Guests of the Queen

Welcome to another night where we look at the potential NPCs of the week and this week we are meeting some guests of the queen. Well to be more exact we have a maid, the King, his guard captain and our devious assassin-come-thief. Now without getting too deep into the plot tonight and giving it away, let’s roll on with the adventure!

Guests of the Queen


Now the queen had a cunning plan in coming up with the masked ball. This enabled the king, is guard and one of the maids to pose as each other. Park would pretend to be the King, a maid, Este, would be the queen and the king would pretend to be the guard. The kicker, the party are unaware of the ploy being undertaken as to ensure that its believable.

Maid – Este

Maid Este – Created in Artbreeder.

Este has worked in the castle for some years now and attends the king and the empty bedroom where the queen is meant to reside. Despite looking young Este had elf blood in her ancestry and has seen more winters than many in the castle. Despite her station, the King and Park have grown to trust her and her ability to sense the intentions of people.

King Joseph Daroan

King Joseph Daroan – created in Artbreeder

No one would dispute the kindness that King Daroan has shown the people of the kingdom. Elected king after he defeated the previous king, a tyrant, he fought for the people and is known as a capable warrior. However with the battle for his crown over many attempts at his life had been made and one such one a few years ago left him not quite the same. Since then he started to celebrate his wife’s birthday, and refer to her being present in all things. Despite this the people are fiercly loyal to the king.

Guard Captain Park

Guard Captain Park – created in Artbreeder

Present when Joseph Daroan defeated the tyrant and principally responsible for the prevention of the majority of the attempts on his life Captain park is the kings oldest friend and ally. Despite the apparent decline in his mental health and sanity Park remains loyal to his friend but has faced his anger a few times when he questions his wife’s existence.

Lark Grundfello

Lark Grundfello – created in Artbreeder

Little is known about Lark, however he is one of those attempting the both murder the king and queen as well as steal their greatest treasure during the queens birthday feast. Lark however would tell you that the King is not what he seems and that he is a freedom fighter coming to rid the kingdom from a ruler that is corrupt and twisted by the foul powers that once tried to kill him.

Thank you for joining me tonight and looking at the NPCs I have created for this week. With half the adventure tied to the mystery behind the queen and the assailants I needed to try and keep tonight’s content brief. However, you wont have to wait long as tomorrow night we will investigate the plot further.

I hope that you will join me for the next few nights here as I expand the adventure further. In fact I still plan to have a bit of a surprise this weekend so make sure to come back for that as well. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Influence enough for all

Welcome to another NPC night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and tonight we are potentially touching on something thats a problem in the real world as well. Tonight we look at if we have Influence enough for all and what that means for the little town of Shirkwall. So without giving away anything for tonight I will have to stop here. In fact let’s grab a coffee, sit down, get ready to roll into tonight’s adventure!

Influence enough for all


Now despite the cult of the lizard taking up residence at the base of lathanders steps this doesn’t mean that they are welcome. There are some people who want to see it removed from the progressive city of Shirkwall. However the people of this fine city know that its not logic, reason, magic or even science that holds power, it’s influence. It’s no surprise that many of the upper-class citizens of Shirkwall have connections in high places, or themselves are one. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that many religions, or in this case a cult, have very influential people within their ranks.

Tonight we meet three people. One cultist, one neutral party and someone vehemently against the cult of the lizards propaganda. Who’s who will be for another night soon.

Lady Jessica Vorr

Lady Jessica Vorr – created in Artbreeder

Jessica was born into nobility, well pseudo nobility. Her mother and father had both been explorers of the older parts of the city and had uncovered some of the secrets of the society that lived here before. Her father had proven that they had been murderers obsessed with human sacrifice and driven mad with bloodlust. This had fuelled his argument and proposal to build over, rip down and replace the old forsaken ruins with new, modern buildings in the name of progress. While her father built a case to rip down the old, her mother had uncovered evidence of strange creatures that had lived with these forgotten people in harmony. A society that lived amongst giant beasts and acted as their servants and pets, not the other way around. She promoted the collection, study and cultivation of history of the city.

The two different viewpoints had put a strain on their relationship and this causes a bit of a disjointed upbringing for Jessica. However after some time they settled back down and doted on their daughter who had merged with high society perfectly and was the focus of a lot of attention. A beacon of influence for those who looked at the potential of science, study and cultural debate.

Ritley Tane

Ritley Tane – created in Artbreeder

Now some say that Ritley is a bit of an extremist. At the age of twenty he had managed to become the sole provider of sacred artefacts from the culture lost to time. He proclaimed that the relics that he had obtained from the ruins of the city had granted him blessings. In fact longer life, better eyesight, a stronger drive for, well what most men hope for was just the tip of the list. Business was booming and any time another shop started to sell similar relics or talismans they were quickly absorbed into his growing empire.

Now this makes him a cunning businessman but when the city started to remove the past, destroy or build over the ruins. Well this was bad for business. He became a frequent debater on the importance of the past, that progression at the cost of the loss of history was for the benefit of the rich, not the poor. As his debates grew so did his influence with the common folk of the town. In fact this is attributed to the growth of the public debates and spreading of proper gander from several temple steps. As common folk, and those who didn’t have a means to influence the masses, gained confidence so did business grow for Ritley. Everyone wanted charms, relics and totems that bolstered ones confidence and believability. Almost everyone that is.

Elise – Captain of the Guard

Elise – Captain of the Guard – created in Artbreeder

From a young age Elise knew she wanted to be a guard. In the service to the city she loved and grew up in she felt at peace with her position. She earned her name by guarding the debate steps and stopping riots, assassinations and other plots to silence the right to free speech that the city had built up. After a few short years of proving her ingenuity, reflexes and her instincts she was put in charge of the district’s watch and was named captain.

However after a few years she got used to it. The job had no more surprises for her and she wanted to go where there was something to unravel, mysteries to solve. Her previous captain had moved to take on murders and robberies in the high districts and often boasted about his endeavours. However without something to cement her name in fame it would be unlikely that she would ever get to that position. She would need to either get lucky or orchestrate her own rise to fame and power.


Three different people tonight. Someone born into influence, someone who cunningly twisted their way into it and a third who worked hard to gain the limited influence they have, but with a hunger for more. This week each player will take part in the over all adventure in a different way. Tomorrow night we meet a few more people and look at what is really taking place in Shirkwall.

Thanks to all my regular readers, my new readers and everyone else. The amount of feedback I am receiving from these weekly adventures is truly encouraging and I have you all to thank for that. So stay tuned for more adventures this week! However, just because I know I am on the right track doesn’t make me want to be stagnant. I will constantly look to see how I can twist and shake up the formula.

I want to make Brazen Wolfe Tabletop the best it can be so be on the lookout for little changes. Don’t forget to visit each day this week to follow along with the journey and as always. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The heart of Heartsfern

Welcome to another NPC night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and tonight we are being introduced to a few people that make up the heart of Heartsfern. While last week we focused on Cerberus Cole this week we are looking at two people that normally tend the fields and the folk of the town. The heart of Heartsfern is more the community, the people than a place and this weeks adventure is about them and their fight. So let’s grab a coffee, sit down, get comfy and roll into tonight’s adventure!

The heart of Heartsfern


Now the beating heart of any small town isn’t a place or even a thing, it the people that call it home. The Town of Heartsfern is small and so the people within the fenced fields are close, more family than neighbours. However more than most there are a few who are staples of the town. These people, the heart of Heartsfern are tenacious, kind and resilient folk. The farmer, Trent and store owner, Shelly are two such people.

Trent Barrowrought

Trent Barrowrought – created in Artbreeder

Trent’s earliest memories are working the farm with his pa and their trusty barrow. This soon became the norm as he moved here to live with his grandparent when he was a teenager. This was to avoid him being conscripted as his grandfather was getting older and needed help in the farm.

His grandpa lived for a few dozen more years before the reins of the old trusty farm-beast and the keys to the farm became his. Having spent most of his adult life on the farm he has helped many folk, his Pa always encouraging him to help his neighbours. This soon gave him a sense of belonging to the community and when he was suddenly, but not surprisingly found by himself in the old house the community banded around him.

He owes a lot to the people here, Shelly most of all for she was his childhood friend. In fact she was his only friend for a good number of years and despite it never growing into something more they are still very close. As he has made a name for himself for being reliable and helpful many of the town rely on him to help tend their own land. In return they share with him what he needs. But he never wants for more and believes that being in this community is enough reward.

Shelly Underbranch

Shelly Underbranch – created in Artbreeder

Born and bred in Heartsfern her parents and their parents before them were the beating heart of Heartsfern. The small town is all she has even known except for when Trent visited. He would bring with him tales of cities, distant lands and people that she would dream about visiting. But she lost her parents quite early and with her grandparents stepping in to help run the general store she quickly fell into step.

Running the general store at the age of sixteen was difficult. But she always could rely on Trent to sort out have her back if she needed help. The two of them quickly became the centre of the town. Trent helping with the farms and Shelly helping with everything else that he couldn’t do.

This didn’t change when she met Buck, her now husband, and after a lengthy courtship they wed. Trent was both the best man of Shelly and Buck and the three of them formed a close bond.


Setting the scene for this weeks encounter is important. In fact a close knit community is what this weeks adventure is about. Shelly and Trent, with the unmet buck, will form the trifecta of plot hooks, twist and and the ones to drive the encounter towards the end.

So with the heart of Heartsfern exposed I want to thank you for dropping by. This last week has been the busiest that hte blog has been for some while and I owe that to you all. I can’t thank you enough.

However, the this doesn’t mean that we are stopping or slowing down. So don’t forget to visit each day this week to follow along with the journey and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Cerberus Cole

Welcome to another NPC night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and tonight we are being introduced to Cerberus Cole. The guard captain of the city of Drileah has his work cut out for him at the moment and unfortunately our party may have stumbled into more than they can handle. Intrigued? Well you should be as tonight we put Cerberus under the magnifying glass! So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Cerberus Cole


As the party marches down the street, escorted by guard they can’t help but notice how busy this city is during the day. Merchants beckon potential customers from store fronts and stalls and the volume of customers is beyond what they were expecting. However due to the guard escort, something that they had received upon entering the city the party drew many looks.

Shopkeepers, customers and the upperclassmen and ladies of the city pointed and spoke in hushed tones as the party was ushered by no less than a dozen guards towards the guard quarters. “Not far now you lot” one guard said to them, an older man with a kind face. “If you’re just visitors to the city as you claim then you will be on your way and this little mess we have going on will be far behind ye” he continued.

The city guards building was a grand affair of ornate masonry and glass windows, but there were a number of lords, ladies and merchants standing out front. Those that called and tried to push past a row of guards were staggering. Each one of them called for the guards to be disbanded, to allow mercenaries and paid private guards to take over the protection of the city of Drileah.

Guard Captain Cerberus Cole

Cerberus Cole – created in

The guards led the party past the complainant’s who called for the guard to do something about the current thefts. As soon as the party met the eyes of the victims of the theft they called of their guilt rained down upon them. The guard however protected the party and urged them through to the rooms beyond.

Down several halls they were led until they arrived at a door that hung slightly Ajar. “Captain Cole sir, I have a new group for questioning” the friendly guard called out, winking at the party.

The man on the other side of the door sighed deeply, and loudly. “Bring them through, let’s get it over with then” he answered. The door opened to reveal a relatively fit middle aged man with a well groomed beard. He sat around piles of paperwork and books and looked up at the party. “Well… This will be quick. These aren’t the Feline Filcher. Thank you for following the process Regi but we can declare this lot innocent. Unless they are the Feline Filcher and we can finally put this nightmare to rest. Imagine, this lot trusting dishonest mercenaries and thugs to guard the streets! Pah! These people are the same lot that let the burglar make off with their treasured possessions!”

Cole sat down and grabbed a corked bottle. “Well, while you’re here. Do you want to sit and make it appear as though we are treating you as actual suspects to this crime spree?”


Every cat burglar has to have someone trying to catch them. This is the unwritten rule. Cerebus Cole is our such fellow in this weeks adventure as we look through what this week has in store for our party. I think the art depicts Cole quite well, but I may look for a better portrait later this week, probably for the Zine!

Thanks for joining me tonight we we looked at this weeks hero. I have high hopes for Cole this week and, hopefully, with a little help from the party we will have the thief in our hands. But more on her tomorrow night.

So don’t forget to come back this week as I continue expand our adventure. This weeks sees our party catching a thief, with or without the guards involvement. However, the quarry isn’t without their own tricks so the party may learn a thing or two this week. So don’t forget to visit to find out and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Boglet the wandering merchant

Tonight we expand upon our Soulbound adventure this week with the Binding meeting a new face, Boglet the wandering merchant. Boglet is a hobgrot who decided that life in the war clans was not all it was cracked up to be. So away from the bullying orruks he has struck out on his own for wealth and his own brand of glory. But to uncover his full story we will have to read on. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Boglet the wandering merchant


Boglet – Created in

Sneaky hobgrot!

The party continue in their march towards the gathering storm clouds up ahead, taking a few moments to rest every hour or so in order to maintain their rapid pace. However despite this no tell-tale bolts of lightning strike which would herald the deliverance of Stormcast Eternals to the battlefield. Instead the plume of dust rises from a singular point to meet the thunderhead above. It was on one such break that the party encountered something, or someone more precisely, quite odd.

“Psst. Hey. You. Over here” a voice said in a low tone from a large stump not far away. “yeah you.” the voice said again as they looked towards the stump. Approaching slowly, cautiously with weapons drawn they hovered above the stump.

“hello?” Gwen managed to get out as she stood behind her more forward companions.

“Greetings and salutations!” a cheerful and lisp-filled voice called out as a pale yellow bodied creature jumped out of the hollow and onto the edge of the log. “Welcome to Boglets Shop!”. It was a hobgrot – the party were familiar with them from the encounter yesterday. The hobgrot looked around at the party, read their expressions of either hatred, shock or disgust and dove back into the stump with a shriek.

Well that was its plan. Kathe reached forward with god infused strength and grabbed the hobgrots ankle. “Nooo. Let Boglet go! I ain’t doing nothin’ wrong. I don’t know anything to do with the Beast-skewer Killbow or the leader on Corpse-Rippa Vulcha.” he babbled as he tried to snatch at falling trinkets that came from the folds of his robe.

“What are you doing here?” Ymran said as he lowered his cold gaze to the hobgrot. His talents for getting information already coming into play.

Not all Hobgrots

“This is Boglet’s shop. I said this. I sell things. You give me something shiny I get you something useful. You have something shiny to sell I have some Aqua in vials.” he spluttered as the Idoneths gaze washed over him.

“Let him down Kathe, he tells the truth” the Idoneth said as he sat down on a nearby log. “What can you tell me about This killbow and Vulcha?”

The hobgrot’s eyes sparkled as he was lowered to the stump, clambering to be upright again. “Oh, I know nothing much. Something shiny or valuable may jog my memory though…” he said, the glint of mischief and greed present in his eyes.


I am quite happy with the decision to include a hobgrot as a merchant in this weeks adventure. The books themselves talk about them being cunning and greedy merchants when encountered, or they are bullied into being in the war clans march. So when I need a way to give information, provide the inevitable mcguffin then what better than a greedy, sneaky merchant of goods and information.

I want to thank you once again for joining me on this Soulbound adventure. I am quite passionate about efficiencies in my work and home life and being able to merge my love for RPGs and Warhammer is just, joy. So if you would like to start a Soulbound group then I am happy to provide some more GM content in the future focused on Soulbound.

Tomorrow I expand this adventure further with the information that Boglet can be persuaded or paid to let go of. So don’t forget to come back for that and the future nights as we evolve this adventure. So as always, I hope to grant you the rerolls you need to succeed and hope that you return to adventure and excitement,
The Brazen Wolfe

Sashik of Taloncrest

Welcome to NPC Tuesday and tonight we get a glimpse at Sashik of Taloncrest. Try as I may I was unable to blend creatures or pictures together to get an Aarakocra. And since the whole idea of these nights is to produce content that I ‘own’ the creative rites to I didn’t want to grab someone else’s work. So tonight we will have to make do with the model creator from Hero forge!

Sashik of Taloncrest


Sashik is the first in line for the crown in Taloncrest. More civilised than other Aarakocra in the mountains nearby he has approached the city of Wurbek to look for adventurers and warriors who can assist. Despite his lack of crown he still is entrusted with the wealth of his people and they are excellent craftsmen and a proud people.

With the current turmoil of his people a great time of change is upon them. A once quiet people are now pushed to war as a Giant and his army of goblinkin attack and steal the chicks from his peoples nests. The only answer he has to protect his people is to do something his ancestors forbade, reach out to the humans and grounded folk for help.

Sashik – Conceptualised in Hero-forge

Thanks for joining me tonight as we looked at Sashik. Not quite the same level of detail as I like to create on these nights I still wanted to give a bit of effort into creating something. So Hero forge is a great way to get things almost just right and to a point where the concept of the character is there. But what unfortunately I won’t be able to use that in this weekends Zine so I will endeavour to find something else.

So don’t forget to come back this week as we expand our adventure. This weeks sees our party travel to war, or diplomacy – something we will explore more tomorrow. So don’t forget to visit to find out and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The People of Pine Ridge

Welcome to NPC Tuesday and tonight we are looking at The People of Pine Ridge. Yesterday we were introduced to the young hunter Rashel, the village Elder Penelope and a prestigious farmer Reginald. Tonight we will get a bit more of a glance at our NPCs for the weeks adventure flesh out this adventure a bit more. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll on with the adventure.

The People of Pine Ridge


Elder Penelope

Created in Artbreeder

Penelope has spent most of her life in the village and has earnt a great deal of respect amongst her people. Her father, and his father before him were local heroes. Slayer of beasts, defenders of the village from bandits and monsters and in her youth she aspired to be the same.

But as she got older she was unable to participate in great hunts, or even mild ones and she became content to lead the village. She cares a great deal for everyone within the oaken gates and will put their safety above anything else.


Created in Artbreeder

Coming to Pine Ridge as a young man he quickly spent his timing mining the hills for its wealth. After a few lucky breaks in a row he quickly became the wealthiest man in Pine Ridge. However, instead of taking the wealth elsewhere he bought land, built houses and brought more people to the small village to man his farms.

He is still the wealthiest man in Pine Ridge but he works with the people here, and Elder Penelope, to ensure that Pine Ridge is looked after. He currently has most of his fortune resting on the success of the farms and was planning on funding a mine to bring more people to live in the little Village. If this rumoured dragon continues to eat his animals then he wont be able to put Pine Ridge on the map.

The Hunter Rashel

Created in Artbreeder

Rashel travelled to Pine ridge with her mentor, Lake, who taught her how to track creatures and how to survive in the wilds. A natural with a bow she quickly manged to cement herself in with the people of Pine Ridge.

Not long after her, and her mentors arrival a strange sighting of a beast appeared when she was out on a hunt. Lake, her mentor, decided to investigate alone and he stumbled upon a lair of a ferocious beast. Despite being experienced Lake didn’t survive the encounter and managed to make it back to the village.

Rashel returned home with fresh game for the village half a day later. But instead of being greeted with cheering and happy villagers she was greeted by mourners.

Ever since she has kept a watchful eye over the village in case the beast that killed her mentor returns.


Tonight we have three different people to look at. Reginald is wealthy but supports the town. Supposedly from the goodness of his heart but there may be more than meets the eye. Penelope may be ruthless when it comes to protecting her village but she knows a fight she cant hope to win. Despite the sacrifice of the villages funds her pride as a hunter will likely be the biggest cost when she asks for help from the adventurers.

Thanks for joining me tonight as we looked at the people of Pine Ridge. Tomorrow we get to look at this adventure from a different view point and oh I am excited. So don’t forge to come back tomorrow night for the next part of the adventure. Thanks to everyone who comes back back daily and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Owlbears Crew

Welcome to Tuesday where we look at NPCs that will join us for the week and this week are look at the Owlbears Crew. Tonight we have the star of the show, Josh aka, Shank the parrot. But the plot is a bit thicker this week so let’s not wait any longer and let’s get on with the write-up.

The Owlbears Crew


The Owlbears crew were rumoured to be bloodthirsty, cutthroats who loved nothing more than pillaging and killing. In fact this was… True. Almost all the crew members were hired, captured or enslaved because of their brutality and hunger for violence and plunder. But despite all this there we are few who were there because they felt obliged and none more so than Bryce Bronson – the father of the Captain of the ship.

Bryce was disheartened by his sons actions after a rather bloodthirsty skirmish with the a merchant vessel. Shocked by his sons behaviour he faked his death by falling overboard and secretly made his way to shore. There he blended in with society and became a farmer.

When the news of the ship and its crew’s demise came to Bryce he was both relieved and distraught. Despite the repulsion he felt for the unwarranted violence he still adored his boy and the though of him never reconciling and making peace with the pirate lord shocked him. This eventually shattered his sanity and he began to see ghostly visitations of his son, hearing the ghostly cannon fire of the Flying Owlbear and even seeing his son walking through the streets, searching for something.

Josh “Shank” – the Parrot.

Created in

A ghostly glow has taken over the parrot, that and the extra clawed toes it appears with that gives it an alien and haunting appearance. When ever the parrot named Shank appears the Flying Owlbears cannon fire shortly follows, real or not.

Old Bryce the farmer, refers to the Parrot as Josh and breaks down into a nervous wreck when the parrot appears in town which has lead to rumours of a curse. And of a treasure that old Bryce and the parrot called Shank both know about.

Bryce Bronson

Created in Artbreeder

Bryce was once a member of the Flying Owlbears crew, although it will take divine intervention or magic to get this information out of him. His plundering days long gone he spends his time farming and providing food the the village of Tarmak.

However when he drinks, which is most nights, he can be found in the Iron Crustacean, run by old maritime workers. When he drinks he tells tales of the Flying Owlbear and its crews exploits, the daring escapes and the heroic rescues of those stuck out at sea. The tales make it sound like they were heroes rather than Pirates and so he is normally ignored or laughed at by the other patrons.

Percy Bryceson Bronson

Created in Artbreeder

Percy was Bryce’s son and the captain of the Flying Owlbear. He lost his mother early to a mysterious illness and since then he was obsessed with ancient relics and treasure. One night during a storm he was flung overboard and despite the crew, and his fathers best efforts he wasn’t able to be rescued. However as the sun rose on the next day he was found alive and straddling an ancient treasure chest that contained a solution to his problems… and the key to his future.


Tonight I wanted to touch on the three main NPCs that we will encounter. However like previous weeks and earlier adventures any NPC can be called upon in order to bolster the people available to us. A few weeks ago I recycled and reused a few adventure maps. This week we could take any NPC from the past… well almost any, and add them to the tavern, the roads or the town of Tarmak.

Tonight we met a few NPCs including a spooky parrot, Josh (aka Shank). Tomorrow we will expand the plot and cover the next part of the adventure. The mystery of the Flying Owlbear crew, treasure and the ship itself. So don’t forget to come back daily and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Lord Brodderick Brighthammer

Tonight we continue the soulbound week by exploring who Brodderick Brighthammer is, Lord Castellant from the Stormcast Eternals. Being part of the dawn bringer crusade, or merely assisting the battlemage who works with him to command the forces of order is a big job. Which is why a Lord Castellant is in charge. So sit back ,sip on some coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s update.

Lord Brodderick Brighthammer


The binding stood in front of him as he looked over a map before him. The current camp was just a small marker on the large parchment that lay before him and it was surrounded by miles of rolling hills, vast forests and rocky mountains – Ghur. Somewhere out in the hills towards the edge was the last known direction the scouts were heading. It is also the where the last message had come from raven to notify the crusade of a potential threat – a gathering of orruks.

Brodderick rubbed his brow, causing his sigmarite plate to clank as the binding stood silent in front of him. He turned towards them, Gwen, Brung and Kathe who had just joined. Ymran stood at the edge of the doorway and listened but kept a watchful eye outside the tent. “As you would know we have a growing warband of Orruks milling in the hills a few hours towards the edge from here. That is also the last known position of the scouts we sent out.” he paused as Brung cleared his throat as if to talk, the impatient arkanaut admiral was used to getting his way. But before he could get his words out the Dawn Keeper spoke, the battlemage who was charged with the success of the crusade.

The Dawn Keeper…

“Lord Brighthammer. We don’t even know if they survived or not. I wont have you risk more of my men by sending them on this foolish mission” the battlemage practically spat, the influence of Ghur influencing his connection with the amber winds of magic.

“Keeper, I am not asking you to risk your men. I have a mission for the binding who are small enough to slip by without being noticed yet powerful enough to handle just about anything Ghur will throw at them.” he paused as he stared down the mage, the smell of ozone wafting through the air.

“Aye, I thought that would be the case. But as the Keeper said, why risk going after scouts that are likely dead.?” Brung asked, Kathe stared daggers down at her companion.

“Amongst those scouts was one who had a different mission. I received word a few days ago that there had been a research outpost that had gone quiet. I sent the scouts there to find out why and recover what they could.” he paused again and held up a hand to cut off the Dawn Keepers oncoming tirade. “They reported that they had found a cache of amberbone. Enough that if it fell into enemy hands it would spell out demise. I need that amberbone retrieved.” the Lord castellant spoke. The Keepers eyes bulged in his head as the possibilities rushed forth into his mind.

Change of attitude

“Well.. Why didn’t you say so. You can have the gryph knights – they will retrieve these stones for you” the battlemage said as he got ready to summon his retinue.

“No. If the scouts last messages were true then we are in imminent danger. The gryph knights will be needed here. They also draw too much attention. No I think the binding is the best bet.” the castellant said as he looked away from the Dawn Keeper and towards the party. “We really need your strength on this.” he said quietly as the battlemage started rambling to himself whilst flicking through a tome.

Created in studio
Created in Artbreeder

Well that sets the scene for our party as we move onwards with soulbound. Tonight we looked at the hook for the party to sally forth out of the safety of the camp, explored some dangers and met both Lord Brighthammer and the Dawn Keeper. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Soulbound content and I grant you further rerolls to ensure that you don’t miss,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Dottery’s

Welcome to Tuesday night where we look at the NPCs that are joining us this week for our adventure. Tonight we turn our gaze and introductions to the Dottery’s who reside within the Crelion Estate. Despite being an odd pair they appear to have kept the inn in working order and welcome the party openly. Well Jane does at least. There is a warmth that feels almost unnatural that comes from the house. But it’s soothing and the sense of unease from the woods has gone.

But why is the party of adventures the only people who stay in the inn and, why does Tom glare at them constantly. Let’s read on tonight and during the week more will be revealed!

The Pennywhistle Company


The keepers of Crelion Manor

The Dottery’s run the Crelion manor inn and are an odd pair. Jane is warm, welcoming and motherly while Tom rarely says anything at all and always stares at people as if he wished they were elsewhere. Together though they have appear to have maintained the manor to a high standard and the beds are certainly comfortable. Despite being situated near the woods that appear to be haunted, or worse the manor appears to be unaffected.

Jane can be found walking around the manor lighting lanterns and cleaning the house almost methodically while Tom never strays too far from the front door and a little desk where he keeps an ever watchful eye on the log book in front of him.

Tom Dottery

Created in Artbreeder

Tom is well built and tall. The signs of his age is slowly appearing in his beard and hair but his eyes have lost none of their youth. During the party’s interactions with him they don’t believe they have heard him say a single word to him or Jane who hovers around him and talks enough for both of them.

Despite being quiet, and his face set in a constant stare of disapproval he is quick to help the adventurers when they need it. Just as quick as he leaps into action to assist he goes back to being quiet with a frown fixed upon his face.

The party have caught him nodding towards an old guest book at his table and when his wife isn’t around he appears to gesture silently towards the door as if asking the party to leave.

Jane Dottery

Created in Artbreeder

Jane is a small and frail looking woman with eyes that look almost to large for her face. The opposite of her husband, Tom, she is exuberant and always happy to talk. She is quick on her feet and has a bad habit of sneaking up on people due to how quietly she moves.

Despite her diminutive frame it is obvious to any who witness her that she rules the manor on a daily basis. She is quick to insist that the guests reach out for any little issue but organises Tom to rectify any issues.

Despite her warm and caring nature she shies away from physical touch and blames a illness she caught when she was younger for a fragile constitution that is quick to bruise and bleed from the smallest of touches.


I came up with Jane and Tom to be opposites for a reason and it’s all to do with the Manor. And nothing is as it seems at Crelion Manor which I will expand upon this week. The interactions between the two hosts will need to be monitored closely this week as we move around the manor. And while waiting the storm to die down I will throw in some additional information to keep the part busy. But that’s for me to expand upon tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping in tonight and looking at the two NPCs for this week. There is a third that may be introduced later this week (or the end of week adventure) but that’s for another time. As always don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more updates to this weeks adventure. Tomorrow we cover the thickening of the plot so don’t forget take notes as this week is a bit of a mystery to unravel and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe