Nobles of Excess

For this weekends day of extras, Saturday, I wanted to bring something that can add to this adventure, and future ones. The nobles of excess don’t have to be greedy, selfish or depraved they can merely be ones who wish or need to socialise. However that doesn’t mean that they are all innocent. Tonight I bring more NPCs to the tabletop! So to ensure that we can get to the good stuff let’s grab a coffee roll into the adventure!

Nobles of Excess


The idea with tonight is to create a few NPCs that could be innkeepers, merchants or even nobles. These Nobles of Excess could star of feature in this weeks adventure as an unwilling informant, a speed bump or even just a distraction.

William Dossmon

William Dossmon – Created in Artbreeder

Now William is an interesting man. Remarkably short, he is about the height of a dwarf but the likeliness stops there. Feisty, sharp witted and bold Will is know for getting into trouble, but having to use his fathers status at getting out. However of late he has been more dignified, respectable and seems to be well liked with the other young-adults of wealth.

Joan Kergel

Joan Kergle – created in Artbreeder

A cheerful sight, Joan moves from Inn to Tavern to street corner to sing and delight passers by with her music. A young halfling lass she is talented and always ready for another song to sing to. Despite the life of a bard Joan’s looks and talents gets her invited to many parties. In fact, she has grown to be soo well liked in the city that the higher class houses have begun bidding wards for her presence. Joan doesn’t care for any of this and would prefer to play her songs in a tavern surrounded by the common folk.

Casey Salvador

Casey Salvador – Created in Artbreeder

The issue with Casey is that she is an enigma. She is new to the city, travels around with her father who is rarely seen but wealthy enough to be known by everyone and after a short time she moves on. In fact she hasn’t been in the city all that long but her father is already planning the next trip to head off to the next city.

Nick Skarbin

Nick Skarbin – Created in Artbreeder

A wealthy merchant who caters for the noble houses, and in doing so has become one himself. Well to some degree. However hard Nick has worked he is always looking for the next big thing that will break the cycle of his work-live cycle.


Although I wanted to give as much information as possible for these NPCs in order to keep them generic enough to fulfil what ever role I had to dial it back a bit. I think this is what can make my NPCs more valuable. When I consciously hold back to hand the reigns over to the DM who will use them to take the framework, to take the inspiration and to evolve from what I create.

Thanks for joining me to meet the additional NPCs that could expand our roster in this weeks adventure. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the final parts of this adventure, and lastly, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe