Across the Marsh

Hi all and welcome to a new week where the heroes would be continuing on their journey across Ryokughan Рwell they would be if not for the battle that took place in the marshlands.

So this week we will be looking at the next stage in the adventure, being the fifteenth week we have been writing for this year (and the 4th month!) we have a lot of ground to cover if we want to reach our end of year goal – So I better roll on with it.

Marsh Caller


As the war-chief fell back and slid into the murky depths of the river the boat rocked and ceased to move along the river current. It appears whilst the main fight was going on above deck something more sinister was happening below deck, below the waters surface to be more precise. A series of large holes had been ripped open in the hull just below the waterline while the ship took on water it had drifted between two marsh islands and as it sank it had become lodged between the muddy banks.

The Toad-kin left the ship and celebrated on the marshy outcroppings below whilst tending to the wounded who had survived the attack, and their chiefs and a chorus of grunts, hoots and croaks filled the sound in a rhythmic tribal beat. Thankfully a large portion of the toad-kin had survived and the crew had come away with some wounds, but nothing life threatening whilst Lizbet was around.

After some time two unarmoured toad-kin approached the crew and were eventually lead to Lizbet and the party. Whilst able to understand common communication seemed hard, body language and communication with hand gestures revealed that these two toad-kin (Kiri and Trip) wished to help those who walked amongst the walking star and could show them the way through the marsh, they think.

The crew and Kyoko both agreed that travelling the marsh would cut days off their travel, considering their ship was grounded until repairs could be made, and it would take a savvy survivalist to lead them through unscathed, particularly the darker deeper parts of the marsh and jungle that lay between them and the port they were travelling to.

The issue is that the Toad-kin could not communicate traditionally but they wanted to take them to someone who commanded the spirits and magic of the swamp to create a charm that would lead them through the worst of the marsh and perhaps find a way to enable the two Toad-kin to communicate with those they wished to serve and assist.

Reluctant to agree they considered their other options, sure that they could find a spell or charm to speak and communicate with the diminutive humanoids they set off on their own, heading in the direction with a compass borrowed from Choi to seek help at the port to retrieve supplies and a crew to repair the dancing drake and get it sailing again.

Kiri and Trip not wanting them to fail followed them but not being able to communicate effectively started to wear down the party and their guides nerves as the marsh got thicker and the sun got lower as the day went on.

I can not begin to express how excited I am for this weeks adventure. What I don’t reveal that often is that most of the time the process I have with my adventures is very adhoc, natural and spontaneous which means that the story grows, shifts and evolves as I wear it – however this week I reached that point of clarity much earlier in my mapping and I am excited to see what I can reveal to you this week as the party continue through the marshlands and beyond.

As I say every night don’t forget to keep an eye on the blog for my daily updates, I have a bout of leave approaching and I plan to make a mad sprint to have a lot of my Skaven army painted by the end of the two weeks of leave. I also have a few exciting days ahead for this weeks adventure as we meet colourful critters and lumbering lurkers that wait amongst the reeds and rotting wood.

So don’t forget to come back each day this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Shallow Shadows

Hi all and welcome to a ‘new month’ where we begin the next leg of our journey across to Ryokughan – the home continent of Kyoko Harimasu and her Red Fleet.

So, instead of delaying the writeup further I anticipate it may be bit of writeup tonight and I really do need to kick it off.

Shallows of Ryokughan


As dawn greeted the Dancing Drake a week after they left Ophidian Island Kyoko and her crew stopped what they were doing so they could walk to the bow of the ship to witness what the dawn’s light revealed. The Captain, crew and passengers nearly breathed in deep collective breath as the salty air mixed with the jungles of their Red Fleets homeland came to view with dawn, Ryokughan they had made it at last. A few of the crew who insisted on wearing their masks came looked around cautiously before taking them off, revealing themselves to be Vanara, the simian race that the party had encountered back in Daye.

“We will be at the great docks in two days as we head west along the coast. This boat is built to fit down the shallowest parts of the marsh which we will be passing through tonight and with any luck we will be through it by dawn.” Kyoko said, clapping the party on the back as she walked up behind them. The injuries she had sustained during the fight with the pirates and then the snakes and Naga on Ophidian island had been healed finally, the crew and Lizbet insisting that she get her own wounds taken care of first.

The crew’s mood increased threefold as they began to sing songs of their homeland, music and laughter now the main sounds onboard the Dancing Drake and their mood and energy was infectious. Soon even the glum and brooding golden scaled Siu was singing as he climbed up the masts and helped where ever he could (whilst keeping an overly protective eye on Kyoko and Lizbet that is).

True to word and prediction the ship began to encroach upon the land as they headed towards a wide river through the marshes that broke up the coast between the border of east and west Ryokughan. The Party looked on as strange creatures grazed, stalked and drank near the waters edge until the boat passed at which point they looked on with interest or disdain at the ship spooking their prey. Each of the creatures had similarities to the ones back home in Faerun but there was distinct differences whether it was horns, tusks, colour, size, extra limbs, a long tail or any combination.

As dusk encroached the noises from the jungles started to echo and boom out, drowning out the scattered merriment and singing as sails were restricted, and oars came out from purpose built holes in the sides of the ship which would give the party more control over the ships speed and direction than the sails and rudder alone.

“Don’t follow lights in this jungle. Not during the night and definitely not during the day” Choi fang mentioned as he wound up a length of rope as he finished tying up one of the sails. “There are witches and fell spirits in these marshes that would love for nothing more than the easy meal of someone who doesn’t know the rule of these lands. ”

“What’s that?” Lizbet asked, shrugging over a hooded cloak to shield her from the evening chill.

“Don’t follow the lights..” Choi replied with a grin. “All light casts a shadow and the smaller the light the bigger the shadow” he said as he walked off below deck to get a meal in before a long night of navigating through the marsh.

Thanks for joining me tonight and sticking around for the next leg of this journey I am taking us on this year. Now I cant have a ship moving through a marshy/swampy patch of water next to a jungle without some form of drama – so make sure you come back for the next few days to see what I have in store for the party and the crew of the Dancing Drake.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the non-story posts too as I am attempting to ramp up my other hobbies and may have more than one post coming out per day in the future.

And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Shadows rising

Hello all and welcome to the last week of March where I consolidate thoughts, take a bit of a breather and, collate a months worth of work into a single post that aims to be used as an adventure of its own.

Today I want to expand on some plot thats happening beyond the reach and sight of the party but something that helps drive understanding of the situation for the world we are steering into.

Shadows amongst the stalks


Ling walked along the road using the haft of her spear as a walking stick as she and her patrol partner walked along the stone fence that was the border between the fields of wheat and other grains and where fields gave way to buildings and houses.

Pausing Ling watched over the tall stalks of crops, watching them sway in the light cold breeze that came down from the mountains to the north – the seemingly unending tide of crops eventually ending at another small wall that indicated another boundary between property under the Harimasu families land. Squinting, the setting sun to the west causing shadows to drive lazily amongst the stalks of grains she watched as a cloud caused rippling shadows to pour over the far wall giving them a writhing look briefly. Yawning and stretching she continued her patrol, her partner a few feet ahead now but within ear shot and a close enough distance if required to assist if anything went poorly quickly.

“hello” a soft voice carried from the paddock across the wind causing both Ling and her companion, Rohun to stop and look across the field for th owner of the voice. “Hello” it came again, this time Rohun and Ling climbed over the stone barrier and stood in th waist high stalks.

“Hello?” Called Ling,

“We are from the Harimasu family guard. Do you need help?” Rohun asked gripping his shield and spear tightly.

“help” The voice called back, a soft tone that sounded distant and muffled. Ling and Rohun walked through the crop sticking to each others flank and moving in the direction that they thought the voice was calling from. A few moments later the voice called again, this time stronger with more urgency “Help!”. Rohun and Ling began to jog in the direction.

“we’re coming to help. Hold on!,” Ling called out.

“Where are you, show yourself! Let us know where you are” Rohun called.

“Help! Where are you?!” The voice called back. Louder and more frantic which made Ling and Rohan run. “Help!” It called again once more closer. “HELP!” This time shockingly loud, close and desperate.

Then the other voices began. “Help”, “show yourself”, “coming.. we’re coming!” The voices rang in a chorus as the stalks of grain rattled and shook all around them. Stopping, their blood Freezing Ling and Rohun looked back towards the road, they were hundreds of feet away, near the next wall. The rustling continued, now aware of the situation they could pick out their own words and voice being spoken back at them.

“Run Ling. It’s all we can do now” Rohun said. Gripping his spear “Go now!” He yelled running towards the road and Ling running next to him, the stalks either. side of them bending and shaking as shadows moved between and through them.

The first attack came quickly, the shriek of rage inaudible through the cacophony of words, their words, being spoken back at them. Burning hot scratches appeared on Lings back and as she spun around she heard Rohun grunt as he was also attacked, their aggressors to quick for them to see or counter attack. This continued for what seemed like minutes then with a final high pitched “WE’RE COMING!” they stopped and Ling and Rohun jumped the wall as best they could, their backs, legs and arms a patchwork of cuts from talons.

Looking back over the field they sprinted through they noticed the same shadows cast by the clouds reversing over the wall towards the mountains.

Well, thats it for tonight. The threat that the party is coming to aid with has almost reached settlements and are becoming bolder to attack during daylight.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into what’s happening elsewhere and, like me are excited for whats to come.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Rest and Repairs

Welcome to Monday of the 4th week of the month, mostly, where this week I was going to wrap up our adventure and add in some bonus morsels but instead decided to look at the calendar and I realised something…

We have nearly another full week of March. So instead we will be exploring additional content for this months adventure!

So let’s get on my with the write-up!

A Welcome Site


As the storm subsided the party and the crew made their way across the waves their ship having sustained damage from the fighter and the Storm. It was on the second day that the crew saw across the waves and island with tall trees scattered across the island surrounding a lone mountain. Jutting from this mountain was a tall steep spire which towered above the island and into the clouds above.

As the ship limped its way to the sandy shores Kyoko limped forward having sustained a crossbow bolt to her leg during the pirates attack. “Alright crew. We rest here for three days. Get some in wood to repair the ship, get some fresh water and food and we leave. Anyone late to the ship in on the sunrise of the third day gets left behind” she commands and the crew, most of them fully healed from Lizbet, rush off to complete their captains orders.

She beckons for the party. “My maps show this island but warn people to not set up camp, they believe this island to be cursed. Can you keep watch over the crew, Siu and Lizbet to make sure we all leave this island in one piece, or at least the same state we arrived in” she requested, grimacing as she lent the wrong way on her injured leg.

The party nod as Kyoko turns to head back towards her cabin and maps. She had insisted on Lizbet healing her crew before using magic to heal her leg, Lizbet had used all her magic on the crew and was yet to fully recover her magic to heal the captain.

A hour later a group of four crew members run towards where everyone was set up not far from where the ship was moored, the deep water of the cove perfect for a ship of this size.

“we’ve found another ship that looks untouched that would have all the gear we need to make repairs. The other crew are too spooked to enter it and we are finding it hard to get the materials from the trees to make repairs. What should we do?”

Thats it for tonight, thanks for joining me here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow as the party get to know the crew better and perhaps more when we explore more of the island.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

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Black sails

Hi all welcome to Monday night where we look at the content for the weeks adventure and get an idea of what the party will be going through in this week.

This week we hope to see the party onboard Kyoko’s ship and heading off for her home continent with reinforcements to help fight against what assaults her people.

Upon dark water


Kyoko frowned as she withdrew the spyglass from her eye and shimmied down the mast quickly, unhooking a section of the mast as she dropped allowing it to unfurl and catch more wind.

“We’ve got a ghost” she muttered to her crew as they watched her with a worried expression on their face “prepare to outrun them but don’t bet non it. Make sure you know where your weapons are and secure the valuables in the hidden hold.”

The crew burst into action, bumping into the party as they ran to grab weapons, coils or rope and disappear beneath the deck to hide their most precious and valuable of cargo.

Kyoko approached the party “A ghost is what we call pirates, those who sail black flags and who steal from those who use their time to earn their living honestly.” she explained as she drew her sword and thumbed the blade examining its sharpness.

“Captain Kyoko, there is a storm approaching!” called one of her crew as he ran from the helm. Kyoko swore as she turned towards the stormfront that was approaching from their port bow and then jogging up to the stern she looked back over the stern at the ship that was following them.

Jogging back to the party she handed them a rope. “tie this to a belt and then to the ship, if we hit bad weather you will wish you had listened to me as you sink beneath the waves.” She paused looking at the concern in Lizbets face “Siu, you’re in charge of making sure the priestess is safe – that is your only job. If, when the pirates board us I will count on you,” her focus drifted over the party, “to keep us safe. My crew are excellent at sailing the ship but when it comes to combat, they won’t stand a chance.”

With that she nodded at Siu who stood on the deck, his golden scales glimmering lightly as the sun started to sink behind the storm front approaching the ship. Walking off she turned back to the party and smiled “let’s have a bit of fun then.”

A small taste tonight of what the party will encounter this week with the coming of a storm and the approach of pirates from the stern. This week will have a few challenges for the party and its not just what dwells beneath the waves or in the ship behind them.

Thanks for joining me, don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Revelation of ones nature

Hi all and welcome to the Monday writeup for Brazen Wolfe Tabletop!

Tonight we are expanding on what we ran with last week and continue to push the agenda of going on a sea based adventure. So without much intro today let’s crack into it.

Facing the truth


As the last of the healing magic coursed from her hands over the party, and Paul, Katya let go of the breath she didn’t realise she was holding thankful for Lizbet’s constant guidance on how to channel the innate connection she had with Chauntea and the divine magic that she granted her devout.

“Remember, you would have awakened to Chauntea’s blessings years earlier as she tends to pick maidens on the turn of their woman hood – something about being the goddess of fertility and bounty and selecting maidens that embody what she preaches.” Lizbet began, “She would have been granting you this power had you not had the connection clamped down upon by the dark magic those people who called themselves you family employed. All I do is teach you the word and show you the connection and you do the rest” she continued as she helped up a bewildered and amazed Katya.

Turning to the young man that called himself Siu they began to thank him but he shook his head and prostrated himself once more.

“Now I am convinced. I must be truthful to you both, I came to this land board one of the boards that sail with red flags,” Siu began.

“The Red fleet” Lizbet provided smiling and insisting the young man look upwards.

“The Red fleet, yes. I came here to save my people, my f-family.” he said, the word family being unfamiliar in his mouth – feeling like he was invoking their wrath by just speaking of them “We are in danger, a blight upon the land, a wave of darkness and rot spreads and weaves its way across the endless fields of grass and rice and along rolling hills where our livestock graze. I was sure that when I had seen you, Priestess Lizbet, that you could help me but now I am convinced that you and these heroes, warriors and mages,” he began nodding towards the party “can help if you would come back with me to my home land and help us push back the tide of darkness. We need a beacon of light to inspire the people, and the more I see your radiance the more I am convinced and so is my master.” Siu said, looking sheepishly at the last bold lie.

Confused Katya looked up at Lizbet who seemed to understand what was being asked. “You say a wave of darkness, how are you sure that I am this beacon?’ Lizbet asked lost in thought.

“I, can not say, it is a feeling. Something that I have learnt to listen to these past hundred years.” Siu said.

“You can not be more than twenty five at best!” Paul said, himself looking the same age as the man before him. “How can you be over a hundred if you aren’t an elf?”

Sighing Siu stood, feeling that their answer would come in a few hours time. “If you believe me, then you can seek me out nearest the largest of the Red fleets ships. Come at noon and I will reveal all to you – but I ask that you listen, truly listen to what I am asking before approaching further. You will have my families thanks if you can protect their northern and eastern lands. My family may not be as powerful as they were before a thief stole their source of power away, but I hope that with your aid we will stand a chance and keep our lands safe.” Siu bowed low and left, the murmurs of discussion and chatter reaching his back as he left the temple heading towards the next person he hoped to convince to assist him.

As Siu walked the streets he saw the faces of people he had watched these past weeks, and a few people that had caught a glimpse of him as he strode towards the ship with the largest sails, Captain Kyoko Harimasu’s ship and one of the last to depart to head back home. As he approached the gang plank he spotted her, and his very human heart sank in his chest. She looked like her great grandfather.

“She is a fine ship isn’t she?” Kyoko asked, looking up Siu could see that the question was directed at him.

“She is magnificent, a ship truly benefiting the Harimasu family.” he smiled, more than just a tinge of sadness crossing his face as he traced the wood with his fingers. Looking across the carving he noticed an all too familiar face carved into the bow of it – His master, Huangdi¬†the Golden dragon.

“She is a fine ship and indeed a fitting one for my family. Maybe you can assist me young man, I know every sailor and merchant that came over with me and yet I am lost for words who you are.” She began.

“I am called Siu” Siu said factually, watching a wave of curiosity cross her face “A name that runs in my family and one that, to be honest, I am not worthy of” he concluded with a grim smile.

“Siu, an interesting name. Do you have a family name then Siu?” Kyoko asked as she walked down the plank towards him, her hand also resting on the wood of her ship as much as she could.

“Not one I am allowed to be part of, unfortunately my past discretions caused me to be disowned and exiled. But, I hope to amend that so I can join my family once more and right the wrongs I caused” he said looking up at Kyoko, the same blue eyes as her great grandfather.

“Who are you?” Kyoko asked, standing but a few feet from Siu, her hand on a short sword at her waist.

“I am just man unworthy to be standing in front of a daughter of the Harimasu family and about to ask for a favour.” he began, kneeling down before her and prostrating himself – it was his place to serve his family, dead or alive. “I have found people who can save your family, I ask that I be allowed to greet them at noon, with you, by your ship and request their aid. All will be revealed at noon if you have the patience to just let me sit near this ship and patiently wait for the decision I hope will benefit not just you or your family but also Huangdi.” He said staring at her feet as she shifted her weight.

“Noon. It is not two hours until noon. For one who utters the name of my families dragon, who knows of our plight and carries a familiar name of our family I have many questions that you will answer. Do I have your oath that you will answer all questions truthfully as the sun reaches its peak?” Kyoko asked, staring down at the man who had made her feel so uncertain and uneasy with just saying one name.

“You have my oath, for what that is worth.” Siu said fully intending on keeping his oath, this time. How could he betray his cousins great granddaughter.

Thanks for reading tonight! I hope you enjoyed a little nudge in the direction I hope to take this weeks adventure as its shaping out to be a rather insightful one. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to read up on the NPCs that are present in this weeks adventure, maybe a bit more information on our exiled bestial companion as well as perhaps more…

Don’t forget to leave any feedback you have as I always like to hear where I can adjust, improve and grow with my craft, and, as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Start of a new Daye

Welcome to Monday night where we are looking at the plot for the upcoming week and this week I want to introduce the party to someone who is itching to meet them.

A bit thanks and shout-out to those who have been reading along daily, Yep, I see and notice you, I really do appreciate your support and interest in this little adventure I have coming together in my head (I have the what I call wandering plot points – but more on that another time I think) but every week I try and use what we learnt or dealt with in the previous week or month to drive and shape how we get to these points.

So without any more waiting let’s get on with the nights writing.

Searching for Reason


Before they even reached the gates Priestess Lizbet and her fellow devotees of Chauntea rushed to meet the group – Paul and Carline take up an instant defensive position but the party quickly make introductions.

Katya walks from the wagon and those around her part like reeds in the face of a tornado, her presence and radiance glowing around her causing, as expected by now, flowers to bloom and plants to grow, but that was probably just a trick of the eyes. As Katya and Lizbet meet the aura seems to shrink and in doing so both Katya and Lizbet glow in a way that only the divine could.

As they make their way into the city the village folk, the ‘free’ Red fleet sailors and merchants stop and show respect to the distinguished pair as they strolled through the streets with an retinue of guards, priests, priestesses, Paul and Carline and, just behind them the Party who had saved the city a week back.

Meanwhile on a rooftop not far away Siu lounged lazily in the sun and warmth watching the procession with interest, two priestesses of power – the newcomer gave off more of that divine energy than the priestess he had been gently nudging towards the boats and the promise abroad – maybe he had made the wrong call now that there was a stronger one here.

Sighing and turning his head back to the streets his eyes touched on a wisp of black mist as it crept under a door like a worm taking shelter from the hawk – he thought with a smug grin. He crept forward, his clawed limbs making the careful yet hasted descent easy – he will miss parts of this form when he is stripped from it and healed by the great dragon once he completes his mission he thought.

As he crept towards the door he looked around to make sure that his approach was undetected before climbing through a opened window. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the interior but when they did he was greeted by a creature of dark mist surrounding and lashing out at a house cat causing minor cuts and abrasions as the cat lashed back out in defence, its claws and teeth ineffective against the mist. Then as if sensing Siu the creature hissed, a low reptilian reverberation that chilled his nerves as the mist-creature rushed the cat entering its body through orifices and its cuts and in the blink of an eye the last trails of black mist disappeared and the cat was swinging its tail playfully – its golden eyes staring at Siu as a predator would its prey. In a flash the cat had closed the distance between them and large shadow-mist claws sprung from the creature and cut through the scaled hide under Siu’s mangy fur coat. The pain was exquisite, if pain could be defined as such, and he pulled on one of his limited spells he could cast and he disappeared as if made from mist, landing hidden on a rooftop just out of reach of the cat – he hoped.

As he watched the shadow-creature-mist-cat.. thing it smiled wickedly before jumping through the open window and started to head towards the priestesses. After a moment he noticed several other creatures were doing the same, malicious intelligence lining their eyes as they crept in the shadows closer to the procession and staying clear from the humans as much as possible.

This was not good, Siu needed help, he could feel his life force seeping from the wound in his torso and he had only one option.

He had to talk to those who he had admired and watched from afar, only their magic could save him and he had to warn them of the shadow creatures.

Thanks for joining me for this quick little introduction to this weeks coming adventure, As I began to write tonight I thought about tonight’s post and wondered where I was going to go with it in full. I knew I wanted Siu to reveal himself so I wanted a reason to do it – and to save himself, and the priestesses (maybe) was a good enough reason for me and the rest just flowed.

For the time being I am associating the dark mist as something that is a common theme in this current part of the adventure – it generally means the same thing when you describe it to anyone “Evil Spirit” and that can get the right reaction out of a party that you want to get involved, or take the plot dark-mist-bait, hook, line and sinker.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Brazen Wolfe Tabletop content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Welcome to Monday where we look at the main plot, story hook or adventure theme of the week and this week we have the final confrontation between Katya and her family.

If this is the first Monday you are reading of my content in February then I would recommend going back to look at the first Monday of the month to get an idea of how we came to this part of the adventure. Now that that is our of the way let’s kick off with tonights content!

Family ties


Katya was scared, confused and more than anything else she was angry. As she looked at the portrait hanging above the three sarcophagi there was o doubt that she was in the the young woman in the painting and there was an undeniable resemblance between her and the other two in the portrait.

She looked back towards the wolves at the door to the room, she had remembered them talking to her, her uncle and aunts voice coming from the outside the door and when she opened to usher them in the wolves had jumped in the door. Being startled she fell backwards and flung her hands up in defence only to feel this wave of energy wash out from within her as plants crawled up between the stones and wrapped around the wolves tightly, one had escaped breaking free from the vine around its ankle but she regretted not granting it a quick death.

She had felt that familiar pull again, that feeling of a heavy hand pointing her in a direction and something pulling on her conscious to come to it. This time there was no horrible faces or decay just power and the understanding how to control it. As the new people and Paul, yes she could remember his name being such from a faint dream like memory, tried to calm her down and understand what was going on understanding sank in to her core like a kick from a horse to her gut.

Those faces, those people in her house were not her family. The more she thought on it and the strangers explained what they had experienced or believed the more it made sense. Looking up at the group of people she asked them a favour. To come to her house for tea and help her confront her family.

Now to really cement it in things like a book, or scroll or magical wards around the mausoleum could be incorporated. The book and scrolls could be family history and heritage in with mini portraits painted within the pages. It should include the reasons they died too and their will for their daughter, Katya.

The wards would be to keep those who have ill will to the family or the contents of the mausoleum out whilst preserving the pristine memory of the family within so that they could be remembered.

The Poleski family was one or the founding families of Bracken Ridge, what the town used to be called and bridged the barriers between its human and mundane folk and they protective fey of the wilds. They brokered a peace between people and fey and even to this day, not knowing or remembering the real reason why the people honour the bargain between fey and people of Bracken Ridge.

If questioned, in the unlikely case, both Katya and Paul would state that “Father” had been seen disappearing to the woods to hunt game recently and would come back with food for the table. Not saying what it was just that it was the sweetest of meats.

(He had been hunting Fey).

Thanks for dropping in tonight for this brief glimpse at both the closure from last week and the beginning of this one. The extra notes are there to help run the session, give a glimpse or hint into what we can expect from this week.

If you like the content don’t forget to come back tomorrow and feel free to reply and let me know if you like it. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

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Can’t deny ones nature.

Welcome back to a new week with Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and this week we are looking at picking up what we left up from the last week where the party may have gotten lost in the woods and encountered a half-ogre and his pet as well as a, err, parliament of owls (apparently flock isn’t sufficient here..)

So lets kick off and see where out players are at after the discovery that young Paul Turp had gone missing whilst heading towards the manor at the hill to do some work for “Father”.



As the final post drove deep into the rapidly cooling soil Paul dove his hands back under his coat trying to encourage them to get warm. Despite his brothers warnings and protest he had come out to mend the fence between the McFasters and “Fathers” properties a week early as “Father” had promised him a bag of gold to do it earlier.

‘A bag of gold will keep the farm going for another few seasons. Just got to finish this and Colin won’t have to work so hard.’ he thought as he stumbled nailing a plank back in place. The cold wind carried flakes of snow as a particularly foul wind blew in from the north and they chilled Pauls exposed skin and caused him to fumble. The old heavy hammer smashes into it hand with the sound of crunching bone as his grip waned from the cold.

Shrieking in pain he dropped his tools, the shards of bone poking through his skin causing blood to trickle down his forearm as he cradled his broken hand.

Paul stumbled through the snow having tumbled through the fence, if he could just make it to the village the dwarves at the broken tankard would be able to patch him up and fix his hand, mostly. As he trudged on, now having to push through snow as he walked such was the ferocity of in the elements, his vision began to blur as his body began to shake violently from blood loss and exhaustion.

Stumbling to the frozen ground he tried to stand again but his limbs wouldn’t respond. His eyes closing slowly he caught sight of a figure running through the snow towards him

“Colin…” He mumbled as his world faded to black.

Thats it for tonight, a bit of a taste of what this week will bring with Paul going missing in the fields. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content, perhaps a new NPC, and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on where the adventure is going this week, or month!

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

The path untraveled

Welcome to Monday and, what will be as of tomorrow, the first week of February (noting today is still January..) This marks the first day of a new week and month of content and I hope that the next few weeks make for good D&D adventure and story inspiration.

Tonight we will expand on what was touched on last week with the additional information of a new priestess, one that is potentially stronger than Lizbet, and of a creature that seeks to make a deal in exchange of the gifted item that the priestess received from a Red Fleet merchant family.

Uncertain familiarity


Katya walked through the halls of her family without a care in the world, except for one thing. Every now and again she would get a pull – a tug on her conscious that would make her see vivid images and nightmarish visions in place of her family. When she brought it up with her family one time it occurred they explained that it was linked to the spell a stranger put upon her when she was 10 which caused her to lose her memories and begin to have these reoccurring waking nightmares which would unsettle her for days if not weeks. After some time things would return to normal and she would move from room to room in her families manor at the top of a hill and go about her reading, studies and prayer to their families patron deity.

Unfortunately those pleasant days of bliss away from the waking nightmares were a month behind her and she could feel the tug on her conscious as she moved to the last room on the left of the long empty hall way, the library. Walking through the door the musty smell of knowledge warmed her mind and soothed her nerves. She had always found solace and peace in these walls amongst the mounds of books and scrolls on slightly dusted shelves. The pull came hard and fast, making her stumble and lean upon a shelf her hand clutching upon a book. “The Earth mother – Chauntea” the faded writing on the spine revealed to her as she opened her eyes. Frowning she placed the book down on the table and looked around the library. Gone was the bright clean library and in its stead was a decrepit filled with worn and dusty tomes. The large window at the end of the room that normally had an image of a saintly figure inlayed with stained glass was gone and a shattered, grime covered window replaced it where none of hte stained glass remained in the window sill. Looking around the room the tattered pages, mould covered books and layers of dust and debris made her heart begin to beat faster.

“It’s just the curse, its just the curse” she repeated to herself as she sat down on a tipped over table and massaged her head.

“Are you alright my dear” a horrible screech of a voice came from the doorway as she whipped her head up to stare at what she knew to be there already. A sunken faced, horned creature with two smaller arms twitching irritated grew from its rib cage. The face looked upon her hungrily but with devoted awe plastered across its bright yellow eyes. “Are you ok Katya?” the creature half scuttled forward, carefully approaching her.

“I am fine, its just.. The visions are back. They feel stronger than before. The Library.. It’s ruined. The books. All ruined.” She sobbed, her mind cracking at the state of her most cherished place.

Long strong sinewy arms wrapped around her and she felt rather than heard a soothing cooing from the creature that embraced her. The creature’s body twitched and she felt a puddle of warm liquid hitting her shoulder, she didn’t need to open her eyes to know it was drool.

“easy now Katya, its just the waking nightmare. Come back to me and feel the warmth of our lord” the creature said all the time cooing softly. Soon the long muscle bound arms disappeared and a warmth could be felt through her core. Opening her eyes, slowly and shakily she was created by her mother standing next to her, tears streaming down her face and pooling on Katya’s shoulder. “Their’s my little snack. Are you back with me now?” She asked, warmth flooding the face of the older woman.

“Yes Mum, it was like it always was but this time it felt more. The pull felt more urgent. I can’t explain it.” Katya half-sobbed as she cuddled her mother back.

“now now my child, lets go to the kitchen and Mary will fetch you something to eat. Pie always cheers you up, maybe with some tea this time? Father brought some back last time he went into town. Its dangerous out there you know, he came back in quite a state.” her mother said as they walked together down the hall. As they left the Library shard by painted shard the stained glass window started to fall back into itself as dirt and grime covered the image of the smiling saintly man. As the shards fell inwards the image of the man flickered, a sneering horned creature was left in its place holding a angelic figure in one hand and a bloodied sickle in the other. As the mother and daughter walked down the stairs the last of the shards of stained, grubby glass fell to the ground and turned to sand before it even touched the chipped, dirties and paper covered floor.

Boy do we have an adventure and a half this week. As you can probably pickup from the short narrative up above the priestess of Chauntea has lost he memories and finds herself in what she believes to be her families home, but curse from a stranger or not not everything is as it seems to be with these nightmarish visions wracking her brain periodically. Of late they have gotten stronger, perhaps building to a time in which she will be exposed to a group of adventurers searching for a child of prophecy?

Hopefully our adventurers can help this maiden be cured of her sickness and find out what’s really happening on Hollow Peak.

As you can tell, I had a bit of fun writing this one up tonight. I hope that this new weeks finds you well and excited for perhaps another week of dungeons and dragons or perhaps you are into another table top game this week. What ever you are looking forward to feel free to share it here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop.

And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe