Bog light

Hi all and welcome to an unconventional Tuesday as this week the heroes at trekking across the marshlands to reach the port town where they hope to muster aid to return to the Dancing Drake and conduct emergency repairs. Now that doesn’t sound unconventional by any stretch on ones imagination but what if I told you that I was going to throw the story line in the dice bag, scramble it and then take it out in a different order.

So sit back and see if you can work out the missing piece.

Shamans Harvest


The old toad-kin hobbled around the little mudbank hut using a large cane to support her missing foot as she walked from shelf to shelf.

As she grabbed the last flappy appendage from the dried bundle she frowned, the ingredient was a hard one to locate and harder to retrieve. Shrugging and tossing it into boiling pot she began to stir the green-brown slime until it bubbled with a earthy meaty smell.

A large frog appeared in her windowsill between her and the mossy natural curtain that hid her windows and hut from the outside world. The frog looked at her and began to croak loudly and rhythmically.

“two toads approach you say, its about time they come to see me I am almost out of the good stuff.” She croaked back at it. The frog croaked in return conveying its message more urgently. “What do you mean humans approach as well. Do not think that although I may not move around as I once did that I can’t catch you and cook you up too” she replied as she walked to the window and peered through the curtain of moss. “Oh, you’re right. There is humans there…”

The party having limped, injured, through the swamp through most of the day and into the night looked around the large heavily vegetated marsh flat where a chest height hill had formed to support the only tree for miles around. The two toad-kin pointed and croaked deeply, a reverberation that seemed to dance across the grass and moss and then towards the mound. Slowly the clack of wood came forward from the mound and a one footed ancient, short female toad-kin hobbled out.

The toad-kin looked from one party member to the next she spoke in elven. “These Toads tell me you seek passage through the marshlands, I believe I have a solution”..

Well that’s the end of tonight’s writeup, the hardest one I had planned for this week. Thanks for joining me tonight and don’t forget to join me here for the next few nights this week.

With the Easter period approaching I’ll find myself with more time to go back and refresh some previous posts that I feel may need a bit more. So don’t forget to come back to check what we post here and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe


Hi all and welcome again to Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where Tuesdays we look at NPCs and instead of focusing on a crew member of the Dancing Drake I wanted to tie some things in together and drive a bit more of the worlds narrative.

So sit back, sip on some coffee and enjoy!

Talking Moss


Kiri hoped across the marsh using his powerful legs to jump from one clump of reed to the next trying to keep his bare feet dry as the sun set across the marsh and the night creatures began to howl and call to each other in the jungle beyond. His head bounding above the grass he gripped the sharpened harpoon in his hand as the smell of roasting meat hit his nostrils and he slowed down from a bounding leap to a hop from one dry perch to the next.

“you’re late Kiri” a voice grunted from his left. Startled he whirled around and stumbled onto a dry mud bank that had been flattened with many feet pushing down the reeds to form a carpet under their feet. The creature that stepped out, it walked on thick meaty webbed toes that made crossing the marsh and navigating the deep, cold, treacherous waters easy for it whilst its ankle bent backwards much like a cat.

“Trip, I could smell your fire from across the marsh. You’ll attract company if you don’t keep it under control” he chided the creature in front of him, grinning his broad toothed mouth at his fellow hatch-mate.

“I did. Well, to be precise, company has been called.” Trip said, a touch of sadness and bitterness coating his words. “The shadow has called and the people answer. We have not forgotten our debts and its time for us to make amends” Kiri sighed, reaching into the pot upon the fire and bringing out a questionable chunk of meat, still with rat like tail attached.

Confirming it was indeed rat Kiri swallowed it with glee, it was his favourite meat after all, before turning to his friend. “What does the shadow want of us?”

Trip nodded in approval at his friends respect for the old ways. “There is a boat crossing the marsh tonight, we are to make sure it doesn’t reach port.” the old toad-like humanoid said with a sigh as he drew out a long slender blade.

Nodding Kiri reached into the pot again, this time turtle, and handed it to Trip who grabbed it with his three fingers. “Well, if one night of bloodshed can mean that out people, children and their children can leave in peace as we have these past centuries then let the debt be called.” Kiri asked as he waited for his friend to finish picking the meat off the bone. “How many is coming?” Kiri asked at last.

“The clans” Trip responded slowly looking across the marsh as the sun set, similar little camp fires could be seen glowing amongst the reeds in the quickly encroaching darkness, the marsh a sea of small fires that reflected the glowing stars above. Following the river with their eyes as they begin to focus on the surroundings as darkness flooded the land, a gift from the shadow from when their ancestors made the first pact with it. “All of them” Trip continued as he stood up staring at the large ship, lanterns being lit to illuminate the deck, masts and oars as it made its way down the river.

Kiri and Trip glanced towards the stars, sacred to their people and a thing of great worship and respect. Their kind was peaceful and wanted nature to flourish and life to prevail but to overthrow their past masters, the Oni, they made pact with the Shadow which gave them the strength and power to overthrow their aggressors and captors which dwindled over time with peace taking over their culture. But tonight it was war, he just hoped that he would see his family again after the pact was honoured and that he could look at them even after spilling blood of a humanoid.

A great reverberating croak resounded over the still marsh and Trip, like presumably everyone else, put out their fires and plunged the marsh into darkness. The croak of the war chief was to be respected cause only they truly help any semblance of their kinds power and it was power that they respected and feared.

Well that was a lot of fun to imagine and I am excited for this weeks writeup! Let me know below if you enjoy the focus of this week so far as the next few nights will expand upon yesterdays and tonight’s content to flesh out the toad-like race of humanoids that inhabit the jungle and marsh as well as how they relate to the current situation in the continent.

Don’t forget to come back the next few nights to follow along as this adventure grows and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Lost Ship

Hi all and welcome to Tuesday where we look at NPCs and the development they can give our adventure.

This week the ship and crew the party was travelling with had to stop by an island to make emergency repairs after they ran into pirates and a storm. After setting down anchor in a deep cove on an island they sey about looking for materials yo repair their ship and some crew members returned to announce they had found a shipwreck that they could salvage from. However the crew were superstitious and captain Kyoko had warned them not to adventure to far onto the island as it had a bad reputation for sailors going missing.

Forgotten goods


As the party leave the piles of wood, fibre, ropes and food that the ships crew had gathered already they looked ahead in the direction that the crew members were taking them outside the cove they were nestled within and towards a thick line of trees.

The sandy pebble ridden shore was picturesque, golden sand, smooth rounded pebbles and the gentle lapping of waves at their feet as they walked along the shore line. Marks littered the sand as they walk and the party identified them as some kind of snake slithering from waters edge towards the thick vegetation to their right, and the centre of the island.

Pushing their way onwards up a small embankment and up through the rows of trees they come across the remains of a ship, a large hole in its hull nestled against the sand in a similar beach. The large tattered but mostly intact sails hung and danced slightly in the breeze that washed across the party – making the leaves around them hiss as the wind caressed plant and person a like.

“See, the ship. That hole in the side, that breach. It’s not natural. No reef or pirate could have made that. But we should get the mast and check to see if we can salvage some parts of the hull and deck to make repairs to the Dancing Drake” the crew member they had met on board the ship and fought along side when the pirates attacked said.

“If you can get us there we can direct you to what we need from the ship, give you the tools – but we can’t go on board – its a bad omen for us to stumble upon a wreck like this and the signs aren’t good.” he continued. As the party moved forward they found bits and pieces of equipment, a broken shield, a snapped sword, a half of a spear but no head and scattered clothing, bags (mostly empty) and crates. It looks like the people may have made it some distance from the ship, or these items had washed up the shoreline quite a distance from a significant amount of water.

Nearing the ship they looked up at the deck, seeing a clear entrance to the beached ship through the breach in the side as they marvelled at the size of the large trading ship.

Out of sight a whisper of cloth moved as she moved over the wreckage of the ship, her hand gripping the blade tightly as she stared at the face of the new comers. She recognised sailors when she saw them but those in front, looking as if to board the ship were different. They had the appearance of people who were from the land, adventurers perhaps, none of them walked like the others, chanting under muttered breath or glided across the ground with unnatural movement to chill her blood.

As she looked through the hole in the hull, looking for signs of the beasts she almost sighed with relief that they had not found her hiding spot again, nor found the people that walked so naively across the sands. They never killed their prey immediately always took them back to their nest deeper into the island, but no one made it back once they had set their fangs into them, except for her as she was too small for them to notice as she slipped out when she saw her chance.

She let a bloom of hope flutter in her chest. Maybe she was able to leave this wreck, leave this island and perhaps return home to warn people.

Do not come to Ophidian Island.

Thanks for joining me tonight and thanks for sticking with me for the twelfth week of my journey through 2022. Don’t forget to come back again tomorrow to look at the twists and turns I have in store, those who read the introduction to the island and linked it with a previous post may already know where this is going. If not, then let us know what you think is happening on this island.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Crew

Welcome one and all to a Tuesday night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. Tonight is generally reserved for NPCs, people or creatures that people run into during the weeks adventure and tonight is no different – except tonight instead of a single NPC I have a few options in play for us this week.

The idea behind tonight’s post is to look at a few frameworks that we can apply to a character, or several for the party to interact with while avoiding fleshing out thorough and compelling backstories for each person.

The Red Fleets crew


How to use the below. Roll once on each table to establish a brief backstory on the person, or people, for who the party is interacting with. Assign Gender and appearance based on the portrait selected but the other characteristics can be chosen or rolled from the table to make it a quick NPC generator *(except the name.. I am poor with names..).

Visual characteristic

d6 resultCharacteristic
1The person walks with a slight limp, seeming to favour their right leg as they walk across the ship. Despite the obvious impairment they are still quick to move across the deck
2The person is exceptionally timid and will shy out of the way from all other crew members, passengers, the party and especially the captain. When the captain is around they seem to stutter, mumble and rush off to do what ever order is backed at the first chance that’s presented to them.
3The person is nimble, unnaturally so. They swing from one side of the ship to the other and climb ropes with effortless ease.
4The person is broad and strong. Able to move almost any crate, barrel, person or piece of cargo by themselves the other crew mates seem to rely on them to do the heavy lifting.
5The person is lazy. Plain and simple. They can be found laying down when the captain is not around napping or ignoring their duties. Despite being lazy they are extremely adept at the ship life and are first to fix something if there is trouble.
6There is nothing too obvious about this person, except their broken common. They barely speak and when they do its fractured sentences and very few words

Background before joining the ship

d6 resultBackground
1They are a third generation sailor and have spent most of their life on the waves.
2Joined the crew at the last port, they are very green to this type of life.
3Used to be a soldier back home but gave that up for a simpler life on the waves.
4Family member of the captain – seems to be treated the same if not more harshly than the other crew members.
5Farmer who is now seeking their fortune.
6Not much is revealed, they wont tell any one but they are jumping from ship to ship to avoid being sent to prison for a crime they committed.


d6 resultRole
2Deck hand
4Medical officer
5First Mate
6Chief engineer

Otherwise notable thing

d6 resultNotable thing
1Has a tattoo of a wingless dragon curling up their shoulder onto their neck.
2Singles sea shanties almost any time they are working (or whistles/ hums if they don’t otherwise talk)
3During downtime they whittle wood with a small knife they keep at their belt. A small statue of a child (their son/daughter) can be seen on a string around their neck.
4Missing a hand of foot – a crude tool/replacement has been fashioned for them that they use deftly as if they have had the foreign appendage most of their life.
5Barely wears any clothes (just enough to be modest) – can be found praying to a deity and chanting prayers during their downtime.
6Nothing stands out in particular.

After the quick-rolls are made from the above pick a portrait from below (or any) to help describe the NPC to your party.

And that’s it, using the above and picking the more-blonde women from above we could have a NPC such as..

Visual-3-Strong, background-5-Strong, Role-2-Deckhand, Otherwise Notable – 4- Missing a Hand/Foot.


Kim is an impressive specimen, broad, strong and tall and able to carry and shift things around the boat with ease. The rest of the crew can be heard calling out her name when something is too heavy or bulky for regular people and she rushes over to help her crew. What makes it even more extraordinary is that she is missing her left hand and a set of short spikes are on a metal plate where her hand used to be. She uses these metal spiked nubs to help grip onto wood and other cargo and to also fend of those who are daft enough to want to brawl with her.

She hasn’t always been a sailor but when she lost her hand in her families farm she decided to try her luck elsewhere, the sea – using the first pouch of gold she earnt to pay for her spiky replacement she now considers the ship her home and being a deckhand her true calling.

I am relatively happy with how that panned out, I am a fan of random generators as a way of driving, steering or even assisting me in coming up with a new something for the table top and I find that, in a pinch, they are especially handy. Now all that is left to do is come up with a name….

Don’t forget to come back each day this week for the ship bound adventure, tomorrow we look at twists and turns that may affect our party out at sea (an obvious writeup this week I might add). If you do use the random tables above let me know how it goes! If you like what you create don’t forget to let me know in the comments below and I will look at creating a few more quick tables for NPC generation down the track.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Exiled and forgotten

Hi all and welcome to a, maybe too short, Tuesday night where we look at NPCs and how they interact with the setting. Tonight I want to look at Jung Harimasu and his families guardian dragon, Huangdi.

So without too much stalling, delaying or waffling on let’s crack on with tonight’s writeup.

The Golden Dragon – Huangdi


Huangdi curled around the large dais that was at the back of the temple that he resided in, his long scaled body curling around a statue that shared a lot of characteristics of himself. Clacking his claws on the stone floor he watched as the spirits, the ancestors of the Harimasu family, flittered around the room, sitting, talking or meditating as they attempted to guide a favourite of theirs to success, or at least prevent momentous failure. Sighing he cast his gaze the the bowl of scented oil that sat at the base of the statue and looked in it – willing the oil to show him his servant – the cursed one called Siu.

He had expected the man to be in the city looking for a way to redeem himself, in a foolish errand but one that the old dragon could not help but admire as he would do the same thing if he had been in the mans situation. What Huangdi had not expected to see was the man in his humanoid form, a gift that the gold dragon had blessed him when he had selfishly saved those who had once scorned him from an assassination attempt – the first true indication of the man’s willingness to repent. The gift however was something that he could activate very infrequently and the dragon new for sure that it was something the man treasured above all else so to see him in this form was a surprise.

What also surprised the dragon was how still and patiently he knelt in in front of a ship and one of the heiresses of the Harimasu ambition a girl called Kyoko. floating forward to wrap his long serpentine body around the oil to block the view from the others he looked more closely at what his servant was doing. It was evident that his body was shedding magic, his human form was about to expire but he seemed to be prepared to kneel there and reveal himself. Interestingly enough the man looked relieved as the vision on the viscous surface drifted up towards a group of eight humans walked forward, two blazed like the sun and, two looked ordinary enough and four walked with purpose and a surefootedness that even the dragon was impressed with. Smiling, his large golden whiskers crackling with energy he could see the plans and machinations of his servant.

Another selfless act it seemed, spending his most cherished gift to try and convince humans who owed him nothing, and more importantly those who he owned nothing to, for the sake of his family who still refuse to speak of him. It was beginning to be an interesting time, perhaps the large golden dragon wouldn’t have to fly out to meet the darkness, a sure forfeit of his life given what lay within the shadows.

Muttering a series of word, the taste of magic on his forked tongue as he willed the magic to drip through the sigil’s towards his servant a world away. Another blessing for the man, one easily taken away if the old dragon was mistaken in the true intentions of the once-mortal but just as easily extended for good behaviour.

Severing the connection to the oil his four large, clawed limbs effortlessly supporting his weight he slowly weaved his way out of the temple – he needed to think away from the noise, drama and feuding of the family he had looked over for centuries and wished, not for the first time this century, that his master had not gone to fight the darkness by herself.

Siu Harimasu

And a bonus picture of Siu in human form

And that’s it!

Thanks for joining me tonight, I do love writing about such fantastical creatures as dragons, their insight, power, forethought and general awesomeness makes it for an easy writeup that makes it hard to actually stop writing.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow where we pickup from Mondays writeup, but true to the nature of Wednesdays with a twist!

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

A bestial warning

Hi all and welcome to Tuesday where we look at NPCs for this weeks adventure and we have a few to cover.

This week we are focusing on the days after the party return with Katya to be introduced to the temple of Chauntea within the city of Daye and what occurs during those few days.

Tonight I want to explore a few characters we have had glimpses at before but I want to investigate them a bit more this week to flesh them out a bit more – so let’s get on with it starting with Siu.

The Rogue and the Flower


Siu scrambled across the rooftops as his limbs began to weaken with the toxin that was creeping through his body as he scrambled to make it toward the temple of Chauntea where Lizbet an Katya had just entered.

Falling to the ground next to the temple he scrambled up the wall, his normal dexterous hands and feet that could find a claw hold instead failed to source any at all and his claws dug and clawed at the mudbrick that made up the temple – leaving deep furrows as he clawed his way up into the window into a hallway near one of the side entrances where he hoped that he would be noticed quickly. His vision blurring and the ability to focus coming in waves he called upon his most treasured of limited magical gifts, the one thing he cherished above all, and invoked it with a tear streaming down his face as he fell to the ground. A cry of shock and muffled footsteps welcomed him into the darkness of unconsciousness as the shadow creatures toxins pumped through his system.

Blinking Jung stretched and swung his legs over the edge of the temple guardian, grinning like a menace as he scratched his name on the back of its head as he waited for a single person – his cousin and closest friend. “What do you think you are doing!” the shriek of anger and shock called from a few steps behind him where one his aunts stepped out, the smell of incense wafting forward making him sneeze. “Get off the guardians now, you must show them respect and treat them with reverence or they wont do the same when you join the ancestors” she yelled as she grabbed his leg, her bony fingers surprisingly strong as she ripped him from the statue and pulled him to the temple steps.

Jung didn’t get the fascination with death and ancestors. He was alive now and who cares what happens when he is dead – he’ll be dead and there is nothing on the other side for him. Rolling away from his aunt – his mothers sister – he bounced to his feet before making a rude gesture to her and the temple guardians before running off laughing like a mad man. It was a good day, today his Cousin had promised to show him the families secret one that he had been forbidden to to learn until he reached adulthood which he was glad that he wasn’t considered one yet.

Taking the oaths, performing the ceremonies and training for combat were boring and meaningless for him. He lived like a prince with his family so why should he have to fight – that was for the other family members and the adults, despite his age being more than old enough he just didn’t want to conform.

Knocking over an urn on the steps of his cousins house he rushed forward to find his cousin, Suiten who was late to meet him by the temple steps. Pushing through the doors he stepped into the small room to find his cousin sitting cross-legged and writing on a large scroll. Not wanting to anger his cousin, as he took his family duties very strongly for some stupid reason, Jung waited just outside the room and leant against the door frame.

“Jung, you can come in. I am just about done here. I thought I was meeting you at the temple?” Siuten asked as he dipped his quill into the ink pot one last time as his hand flowed in careful motions scribbling out the last few words. Being satisfied he sprinkled some white sand across the parchment and shook off the excess before rolling the scroll and placing it in a tube made from a long limbed fast growing reed like tree that was native to these lands.

“That was over an hour ago Siuten,” Jung said with a mock sigh “you take your duties and studies too seriously cousin – you need to live your life before you actually decide to throw it away” he said with a little more seriousness in his tone.

‘Jung, you know that I take these things seriously. If you want to make your family and ancestors proud you should do the same. You know mother was trying to convince Aunty to force you to take the oaths?” Siuten questioned, a knowing look crossing his eyes. Jung groaned outwardly – his mother, Siuten’s aunt, had indeed asked him again about taking the oaths even going as far to give him an ultimatum, take the oaths or go into the military to fight at the bastion to the north.

Getting up he didn’t say another word to his cousin until they were walking out of the city “I won’t go to the bastion to die cousin – I am not like our families warriors. I am not blessed with speed, strength, fortitude or magic so I would not last a month its a death sentence. We both know that once you take the oaths it’s not long before you go into combat training and join the army any way, again… Death sentence” he emphasised his point by the universal signal for being killed. His cousin grinned.

“Well, maybe not. You’ll see, quickly to the pond.” his cousin said, looking to the sky as some large winged birds flew to the mountains as the sun set.

It wasn’t long until they were standing at the edge of the the pond, one that had been there for decades if not longer. As the sun set his cousin beckoned him over to a walkway that lead to a shrine in the middle of the pond. Squatting by the shrine his cousin looked around like someone who was paranoid. “This is it Jung, our families secret” he grinned, they both shared the same madman grin when excited.

“There’s nothing here Siuten – look you don’t have to make fun of me by promising some secret only those who take the oath know and then showing me some dirty pond. I’m out of here…” he paused as one of the nearby lotus flowers bloomed and a soft blue light shone forth, next to it another flower bloomed and a purple light shone forth and a third leaf opened with a red light radiating outwards, the walkway and shrine hiding this sight from all others unless you were to be in the shrine as it happened.

Jung looked at Siuten who was grinning from ear to ear. “These flowers are it. When you take the oaths and you start to under go combat training they bring you here and let you pick one flower. Once you eat that one flower you are blesse by the ancestors if they find your oath taking truthful and your commitment to the family pleasing they will grant you strength, speed, magic, what ever you wish for as you eat the flower. That’s why our family has the best warriors, this. These Lotus’s!” Siuten’s excitement almost caused him to yell.

“No way. So if I eat one of these then that’s it. I get stronger?” Jung licked his lips eagerly, he had wondered why his older brother had gotten so strong from a very short amount of time training. He began to reach out for a golden flower that opened as he gazed hungrily across it.

Siuten’s hand snapped forth and gripped his wrist. “you mustn’t. Only those who have taken the oath and have started down the path to train their body can consume the flower. The ancestors will punish the family if one who hasn’t taken the oaths and been found ready and worthy takes the flowers. It is forbidden. You must promise me Jung not to take a flower, not until you have taken the oath and have been found ready.” his cousin stared at him with the most serious expression Jung had ever seen.

Jung licked his lips before grinning broadly “I promise Cousin, you didn’t actually think that I would take one of the flowers! ha!” he laughed as he stood up and walked away from the shrine and the flowers.

Jogging to catch up Siuten walked net to him “Good, I’d get in trouble if you did take one.” he said as she shoved his cousin before jogging ahead to go toward his house as their paths separated.

Waving to his cousin he jogged back home to make sure he was home in time for dinner. Opening the door and stepping him he was greeted by his mother as she set dinner on the table for them both.

“Now Jung, have you decided? The Oath or the Bastion? ” his mother asked casually as she grabbed a bowl and started to eat.

“Mother, I haven’t had time to think. I was busy with my duties today” he lied.

Sighing his mother placed down her bowl of food. “My sister told me she caught you skipping your duties today, you carved your name into one of our guardian statues at the temple and then ran off. No more Jung. I need an answer now, your grandfather needs one by dawn.” she said firmly staring at her son.

Jung was mad, his Aunt was ruining everything again. If she could just keep her mouth shut and not rat him out for every little thing then all would be fine “Neither. I won’t go and die in some war for some family that doesn’t care if I come back or not.” he said, his appetite suddenly gone.

“Then the Bastion it is. Eat up son, I will inform Grandfather tomorrow and you will be leaving tomorrow.” his mother said, her lips quivering as she spoke. “You have shamed me and you family for the last time, maybe at the Bastion you can bring us honour and make your ancestors proud”

With that Jung stood up and left the house, his rage and sadness at his families betrayal was just too much. What was he meant to do, he didn’t want to swear the oaths to the ancestors – it didn’t matter, he didn’t even think they could influence his life, this or the next. Sending him to the bastion was a deaths sentence, everyone knew this, no one without years of training would make it more than a week. Not unless you were exceptionally gifted but that hadn’t happened in centuries and it seemed to be only those who were extremely lucky did. Or, maybe it wasn’t luck he needed but a bit of magic.

Jung ran across the grounds, the calls of his mother and soon rousing guards and other family members as he saw torches in the streets behind him as he ran towards the shrine. Nearing it he dashed up the pathway and ducked down into the circular shrine where the shining lotus flowers were hidden from all except those within the shrine. The faint light from all the flowers cast eerie shadows across the features of the stone statue at the heart of the shrine, a great dragon coiled around a pillar of stone.

“Well if the family doesn’t care if I live or die, then I may as well take what I am due and stack the odds in my favour” he muttered to himself as he grabbed a pale blue flower and plucked it. Bringing it to his nose he smelt the flower, no different than normal he determined, shrugging he stuffed it in his mouth and chewed with purpose as he reached for a light purple flower and quickly stuffed it in his mouth also.

As soon as the first flower touched his stomach a throbbing began, as the second and third joined it began to pulse – a pleasant warmth rather than a pain. Grinning and laughing he shovelled the colours of the rainbow in flowers into his mouth pausing only slightly at the last one from the shrine, the gold one that bloomed in front of him just an hour before but it quickly joined the others in his mouth and stomach.

As soon as the golden one touched his stomach a roaring filled his ears and the sound of cracking stone and cries of alarm rang forth. Looking up from his hands and knees, not sure when he had dropped this low or why his body felt like it was on fire he looked upon the body of a large golden dragon flying in front of him as slabs of stone fell from him – the circular enclosure of the shrine had been shattered outwards and her was exposed to the entire family who had come to the shrine after hearing his maddened laughter.

“You have broken the oaths of your family and betrayed your ancestors” the dragons voice rumbled out, not with anger but with sadness and malice. “the punishment is banishment.” it rumbled as Jung floated before its eyes and his body began to rip, tear and break before the dragons eyes.

“As for your family, those who have betrayed. So they do not forget their oaths for one hundred years no more sacred Lotus’s will flower as the undisciplined hand is not worthy to wield the sword. The source of your families power has been cast aside with this betrayal.” The dragon rumbled looking to all that had gathered.

Siuten stared at the dragon and at what used to be his cousin as bones cracked, creaked, grew and twisted beneath a darkening skin. Long limbs, claws, ears and a tail began to grow forth from the body of his cousin as the screams of pain rang out across the pond. He had let his family down, this betrayal was his fault… No.. Jung had promised him that he would not do this, if he had just grown up then none of this would have happened. He would still be Jung and the families secret would be safe and their source of strength would still be here.

Jung’s body stopped its transformation and through tears streaming down his face he looked down at his body. Long flexible fingers and toes ended in large retractable claws. His arms and legs were built powerfully, and there was a covering of soft brown fur across his body, but beneath that he could feel something there, scales, he was sure of it. Looking around he noticed the look of rage and hatred across his families face but none shone so bright in the dark as his cousins. Siuten’s look spoke of betrayal, hatred and bloodlust. Guilt and sorrow overwhelmed Jung as he felt the dragon lifting his body up.

“I will take the betrayer so that you remember the power of the ancestors. Cursed to live in this form until he makes his family proud of what he is and what he has accomplished. Until such a time he will remain a beast, a monster in a world where they are hunted and killed on sight.” the dragon rumbled forward.

“Siu…!” Jung cried down towards his cousin – begging for forgiveness and understanding as he was ripped from his family and taken to his ancestors for judgement.

Well, that was a long writeup. I had planned to write to NPCs tonight but got a bit carried away with the backstory for Siu – our little furry critter that has found himself passed out in the temple of Chauntea – but more on that tomorrow night.

Thanks for joining me tonight and don’t forget that if you like what you are reading let me know! I am always curious to know what people think about what I write here. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Omens in the incense

Welcome to another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where tonight is traditionally reserved for NPCs and other story driving characters.

So tonight I hope to expand a bit more of a character that was introduced a few weeks back and hope to tie together then, now and the future.

His claws found it difficult to grip the mudbrick walls of the house as he followed behind his quarry, his thin tail thrashed in anticipation of the moment when his hunt would be over. Moving from one thatched roof to the next with a short burst of speed and a jump – the membranes on between his arms and legs helping him to cross the sometimes fifteen foot gaps with ease – he trailed just behind her with ease.

“Priestess Liz,” a merchant called beckoning her over, “how goes the preparation for the harvest?” he asked his smile and warm eyes showing his earnest and warm nature.

“Well Dale, with any luck the harvest in a few weeks time will be bountiful as Chauntea has blessed these lands to be fertile this season” she replied smiling back.

The chatter went on for a while longer, this bored him to bits but he could hear the ringing in his large ears which heralded a astral projection to his masters. Shaking his head causing his floppy ears to clap lightly he tore off down across the roof tops to a nearby warehouse next to the docks where he could find a high, dark ceiling to receive his orders.

Crawling through the open window at the top of the roof, being sure no one was watching, he wrapped his thin tail partially around the plank and gripped on with the claws on his legs and closed his eyes. After a few minutes of intense concentration, not his strong suit he had to admit, he felt his consciousness float upwards and the pull on his astral forms as the masters channelled their ritual to bring him to their location took hold of his astral form and he flew through the astral plane across the sea back to where he came from.

As he slowed down a large temple sat before him and he gulped, he always hated coming to this place. The large stone pillars had stone statues depicting large beasts carved into them as if to both hold up the roof and also guard the entrance. As he floated in their eyes glowed with golden light, recognising him for what he was and almost testing him to attempt something reckless and foolish whilst in the temple – something he was not planning on doing not in eleven centuries. As he came to a large amphitheatre there was a heated discussion waging on between men and women who sat on marble and jade throne like seats around the room.

“I have told you, I will not let my families fortune fall to waste. We need a plan or this blight will infect not only our eastern province but the rest of our lands as well” one middle ages woman said calmly staring across from a man dressed in traditional military attire.

“Then what would you have our family do? Sit back and let the invasion come from the north? If we don’t act now we will be overrun by these beasts before the blight even spoils a single grain of our crops. A military threat needs a military solution!” the man bellowed causing a chorus of support to erupt forth with just as much noise raised in opposition.

“What do you think feeds the soldiers!” one voice called, “Our men and women grow lazy and weak in disuse – mobilise the troops and have them face the thread in their lairs!” a second called in contest.

A low rumble shook the room, quite a feat the diminutive creature thought considering it was in the astral plane, as silence fell across the room. A large serpentine head snaked forward from the back of the room and looked around the room with its glowing eyes. “Fighting amongst ourselves like this will neither cure the blight or address the beasts. It looks like we have word from across the waves. Come Siu, tell us what you have found” the large dragon spoke.

Now, the creature hated being called Sui but I was the name that was given to him when he was broken into water and then reshaped into this form, but he could not refuse his master. “I have found a girl” he said tentatively and quiet.

“A girl, what will a girl do!” yelled the military dressed man.

“What did you mean by that!” roared the female hosts in the room. Sui continued to speak but was drowned out by the rest of them.

“She has magic, a connection to a deity from across the waves. One that can heal the land and people. She also has found some warriors, heroes from over here who bested a Gaki after only just finding out what it is. They may not be an army, but if they can be convinced to come with the red fleet and return back then it may solve one or both of our problems.” Sui said, his head tilting down as the fighting continued above him. Hot breath, once again strange for here, brushed against the short fur on his neck and he looked up to see his master hovering in front of his face.

“Divine magic, warriors that bested a Gaki without our training or knowledge. Interesting.” his voice rumbled – the room falling into a deafening silence. “Very well. Sui. Do what you can to bring these heroes and this divine witch over. At this stage the family may as well be fighting themselves not the threats external to them. Go and complete this task and you may have found the cause of your freedom.” the dragon spoke as he exhaled a great breath – the wind forcing Sui to fly out of the temple, across the waves and to be forced back into his unconscious body back in Daye in what felt like seconds.

When he awoke he opened his eyes to the curious face of a dock worker staring at his face. He had, at some point, fallen off his perch on a rafter in the warehouse and he was dangling ten feet from the ground. The man blinked once before falling backwards off the crate he was standing on, shrieking like a banshee before running out of the warehouse yelling “demon”. Knowing when it was the time to go he used one of his limited spells per day to turn invisible before scrambling up his tail and out the window. Finding it was morning but unsure if it was the next morning or the morning after he could not tell he ran and jumped back to the temple where he could hopefully continue to subtly influence the mind of the divine witch to also try and convince the heroes to come back to his home land. In the last hundred years he had not come this close to his freedom and the thought of being unbound to the dragon was something he was willing to give everything to attain.

Well that’s it for tonight. Now I don’t know if I quite got the image I had in my mind to come out fluidly onto here (was a long day at work…) but I hope its enough to expand a bit more on what I have planned and so… thanks for joining me tonight!

Don’t forget to come back the next few days this week to explore a bit more of what’s coming up and I hope that what you find and read is tantalising enough to have you hungry for next week, and the weeks after that where we get more into the journey ahead!

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Family matters

Welcome to another Tuesday night at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. Tonight we investigate NPCs and how they shape the adventure ahead.

Tonight we cast our minds back to a time before waking nightmares and wolves.

Family planning


Hunter stared at the bodies as the lid to the sarcophogus was closed on the two people he had admired most in life. A pity it had come to this in order to hide the secret their daughter carried.

Katya was just fifteen but had already displayed acts of great magic so much so that her parents were considering sending her off yo become a priestess. Ridiculous her powers should be used by the family to make them stronger, better off and to make the town better. Just as the blessed one had prophesied. Thats when he knew he has to act and knowing that the masters trusted him fully it was easy to play the concerned cook and speed their affliction upon.

Now that Katya was orphaned he reached out with a few like minded worshippers of the blessed one and tried to help the girl. It was slow going at first but with reinforcement from the blessed one she slowly stopped fighting their help, care and love.

Using their combined faith they began to sooth her anguish and repair the unfortunate side affect of the blessed ones touch upon her mind. Soon she was smiling and happy again, content to spend time with them even going as far to call him father! What a relief it was to finally have her at peace, but it was not only Katya but the whole village were at peace, forgetting about the the folly of the two previous owners of the manor on the hill.

Soon everyone was calling him father, it was easier to help alleviate their pain this way he thought. Dolly was now mother and their helpers were uncle and aunt. All would be well and time would heal all wounds like the blessed one had told them

Some of the villagers started to become more, distrusting of them. They were slow and stubborn and resisted the blessed ones influence on their mind. Surely they could see that he only meant to sooth their worries and concerns. He himself had once been afflicted with hunger and pain. Eating his way through entire households larder before the blessed one had spoken to him. Yes the pain and fear was intense and what, well who, the blessed one had made him eat terrified him at first but it sated bis hunger and cured him of his sicknesses.

It was now outsiders that posed the most threat. The blessed one held power to alleviate the stress and burden that true sight would give them but more frequently people would approach the house asking after Katya. It pained him to do it but these people couldn’t leave, and he was growing hungry again.

Thanks for joining me tonight for a glimpse into who or what Father may be, or was. If you like the content feel free to let me know as we are on the home stretch for this months adventure.

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A glimmer of white

Welcome to Tuesday where we look at what NPC or character we can bring to the tabletop this week. This week we have seen that young Paul Turp is in dire straits having his hand badly injured and he just passed on out from bloodloss and exhaustion as someone walked towards him.

Tonight I want to take a break there for a moment and look at what else is going on in the area to really paint a full picture. So let’s get on with it!

A time of action


Katya paced through the halls the chilled wind coming through the window in short bursts where the glass had fallen through some panes of glass. The wind carried a sense of further unease for Katya given that her day terrors had re-visited with a vengeance.

Her aunt crossed the hallway at the other end of the hall and paused for a moment as she looked towards Katya and smiled Katya smiled back at her aunt repressing a touch of nausea that came to her mouth. As her aunt walked out of the hallway Katya leant against the wall and clenched her eyes tightly trying to remove the vision of her aunts face being a nightmarish mix of sagging pale rotting flesh and her aunts normally smooth, if not a sickly pale, colour. Taking a few deep breaths she turned to looking out of the window, the bricks of their manor flickering between their normal worn but sturdy appearance and a crumbled dilapidated state. Looking up from the small courtyard at the front of the house she felt more than saw a presence, something calling to her, drawing her towards the fields beyond her house.

Squinting through the snow she could not see what was calling to her but the pull as nearly tangible. “What is it my dear” her father said to her, standing just behind her as she looked out towards the fields beyond.
“Oh, father”, she said startled by his sudden and silent appearance. Not wanting to turn around to see what she knew would be the horrible vision of her fathers twisted features she merely leant against the window and continued to look out the window. “The weather has gone quite cold father, what’s he village like? Are they also experiencing the same abnormal weather?’ she asked.

She could almost hear her father squint, despite his smile always being present his eyes always revealed his true feelings. “We have been over this before daughter, the village is not safe for people like you, like us. They are doing fine much like us. Do not worry they have made it clear that they do not need us like we do not need them” he said placing his hand on her shoulder, long slender fingers that were taught thin skin stretched over bones squeezed her shoulder gentle in an affectionate manner.

She nods “I know father, I will stay away from the village” she said gingerly nodding to emphasise her point. Her father squeezed her shoulder again before walking off, the click-clack of talons on the wooden floors growing fainter until her father disappeared down the hall. Turning her head slightly she looked around to make sure her family were not around before she darted down the hall and down the stairs. Slinking between the doors and halls Katya walked towards the kitchen pausing at the door to check if her mother was there, she could not be seen or heard. Dashing through the kitchen towards the side door she paused with her hand above a large fur cloak – her fathers, and as the pull got more urgent she shook her head and grabbed the cloak pushing through the door and into the white world beyond.

That’s where we are at today, Katya’s visions are getting worse and sensing something pull on her conscience towards the fields beyond the walls that she hadn’t left in years at the behest of her family – we will have to see where this goes during the week.

Don’t forget that if you do like this content to come back tomorrow, and each day this week for that matter. I am interested to hear about people using this to inspire their own campaigns or creative endeavours so let us know!

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Scattered faces

Welcome to Tuesday where we are looking at the NPCs that we may encounter in this weeks adventure, well normally.

Tonight I want to create a few different NPCs that we can draw from in the coming days in addition to the ones we are already introduced to.

Family Portraits

Aunt Patrica
Uncle Bernard

The resemblance of the family is what drives people in the nearby village, well few houses, to distrust them. The father is always found with a near-manic smile on his face while the Uncle, Bernard, and Aunt, Patrica, can be found staring from the windows in the not-quite right building.

The most normal one out of the family is the mother who rarely can be seen by outsiders unless they greet the door. She is pleasant enough but never lets people inside the front door. When they do glimpse her through windows she is always standing near or around Katya, whom the family seen drawn to, many have speculated whether out of protection or control but the discussions always end up with sympathy and pity put upon the young woman who has not set a foot outside in years.

Chatty Villagers

The Village folk and those who could potentially be on the road are generally helpful townsfolk who are trusting enough, but not too much, and will seek to aid the party in their adventures. They speak well enough of the family at first, not being ones to spread rumours but there are a few rumour mills in the village.

Helpful Villager (Brother to the older brother Naïve Kid)
Naïve Kid

The Brothers who work on one of the farms in the town are polar opposites. The older one is cautious but helpful, always waiting to get a read on someone before helping them. His younger brother, inspired by his brothers helpfulness is overly kind and generous which has cost them before in the past. Despite their kindness and drive to help they both speak openly about their thoughts of what happens at the Manor on the hill, how they contemplate how they could break Katya out and let her live life in the village away from her controlling and, frankly, weird family.

Tavern Bard -Carline

Carline is perhaps the one person who has taken down “Fathers” smile, her quick tongue, brash manners and lack of tolerance for what she deems to be injustice has created many brawls and has even had the Katya’s father broil with rage. She knows when to back off from something she cant win and, she only spoke ill once to Katya’s father until she saw something that rattled her in his rage. She still speaks openly about her distrust and dislike for the family, overall, and perhaps will reveal more to people when she can trust their intentions.

Well that’s it for tonight! A longer one than a few in the past due to the amount of portraits I merged from existing ones I have created before in the past and, also, ones that I created newly tonight. A range of people to meet, perhaps more, will give the town and the family a bit more of a living feel and should immerse our players just that bit more.

Don’t forget that if you like what you see, the images that is, up above feel free to check out the created collection I have growing at Artbreeder (not a sponsor) where you can find all the NPC portraits I have created to date (and some I have saved to be used as a base image) under my profile, feel free to check it out here

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