. Feisty, sharp witted and bold Will is know for getting into trouble, but having to use his fathers status at getting out. However of late he has been more dignified, respectable and seems to be well liked with the other young-adults of wealth.

Joan Kergel

Joan Kergle – created in Artbreeder

A cheerful sight, Joan moves from Inn to Tavern to street corner to sing and delight passers by with her music. A young halfling lass she is talented and always ready for another song to sing to. Despite the life of a bard Joan’s looks and talents gets her invited to many parties. In fact, she has grown to be soo well liked in the city that the higher class houses have begun bidding wards for her presence. Joan doesn’t care for any of this and would prefer to play her songs in a tavern surrounded by the common folk.

Casey Salvador

Casey Salvador – Created in Artbreeder

The issue with Casey is that she is an enigma. She is new to the city, travels around with her father who is rarely seen but wealthy enough to be known by everyone and after a short time she moves on. In fact she hasn’t been in the city all that long but her father is already planning the next trip to head off to the next city.

Nick Skarbin

Nick Skarbin – Created in Artbreeder

A wealthy merchant who caters for the noble houses, and in doing so has become one himself. Well to some degree. However hard Nick has worked he is always looking for the next big thing that will break the cycle of his work-live cycle.


Although I wanted to give as much information as possible for these NPCs in order to keep them generic enough to fulfil what ever role I had to dial it back a bit. I think this is what can make my NPCs more valuable. When I consciously hold back to hand the reigns over to the DM who will use them to take the framework, to take the inspiration and to evolve from what I create.

Thanks for joining me to meet the additional NPCs that could expand our roster in this weeks adventure. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the final parts of this adventure, and lastly, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Play Room of the Depraved

Welcome to another Thursday night where I want to quickly reveal the play room of the depraved. This week we have an adventure that revolves around finding out the source of the ongoing corruption and depravity before confronting it, two instigators of temptation. Did I mention they are in here two? Well, its sure to be a thrilling adventure. So to reveal what we have planned, let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Play Room of the Depraved


A nice simple room, windows blocked out by wall coverings either side of a large plush couch. Food and alcohol on the centre table define what this room is for and elude to the parties that went on in here. The room has a heady musk of narcotics and a dank smell to it that is intoxicating to the senses.

“Throne Room” – Small – created in Inkarnate

Tempters of Brightkeep

The two tempters of Brightkeep are influencers amongst the lords and ladies of the city. They bring with them unending parties, celebrations and exotic temptations that have swayed even the most devout and rigid.

Their true forms are yet to be revealed, but they seem to take great delight and pleasure in watching the city devolve into depravity.

Temptress of Brightkeep – created in nightcafe
Tempter of Brightkeep – created in Artbreeder


The tempters of Brightkeep are, ready for the reveal, a succubus and an incubus. I think its succubi and incubi but its quite a late night. However, regardless of proper pronouns for these two they are the instigators of temptation and depravity within Brightkeep and we have them in our sights now.

But, even with them being known for what they are and identified as such – will we be able to deal with them?

Thanks for joining me for a glimpse at two more NPCs, the antagonists, in this weeks adventure. Tomorrow night we look at the Statblocks before this weekend we wrap up another adventure. Don’t forget to come back for the last few days as they promise to be full of fun! Also don’t forget to come back this weekend for the end of week writeup and inspiration for your own tabletop. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe