The Owlbears Crew

Welcome to Tuesday where we look at NPCs that will join us for the week and this week are look at the Owlbears Crew. Tonight we have the star of the show, Josh aka, Shank the parrot. But the plot is a bit thicker this week so let’s not wait any longer and let’s get on with the write-up.

The Owlbears Crew


The Owlbears crew were rumoured to be bloodthirsty, cutthroats who loved nothing more than pillaging and killing. In fact this was… True. Almost all the crew members were hired, captured or enslaved because of their brutality and hunger for violence and plunder. But despite all this there we are few who were there because they felt obliged and none more so than Bryce Bronson – the father of the Captain of the ship.

Bryce was disheartened by his sons actions after a rather bloodthirsty skirmish with the a merchant vessel. Shocked by his sons behaviour he faked his death by falling overboard and secretly made his way to shore. There he blended in with society and became a farmer.

When the news of the ship and its crew’s demise came to Bryce he was both relieved and distraught. Despite the repulsion he felt for the unwarranted violence he still adored his boy and the though of him never reconciling and making peace with the pirate lord shocked him. This eventually shattered his sanity and he began to see ghostly visitations of his son, hearing the ghostly cannon fire of the Flying Owlbear and even seeing his son walking through the streets, searching for something.

Josh “Shank” – the Parrot.

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A ghostly glow has taken over the parrot, that and the extra clawed toes it appears with that gives it an alien and haunting appearance. When ever the parrot named Shank appears the Flying Owlbears cannon fire shortly follows, real or not.

Old Bryce the farmer, refers to the Parrot as Josh and breaks down into a nervous wreck when the parrot appears in town which has lead to rumours of a curse. And of a treasure that old Bryce and the parrot called Shank both know about.

Bryce Bronson

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Bryce was once a member of the Flying Owlbears crew, although it will take divine intervention or magic to get this information out of him. His plundering days long gone he spends his time farming and providing food the the village of Tarmak.

However when he drinks, which is most nights, he can be found in the Iron Crustacean, run by old maritime workers. When he drinks he tells tales of the Flying Owlbear and its crews exploits, the daring escapes and the heroic rescues of those stuck out at sea. The tales make it sound like they were heroes rather than Pirates and so he is normally ignored or laughed at by the other patrons.

Percy Bryceson Bronson

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Percy was Bryce’s son and the captain of the Flying Owlbear. He lost his mother early to a mysterious illness and since then he was obsessed with ancient relics and treasure. One night during a storm he was flung overboard and despite the crew, and his fathers best efforts he wasn’t able to be rescued. However as the sun rose on the next day he was found alive and straddling an ancient treasure chest that contained a solution to his problems… and the key to his future.


Tonight I wanted to touch on the three main NPCs that we will encounter. However like previous weeks and earlier adventures any NPC can be called upon in order to bolster the people available to us. A few weeks ago I recycled and reused a few adventure maps. This week we could take any NPC from the past… well almost any, and add them to the tavern, the roads or the town of Tarmak.

Tonight we met a few NPCs including a spooky parrot, Josh (aka Shank). Tomorrow we will expand the plot and cover the next part of the adventure. The mystery of the Flying Owlbear crew, treasure and the ship itself. So don’t forget to come back daily and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
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Lord Brodderick Brighthammer

Tonight we continue the soulbound week by exploring who Brodderick Brighthammer is, Lord Castellant from the Stormcast Eternals. Being part of the dawn bringer crusade, or merely assisting the battlemage who works with him to command the forces of order is a big job. Which is why a Lord Castellant is in charge. So sit back ,sip on some coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s update.

Lord Brodderick Brighthammer


The binding stood in front of him as he looked over a map before him. The current camp was just a small marker on the large parchment that lay before him and it was surrounded by miles of rolling hills, vast forests and rocky mountains – Ghur. Somewhere out in the hills towards the edge was the last known direction the scouts were heading. It is also the where the last message had come from raven to notify the crusade of a potential threat – a gathering of orruks.

Brodderick rubbed his brow, causing his sigmarite plate to clank as the binding stood silent in front of him. He turned towards them, Gwen, Brung and Kathe who had just joined. Ymran stood at the edge of the doorway and listened but kept a watchful eye outside the tent. “As you would know we have a growing warband of Orruks milling in the hills a few hours towards the edge from here. That is also the last known position of the scouts we sent out.” he paused as Brung cleared his throat as if to talk, the impatient arkanaut admiral was used to getting his way. But before he could get his words out the Dawn Keeper spoke, the battlemage who was charged with the success of the crusade.

The Dawn Keeper…

“Lord Brighthammer. We don’t even know if they survived or not. I wont have you risk more of my men by sending them on this foolish mission” the battlemage practically spat, the influence of Ghur influencing his connection with the amber winds of magic.

“Keeper, I am not asking you to risk your men. I have a mission for the binding who are small enough to slip by without being noticed yet powerful enough to handle just about anything Ghur will throw at them.” he paused as he stared down the mage, the smell of ozone wafting through the air.

“Aye, I thought that would be the case. But as the Keeper said, why risk going after scouts that are likely dead.?” Brung asked, Kathe stared daggers down at her companion.

“Amongst those scouts was one who had a different mission. I received word a few days ago that there had been a research outpost that had gone quiet. I sent the scouts there to find out why and recover what they could.” he paused again and held up a hand to cut off the Dawn Keepers oncoming tirade. “They reported that they had found a cache of amberbone. Enough that if it fell into enemy hands it would spell out demise. I need that amberbone retrieved.” the Lord castellant spoke. The Keepers eyes bulged in his head as the possibilities rushed forth into his mind.

Change of attitude

“Well.. Why didn’t you say so. You can have the gryph knights – they will retrieve these stones for you” the battlemage said as he got ready to summon his retinue.

“No. If the scouts last messages were true then we are in imminent danger. The gryph knights will be needed here. They also draw too much attention. No I think the binding is the best bet.” the castellant said as he looked away from the Dawn Keeper and towards the party. “We really need your strength on this.” he said quietly as the battlemage started rambling to himself whilst flicking through a tome.

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Well that sets the scene for our party as we move onwards with soulbound. Tonight we looked at the hook for the party to sally forth out of the safety of the camp, explored some dangers and met both Lord Brighthammer and the Dawn Keeper. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Soulbound content and I grant you further rerolls to ensure that you don’t miss,
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The Dottery’s

Welcome to Tuesday night where we look at the NPCs that are joining us this week for our adventure. Tonight we turn our gaze and introductions to the Dottery’s who reside within the Crelion Estate. Despite being an odd pair they appear to have kept the inn in working order and welcome the party openly. Well Jane does at least. There is a warmth that feels almost unnatural that comes from the house. But it’s soothing and the sense of unease from the woods has gone.

But why is the party of adventures the only people who stay in the inn and, why does Tom glare at them constantly. Let’s read on tonight and during the week more will be revealed!

The Pennywhistle Company


The keepers of Crelion Manor

The Dottery’s run the Crelion manor inn and are an odd pair. Jane is warm, welcoming and motherly while Tom rarely says anything at all and always stares at people as if he wished they were elsewhere. Together though they have appear to have maintained the manor to a high standard and the beds are certainly comfortable. Despite being situated near the woods that appear to be haunted, or worse the manor appears to be unaffected.

Jane can be found walking around the manor lighting lanterns and cleaning the house almost methodically while Tom never strays too far from the front door and a little desk where he keeps an ever watchful eye on the log book in front of him.

Tom Dottery

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Tom is well built and tall. The signs of his age is slowly appearing in his beard and hair but his eyes have lost none of their youth. During the party’s interactions with him they don’t believe they have heard him say a single word to him or Jane who hovers around him and talks enough for both of them.

Despite being quiet, and his face set in a constant stare of disapproval he is quick to help the adventurers when they need it. Just as quick as he leaps into action to assist he goes back to being quiet with a frown fixed upon his face.

The party have caught him nodding towards an old guest book at his table and when his wife isn’t around he appears to gesture silently towards the door as if asking the party to leave.

Jane Dottery

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Jane is a small and frail looking woman with eyes that look almost to large for her face. The opposite of her husband, Tom, she is exuberant and always happy to talk. She is quick on her feet and has a bad habit of sneaking up on people due to how quietly she moves.

Despite her diminutive frame it is obvious to any who witness her that she rules the manor on a daily basis. She is quick to insist that the guests reach out for any little issue but organises Tom to rectify any issues.

Despite her warm and caring nature she shies away from physical touch and blames a illness she caught when she was younger for a fragile constitution that is quick to bruise and bleed from the smallest of touches.


I came up with Jane and Tom to be opposites for a reason and it’s all to do with the Manor. And nothing is as it seems at Crelion Manor which I will expand upon this week. The interactions between the two hosts will need to be monitored closely this week as we move around the manor. And while waiting the storm to die down I will throw in some additional information to keep the part busy. But that’s for me to expand upon tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping in tonight and looking at the two NPCs for this week. There is a third that may be introduced later this week (or the end of week adventure) but that’s for another time. As always don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more updates to this weeks adventure. Tomorrow we cover the thickening of the plot so don’t forget take notes as this week is a bit of a mystery to unravel and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe