Infiltrators and Competitors

Another fight-night is here and this week we look at infiltrators and competitors of the party and their mission. Just as the King can hear his queen talking to him there are a few who walk the halls aware that the queen is real. And also, aware of just what the queen is. Intrigued? Well I’d hope so. In fact let’s not delay any longer and let’s roll into tonight’s content – Stat blocks!

Infiltrators and Competitors



The halls to the bedrooms and rooms away form the party thrum with the noise from the feast. However despite the dim and the constant chorus of laughter the sounds of uncareful footsteps can be heard. Up ahead, a shadow of a human sized created lies against the wall. Approaching it carefully and drawing a weapon the party approach the figure, however there is a problem. The figure is a statue with a hat placed carefully on it. The astute in the party hear the faintest scrape from an oiled scabbard as daggers and blades are drawn from concealed places. It seems that the party have found the infiltrators and competitors.

Party Infiltrator (Bandit) – created in tetra-cube

The backup Plan

The infiltrators had run this way, past the doors to the kitchens, past the study and a meeting room and towards a large set of double doors. Careful to not leave a mess, as Park had instructed, the unconscious men were secured in a locked room. As they moved to the double doors they swung open and they found themselves staring at those who had escaped as well as a goliath of a man. Large rippling muscles gripped a crossbow in his hand. The darkened weapon was complemented with a black mace that swung from his hip.

The Hired Muscle (Thug) – Created in Tetra-cube.

The Boss

As the party turn to leave the room with the evidence that Park had asked them to retrieve they head the door open and close rapidly behind them. Este, the maid that they were introduced to earlier by Park looked terrified at them as she walked towards them. Looking nervous she wet her lips before checking behind the curtains, having noticed the unconscious bodies in the hallway. “I was being followed. But I thought I could lose the man on the way here but I lost them instead. I believe he was heading this way but I needed to confirm that he hadn’t made it into the kings bedroom.. But you are here.. Why are you in here?”

“Because they too are after what I am. They want to expose the kings madness for what it is. Truth.” a man said from the doorway, the latch hadn’t even made a sound. “The king does have a queen, Oh yes. A hidden Queen. One that hides in plain sight, one that delights in the infiltrators and competitors that she enticed to her web. A deceiver queen amongst all who poisoned the mind of a man she was sent to kill and instead wed him in secret.” the man said as he effortlessly drew out a longsword.

“I don’t know what you speak of…” the maid Este began to stutter “the king..”

“You don’t need to play coy with me Celeste. I am an envoy of the kings sanity. One who saw through your charade and who has waited for this moment. You are the assassin. You are the hidden queen!”

Lark Grundfello – The Boss – Created in Tetra-cube.


I honestly struggled to not reveal who the queen was on Wednesday. But we find ourselves in an interesting situation. The Queen has been revealed but some accusations have been laid on the table. But regardless who the party believe Lark wont let any of them leave alive.

Thanks again for joining me for another Friday Fight-night! Tonight as we prepare for the end of the weekend we looked at the actors in this intricate dance. But that’s not all we found. So don’t forget to come back this weekend for the final piece in the puzzle. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on this weeks content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe